The Young Master’s Bride

Chapter 48 - Chapter 48: Crushing!

Chapter 48: Crushing!, Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios, The aftershocks of the airwaves continued to spread in all directions on the tournament stage!, Booming sounds continuously sounded on the stage!, The spiritual qi was extremely violent!, The battle between Shi Sheng and Huang Yuan continued., The two of them had the same cultivation realm., Shi Sheng was born with divine strength., Huang Yuan’s palm technique was also extremely ingenious., Neither of them could do anything to the other!, For a moment, it was impossible to determine the victor., At this moment, Shi Sheng stomped on the ground and let out a beast-like roar!, Waves of sound waves!, The muscles on his body bulged wildly at this moment, and his entire body doubled in size!, At this moment, Shi Sheng’s body felt like it was being compressed by space! Just the power of his physical body could affect the surrounding environment! It could be seen how powerful Shi Sheng’s physical strength was., Seeing this, Huang Yuan’s eyes narrowed., With a flip of his hands, streaks of green light covered his hands like armor!, The green light seemed to contain the Wood Intent Realm!, That’s right, Huang Yuan had already touched the threshold of the Wood Intent Realm!, It was precisely because of this that the palm prints in Huang Yuan were endless and the spiritual qi was endless!, When Shi Sheng saw this, he grinned and said, “One strike to decide the victor?”, Huang Yuan did not speak, but the seriousness in his eyes and the Spirit Qi that quickly condensed in his palm represented Huang Yuan’s thoughts!, Strength gathered at this moment. Shi Sheng suddenly stepped forward and shot towards Huang Yuan!, Huang Yuan snorted and flipped his palm!, The green-wood palm prints swept towards Shi Sheng like a tsunami!, Rumble!, Shi Sheng’s fist continued to land on those palm prints!, The palm print continued to shatter, and Shi Sheng’s body continued to press forward!, However, Shi Sheng’s power was also rapidly dissipating!, Clearly, both sides were constantly consuming spiritual qi!, Whoever exhausted their spiritual qi first would fail!, Everyone stared intently at the two people on the stage., Only Jian Chaomian and the others could participate in such a battle!, After a while, the violent spiritual qi on the stage gradually dissipated., The two figures retreated at the same time., If one looked carefully, they would discover that both of their faces were slightly pale!, Clearly, such a high-intensity battle consumed a lot of their spiritual qi!, “So who won?”, When this question was asked., Huang Yuan said, “That’s it, right?”, Shi Sheng nodded in agreement. “So it’s a draw?”, “It was a draw.”, Seeing this, the elders at the side also went on stage to announce the results. “Huang Yuan of the Southern Region versus Shi Sheng of the Eastern Region. It’s a draw!”, Everyone was in an uproar!, This result had clearly exceeded their expectations., The Southern Region was too backward after all., According to the usual situation, the Southern Region would be crushed every time the two teams led a battle., But now, they were evenly matched!, The elder went on stage and said, “Now, there’s only one person left from each side. Let’s go on stage.”, There was only one Peak Stage Purple Mansion Realm man left in the Eastern Region., Only Ye Qiubai was left in the Southern Region., Under everyone’s gazes, the two of them walked onto the arena., Whispers immediately sounded., “It’s finally Ye Qiubai’s turn. 1 want to see how Ye Qiubai obtained points higher than Senior Brother Jian with his Peak Stage Purple Mansion Realm strength.” “It’s very difficult to make up for the difference in realms with other things., Moreover, both sides are geniuses of the Academy.”, “Whether it’s a donkey or a horse, we’ll know when we’re done.”, On the stage., The man from the eastern region held his sword and said, “It’s already not bad for your Southern Region to be able to reach this step. You can stop now.” Ye Qiubai didn’t answer., After all, it was useless to say so much. He could just use his strength to prove it., When the man in the eastern region saw this, he frowned slightly. As the elder shouted, “Begin”, he swung his sword at Ye Qiubai!, The man’s sword technique was extremely exquisite. The sword qi blocked all of Ye Qiubai’s escape routes, forcing him to face the enemy head-on., However, Ye Qiubai didn’t plan to retreat. The wooden sword slid into his hand and faced the sword qi head-on, continuously slashing!, “A wooden sword?”, “Isn’t he being too arrogant? The other party’s at the peak of the Purple, Mansion Realm.”, “Pretentious. That wooden sword will be minced very soon!”, The truth was not as these people said., The wooden sword was like the sturdiest sword in the world. It was not damaged at all by the sword qi. In fact, not even wood shavings were slashed out!, On the other hand, the sword qi kept shattering under the wooden sword!, This shocked the eastern region man, even though he did not use his full strength., However, it was not something that a Peak Stage Purple Mansion Realm cultivator could resist so easily., Just as he was about to swing his sword again…, Ye Qiubai had already disappeared on the spot., The man was shocked!, Under everyone’s shocked gazes, Ye Qiubai appeared in front of the man in the blink of an eye. The wooden sword had already landed on his neck!, There were no fancy sword techniques!, There was no sword qi that filled the sky!, This was a pure suppression of strength!, Whether it was his speed or the timing of his attack, the eastern region man could not resist at all!, The eastern region man’s face turned ugly., He was actually dealt with so cleanly by a barbarian from the Southern Region?, Moreover, the other party’s cultivation realm was lower than his!, Looking at Ye Qiubai’s calm eyes, there was no surprise or joy., It was as if everything was as it should be., This made the eastern region man look even more dispirited., It turned out that the person he looked down on was not in the eyes of the other party!, At this moment, the elder went on stage and announced, “Ye Qiubai of the, Southern Region wins!”, “In this exchange, there are only two people left in the Southern Region. They are Huang Yuan and Ye Qiubai., There was only one person left in the eastern region, Shi Sheng., In summary, the Southern Region has advanced.”, Shi Sheng’s expression was slightly ugly., Everyone found it even more unbelievable., Not only would they lose to the Eastern Region., What was even more shocking was Ye Qiubai’s strength!, A person at the Peak Stage Purple Mansion Realm was crushed by Ye Qiubai as a Peak Stage Purple Mansion Realm cultivator., He didn’t even find out his trump card!, ‘What does that tell us?’, This meant that Ye Qiubai’s strength was far more than this!, The people of the Western Region looked at this scene. Some of them looked calm, while others were slightly surprised., “This year, the Southern Region seems to be stronger than the previous years.” “Moreover, it’s much stronger. Even though the Eastern Region is ranked third, its overall strength is probably not much weaker than ours.”, “Actually, it’s the Eastern Region’s fault for underestimating their enemy.” Someone from the Northern Region said in surprise, “The Southern Region seems to be different this time round.”, Jian Chaomian looked indifferently at Ye Qiubai on the stage, deep in thought. On the stage, Qin Tiannan revealed a smile., As for the dean of the Eastern Region Academy, his expression was unreadable. He would no longer show what he was thinking on his face at their level and status., “Congratulations, Dean Qin.”, Dean Qin cupped his fists and said, “I was just lucky.”, Wu Deshi also smiled and said, “It seems that the Southern Region has received many good seedlings this time. In terms of your disciple, Huang Yuan, he has already touched the threshold of the Wood Intent Realm. It’s quite good.” He mentioned Huang Yuan, but he definitely didn’t mention Ye Qiubai!, Clearly, Ye Qiubai’s performance was not stunning enough!, These people did not take him seriously., Qin Tiannan smiled and didn’t say anything., Jiang Chan heaved a sigh of relief when she saw this at the head of the table..

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