We’re Not Close, Mr. Li, “Who I choose is none of your business. We’re not that close, Mr. Li!”, Unable to wiggle away from Li Beichen’s grasp, Ye Qingge had no choice but to face his cold gaze., “Not that close? We’ve already hugged and kissed, and we’re still not that close?”, The previous night’s taste of ecstasy still leaped in her body., Li Beichen always thought that he had good self-control, but after meeting Ye Qingge, it instantly crumbled., Ye Qingge’s blurry eyes went into a daze., Her usually calm and elegant face blushed., Their little flirtation from the night before instantly filled her mind., “I don’t read much, Little Uncle, so I don’t know what ‘close’ means.”, Her smile was pleasant and quite amorous, as if she did not care what “closeness” Li Beichen had meant., “Get out of the car!” His cold voice was filled with explosive rage., Li Beichen could not understand why he was so interested in this woman., Why did kissing her feel so fresh to him? Even so, she didn’t seem to care about that kiss, as if kissing was no different from eating a meal., Getting out of the car was exactly what Ye Qingge wanted to do., She had realized something — every time she called Li Beichen “Little Uncle”, he would always storm off angrily., It was as if it functioned like a curse., She watched the spectacular display of cars drive off in an awe-inspiring fashion. Why did he need such a great spectacle? Was the obscenely wealthy man afraid of getting kidnapped?, She returned to the Ye family home once again. It felt so strange to Ye Qingge. She had lived here for fifteen years, yet this place had no sign of her existence at all., The house was the same as ever, a few years may have passed, but the interior was all new., It was luxurious but devoid of the warmth in her memories., Dong Wenqian arrived downstairs. Her beautiful dress was just as alluring as ever, and her every gesture held a sense of seduction., This was her Little Aunt, who snatched her father away, forced her mother to leave, and indeed, angered her grandmother to death., Ye Wenwen tagged along behind her. Eight years had passed, and she was no longer that little girl anymore. She looked even more beautiful than ever., “You’re back, big sis!” Ye Wenwen gleefully cut past Dong Wenqian and ran toward Ye Qingge as she sat on the couch., Her delicate voice was filled with admiration and longing., “Slow down, Wenwen!” Ye Qingge broke into a rare smile. She could hate everyone, but Ye Wenwen was innocent., Besides, Ye Wenwen was sincerely nice to her. That year, when she and her mother were chased out of the house, they did not have a single cent to their name. It was Ye Wenwen who stole her mother’s money and gave it to her., Otherwise, they would not have had the funds to leave the country., “I’ve missed you, sis!” She gave Ye Qingge a big hug., “I’ve missed you too. You’ve grown!”, Ye Wenwen was twenty years old this year, three years younger than Ye Qingge., “Stay, now that you’re back. Let’s share a room again, okay?”, “Wenwen, stop talking nonsense. Outsiders are not welcome in this household!” Dong Wenqian snapped tartly, looking very upset., “Mom, she’s not an outsider!”, Ye Wenwen angrily turned toward her mother. Her eyes looked slightly red., Ye Qingge smirked. That year, her mother ignored her grandmother’s advice and insisted on keeping her Little Aunt by her side. Because of that decision, her husband was snatched away. She was then thrown out of the house and barred from coming home. She eventually had to endure a restless death., Whose house was this? Who was the real outsider here?, “Wenwen, let’s have a meal together when we have the time,” Ye Qingge said with a smile, patting Ye Wenwen on the arm., “That’s just how my mom is, sis. This is your home, and it always will be!” Ye Wenwen burst into tears as she said this., Ye Qingge smiled at her., “I’m just here to ask, when can I bury my mother?” The cold and distant words were directed at Dong Wenqiang.

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