A Strange, Racing Heart, Ye Qingge was rendered speechless too., She did not need anyone to describe Li Xingming’s might. She had already experienced it for herself., Like father, like son. Li Beichen’s intimidating and grim face materialized in her mind’s eye, so it was no surprise., With power, authority, and wealth at the tips of his fingers, his tone was firm., “Who will it be?” Li Xingming eagerly followed up his victory by pressing on with the question when he saw that Ye Qingge was in shock., “Old Li, could you let me spend some time with them before I give you an answer?”, Ye Qingge knew that no matter how she tried to reject him today, nothing would come out according to plan., “Sure. Go home and pack your things. Move in tonight and stay here. You’ll still have to take care of Nancheng!”, There was a flash in Li Xingming’s eyes. Having had so many years of experience, how could he not notice a stalling technique?, This girl was still too much of a greenhorn to challenge him., “What’s there to pack? Just stay here and take care of me!”, Li Nancheng was now under the impression that he had to keep an eye on Ye Qingge at all times., “That’s not…” Before Ye Qingge could finish her sentence, she was interrupted., “Will you stop saying ‘no’ to me, girl? That won’t work. You’re far too inexperienced to play tricks on me!”, He shot Ye Qingge a glare, supporting himself with a walking stick, and then headed toward the study., “Do you now understand the phrase ‘the older the ginger, the spicier it is’?” Li Nancheng felt a silent glee as he saw the reluctant and helpless look on Ye Qingge’s face., Ye Qingge ignored Li Nancheng, got up, and left., “Ye Qingge, you’d better come back early!” Li Nancheng snarled after being ignored once again. Nevertheless, he was still disregarded., With Old Li’s “no buts” attitude, she had no choice but to move in., Besides, she really did not have a place to stay. Dong Wenqian had threatened her all the way to the hospital from the moment she arrived at the airport. She had no place to sleep., She had to take care of Li Nancheng too. One should complete one’s task., She refused the butler’s offer to send her out in a car. Ye Qingge was not used to troubling others., She finally went through the Li family’s huge gate after walking for a while. Elite families were certainly different. They had a great deal of land, luxurious decorations, and an extravagant atmosphere., A few cars were parked neatly outside the gate. The lineup was intimidating yet understated., A black modified Rolls-Royce loomed over the center of it all, a dark display of understated luxury., The car window wound down, revealing Li Beichen’s eyes staring coldly at Ye Qingge., “Get in!” His deep voice was rife with annoyance., He had been awaiting her arrival at that spot for half an hour. It was his first time waiting for anyone, leave alone a woman., Ye Qingge pretended not to hear him. She did not want to have anything to do with Li Beichen. The man was too dangerous., His entire body emitted a masculine aura, which seemed to lower the atmospheric pressure even more, making it altogether suffocating., After waiting for over thirty minutes, being snubbed by Ye Qingge enraged Li Beichen., “Do you want me to use force?”, Ye Qingge immediately stopped and got into the vehicle. She cast Li Beichen a sidelong glance. His bright and clear eyes held a glittering light., “Is there something you need, Mr. Li?” Her smile did not reach her eyes, but there was a subtle flirtatious aura in her voice., It was not that she was a coward. Ye Qingge believed that he really would use force. He was, after all, Li Beichen., He stared at Ye Qingge’s beguiling lips, dainty and red, shining with lustrous moisture. The faint, seductive smile at the corners of her lips was simply tempting., “Who did you choose?”, His clean, long fingers pinched Ye Qingge’s chin. His rough thumb pressed and caressed her charming lips., Their bodies were inches away, and his masculine scent was assaulting Ye Qingge’s face., Ye Qingge turned her face away, her heart racing wildly for some reason. She felt a limp, numb sensation on her lips. The previous night’s kiss replayed in her mind’s eye.

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