Tied Up And Thrown Into The Bridal Chamber, Ye Qingge did not answer. She could not comprehend what Old Li had meant., A fierce light flashed through Li Beichen’s dark eyes., “I have work to do. Please excuse me!”, He got up and buttoned his suit jacket., “Sit down. I only have a few words to say. It won’t get in the way of your work!”, “I don’t care what your plan is, leave me out of it!” He turned around and left, completely ignoring Li Xingming, refusing to pay him the slightest courtesy., “Let’s see who’ll be embarrassed once your nephews get married in front of you!” Li Xingming bristled, glaring at him., At this point, Ye Qingge no longer required an explanation from Li Xingming. She understood., That day, back in the hospital when Old Li had asked her to be a daughter-in-law of the Li family, he never specified that she would be Li Nancheng’s wife. It was all a misunderstanding…, “My son doesn’t count now, only the two grandsons. Choose one!”, “What’s there to choose? She’s mine. Who else is she going to be with? Hey, old man, if you’re so bored, try birdwatching or fishing. Can’t you stop causing so much trouble?”, For some reason, the thought of Ye Qingge being with his Little Uncle or Fourth Brother made Li Nancheng very uncomfortable., It was as if something that belonged to him was going to be snatched away, putting him on edge., ‘Thank goodness Little Uncle has refused to participate. If Little Uncle were here, any woman would pick him, even though he wouldn’t want them.’, Contrary to Ye Qingge’s expectations of taking the blame, not only was she not thrown in jail, but she was also going to be married into an elite family., Countless women had dreamed of this. It didn’t matter if the other party was Li Beichen or one of the two other young masters. She was actually being given a choice., However, she was all too familiar with the difference in social standing, and she never had any intentions of being involved with an important family., “I’m sorry, Old Li, I don’t want anyone. I’ll take care of the Fifth Young Master until he’s fully recovered. I’m completely fine with going to jail if the Li family and the Fifth Young Master insist that I take responsibility!” Her neither humble nor arrogant voice was filled with determination., “If you won’t choose today, I’ll choose for you. You’re going to join the Li family anyway. Who will it be, Old Fifth or Old Fourth?”, Li Xingming raised his brow, and his expression immediately blackened. His calculating gaze held an intimidating air that rejected any refusal., Li Nancheng curled his lips. His grandfather was always inclined to using force., “Ye Qingge, you nearly killed me. You’ll have to take responsibility for me for the rest of my life!”, The thought of being “subjugated” by her changed his face into the color of pig liver., “Fifth Young Master, please refrain from saying anything that might sully my reputation.”, Her beautiful, clear eyes filled with rage. She then turned to Li Xingming and said helplessly, “Old Li, please don’t do this. Marriage isn’t a game.”, “You agreed to it back at the hospital yourself, girl. Why are you being contrary now?”, “I did agree, but I’m not suited to be a daughter-in-law in your family!”, “Why would you say that? Explain,” Li Xingming asked, raising an eyebrow and emitting the aura of a man ready for a quarrel., “I have no educational background.”, “You’re not applying for a job!”, “I have no family background.”, “Our Li men are not boy toys.”, “I…”, “What are you stammering about? I like you,” Li Xingming said, cutting Ye Qingge off before she could finish speaking. “Your only loss is that you’re born in this century. If we were in the past, I would have tied you up and thrown you into the bridal chamber. I certainly wouldn’t be here, listening to your whining! It’s an eyesore.”, Old Li’s bristling, ruthless words, coupled with his glare, really made him look like an unreasonable despot., “You’re being a tyrant, old man!” Li Nancheng entered a daze as he listened to every word., He knew that his old man was unreasonable but thought that he kept his outrageousness within the family., This time, he had truly stunned him. It’s no wonder their old lady would call him a gangster from time to time.

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