The Young Master’s Bride

Chapter 49 - Chapter 49: Want To Fight!

Chapter 49: Want To Fight!, Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios, The Southern Region had advanced., Next was the battle between the Northern Region and the Western Region., In the previous competition, the Western Region Academy was ranked second., The Northern Region Academy was ranked first., Even though he was only one rank away, the difference in strength was still quite big., On the high platform., Huang Tianming smiled. “With Jian Chaomian in the Northern Region this year, I’m afraid we can win again, right?”, Everyone did not find it strange that Huang Tianming was biased towards the Northern Region., After all, the Sunset Monarchy was located in the Northern Region., Wu Deshi smiled and said, “Chaomian has already touched the threshold of the Sword Intent, but the others are not weak either. For example, Dean Qin’s disciple has touched the threshold of the Wood Intent Realm., Zhang He’s Buddhist Vajra Body had also reached a very high level., “Therefore, there are still variables.”, He sounded humble, but in fact, he still felt that Jian Chaomian was better., Upon hearing that, Huang Tianming looked down and smiled. “I’m looking forward to the performance of the sword cultivators of the Southern Region.” Sword cultivator of the Southern Region?, Wasn’t that Ye Qiubai?, Qin Tiannan looked over and frowned slightly., As the dean of the Southern Region’s Hidden Dao Academy, he naturally understood some things about Ye Qiubai., Now that he heard what Huang Tianming said…, He was probably here for Ye Qiubai!, This gave Qin Tiannan a bad feeling., “To be able to crush someone of a higher realm than him with his Peak Stage Purple Mansion Realm strength, he must be quite talented. 1 wonder how the battle with Jian Chaomian will end.”, “Let’s watch the battle between us and the Western Region first.”, On the other side, on the tournament stage, the battle between the Northern Region and the Western Region had already begun., There were four people on both sides., The difference in strength between the three of them was not huge., After Zhang He eliminated one person, there was only one person left in the Western Region and Northern Region., They were also the leaders of both sides., The battle between Jian Chaomian and Zhang He!, The two of them had the same realm., They were all at the Beginner Stage Sea Flow Realm., Zhang He had cultivated the Buddhist Vajra Body and his physique was invincible!, And Jian Chaomian had already touched the threshold of Sword Intent. It was indestructible!, This battle was also extremely exciting!, However, Jian Chaomian was more highly regarded., Jian Chaomian was extremely famous not only in the Northern Region but in the other three regions as well after all!, He was the number one sword cultivator among the younger generation!, He had a chance of becoming a Sword Saint!, All these halos made Jian Chaomian extremely famous!, Ye Qiubai also looked up curiously., He also wanted to know the strength of this so-called number one sword cultivator among his peers., The elders left and the battle began., Zhang He clenched his fists and his entire body seemed to revolve around this Buddhist light. He stomped his feet and charged towards Jian Chaomian!, Jian Chaomian held his sword with one hand and placed the other behind his back. He did not move as he watched Zhang He approach., When Zhang He got close., Then, he stabbed out with his sword!, This strike was extremely ordinary without any fancy sword light., There was only the intent that covered the sword body!, That barely discernible wisp of sword intent!, However, it was this Sword Intent that made everyone present frown., It was extremely sharp!, Even Zhang He’s expression changed., Then, he shouted and his entire body shone with light!, Golden light covered his body like golden armor!, The Buddhist Vajra Body!, It was the body tempering technique of the Western Region’s Buddhist Sect!, When one cultivated to the peak, they would be invincible!, However, how could there be an indestructible method in this world?, A bloody hole appeared on Zhang He’s fists facing Jian Chaomian’s sword intent!, That Buddhist Vajra Body was actually so weak in front of Jian Chaomian’s sword!, This shocked everyone!, Zhang He’s expression changed drastically. He clutched his fist and retreated., Jian Chaomian’s expression remained unchanged., “Their cultivation realms are similar, but they can’t make Jian Chaomian move?”, “With just one strike, he broke through Zhang He’s Buddhist Vajra Body.”, “I’ve just touched the threshold. If Jian Chaomian really comprehends the Sword Intent, what level will his strength reach?”, Huang Yuan looked at this scene with a solemn expression., Even though he had touched the threshold of the Wood Intent Realm, the level of the Wood Intent Realm was far lower than the Sword Intent., If it was him, he probably wouldn’t be much better than Zhang He!, Moreover, Zhang He’s cultivation technique had to be extremely effective against Huang Yuan., In that case, the Southern Region would probably only be able to get third place., Thirdly, it was still not enough to change the fact that Qin Tiannan was about to be replaced!, This made Huang Yuan’s expression extremely ugly!, Xin Hongyi walked to Ye Qiubai’s side. Her face was still pale as she asked, “Ye, Qiubai, who will win if you fight Jian Chaomian?”, Ye Qiubai said indifferently, “1 will win.”, Sword cultivators were straightforward and spoke the same way., He didn’t know how to lie or beat around the bush. In this example, Ye Qiubai felt that Jian Chaomian was not his match., Meanwhile, the outcome of the battle in the arena had been decided., Several bloody holes had already appeared on Zhang He’s golden armor-like body!, His aura was extremely weak!, As for Jian Chaomian, he was still standing on the same spot!, His expression did not change., It was obvious who would win., The elder walked onto the stage and looked at Jian Chaomian with admiration., He then said, “Jian Chaomian wins this battle!”, “At the same time, one person from the Northern Region will advance.”, The advancement of the Northern Region., It was not as unexpected as the advancement of the Southern Region., It was as if it was expected and expected., However, of course, the Northern Region had maintained its position as the host for the past few years., It would be strange if he didn’t get first place., Zhang He got off the stage., However, Jian Chaomian did not go down. He continued to stand there., Everyone was puzzled., Even Wu Deshi looked over., Just as everyone was puzzled…, Jian Chaomian looked in the direction of the Southern Region Academy., His gaze landed on Ye Qiubai., His words were shocking!, “There’s no meaning in the later stages. The two of us can decide the winner.”, Everyone was shocked!, “Who?”, “A direct battle with the people from the Southern Region Academy?”, “Could it be Huang Yuan? However, Huang Yuan’s strength is almost the same as Zhang He’s. How could it make Senior Brother Jian raise his fighting spirit?” However, Huang Yuan did not think so because Jian Chaomian’s gaze was obviously not on him., Instead, he looked at Ye Qiubai behind him!, In Jian Chaomian’s eyes, Huang Yuan did not see him!, This shocked Huang Yuan. Why did Jian Chaomian want to take the initiative to challenge Ye Qiubai, who had such a huge difference in the cultivation realm?, On the high platform, the four Deans watched this scene with interest, but they didn’t stop him., Ye Qiubai met Jian Chaomian’s gaze and smiled faintly. “Is this in accordance with the rules?”, Jian Chaomian was expressionless. “Why is it against the rules? No one else is my match. Only you are unfathomable.”, Arrogant!, He was extremely arrogant!, However, no one refuted Jian Chaomian!, Judging from how Jian Chaomian defeated Zhang He so easily just now, he was telling the truth., However, everyone wondered why Jian Chaomian said that he couldn’t see through Ye Qiubai., The other party was clearly only at the Peak Stage of the Purple Mansion Realm., He was a whole realm away from Jian Chaomian!, Ye Qiubai, how could he be worthy?

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