Shameless Woman, She hated Dong Wenqian. She always had, but it was her mother’s dying wish for her to let go of her anger and live a full life., She had promised her mother, so all she could do was prevent her fury from consuming her heart. She had to live her life to the fullest., “Have I ever mentioned anything about a burial for her?”, Don Wenqian sneered. She had not been able to sleep well over the past few days., The thought of Ye Qingge becoming a granddaughter-in-law in the Li family made her nauseous., “What are you implying, Dong Wenqian? You promised. You said that if I took the blame for Wenwen, you’d let my mother be buried so that she and Ye Shide can be buried together when he dies.”, Ye Shide was Ye Qingge’s father. From the moment she left the Ye household, she no longer had a father., She felt bad for her mother. It was not worth it. Why did she insist on clinging onto him even after death? He did not even love her anymore., Ye Shide’s health was suffering and he probably had a few years left in him at most., “You insolent child. How dare you curse your father to die like that?” Dong Wenqian screamed, raising her voice immediately., “Drop the act. Aren’t you just aching for him to die?”, Ye Shide was thirteen years older than Dong Wenqian. Ye Qingge later found out that they had been having an affair not long after her mother and father’s wedding., Later on, Dong Wenqian got pregnant but insisted that it was another man’s child., Her mother, Dong Wenqing had raised Ye Wenwen from a young age., Nevertheless, she eventually found out that the niece she was raising was her husband’s and her own younger sister’s lovechild., “Shide! And you’re still hoping for this insolent girl’s return? She’s been cursing you from the moment she arrived home, can’t you see… What kind of evil thing have you created?” Dong Wenqian cried and sobbed., “I repeat, when can I bury her?”, Ye Qingge balled her fists. She refused to believe that Ye Shide would hope for her return., No father or husband would be as cruel as he nor so merciless., Her mother would still be alive if she had received medical attention. How could Ye Qingge not hate him?, “I’m Shide’s wife. We should be the ones buried together when we’re dead because we are truly in love with each other!, “Ye Qingge, don’t think I don’t know what you’re planning. You’ve only returned for the family fortune, haven’t you?”, “What makes you think you have the right to talk about love, Dong Wenqian? Don’t you feel ashamed? Do you not feel fear when you sleep together at night? Do you not feel insecure?”, Ye Shide emerged, supported by the butler, staring at Ye Qingge., His eyes were filled with a mess of complicated emotions. When he heard the last part of Ye Qingge’s yelling, his gaze turned into disgust and hatred., “Shide, what are you doing out here? Didn’t the doctor tell you to get a good rest? Have I disturbed you?” Dong Wenqian spoke to Ye Shide gently, her eyes filled with heartache., A loud smack was heard as a quick slap struck Ye Qingge’s face., A well-defined handprint instantly appeared on her tender face., “Dad, why did you hit her? Are you okay, sis?” Ye Wenwen shielded Ye Qingge behind her, stroking her face in grief., “Come here, Wenwen!” Dong Wenqian dragged Ye Wenwen over toward her and glared at her., “It’s been eight years. Your attacks are still as quick, accurate, and ruthless as ever, Mr. Ye!”, Ye Qingge glared at Ye Shide icily. It had been eight years, and he had aged quite a bit., However, he was no longer the father who loved her. Her loving father ceased to exist from the moment Dong Wenqian had set foot in this house., He had also slapped her when she left that fateful year, telling her to leave and never come back., “Get out of my house. An insolent child like you is no daughter of mine!” Ye Shide spat fiercely, pointing at the door., His eyes filled with complexity as he stared at Ye Qingge. Finally, he turned his face away. All that was left was hatred., Ye Qingge felt her blood freeze over. She thought that she was invincible, that she was numb, but her heart still hurt., “That mother of yours was a shameless woman. You can forget about burying her with me. Her filth disgusts me!”

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