The Young Master’s Bride

Chapter 47 - Chapter 47: Danger Everywhere!

Chapter 47: Danger Everywhere!, Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios, At this moment, everyone could not help but be shocked!, The Southern Region was called the Southern Barbaric Land by the other three regions., The martial arts inheritance was backward, there was a shortage of resources, and there was a lack of spiritual qi., Therefore, there were very few experts who could walk out of the Southern Region., The Southern Region was always ranked last in the exchange of the four academies every ten years!, As a result, the other three regions looked down on the people of the Southern Region., But Xin Hongyi had defeated her opponent in a crushing manner., Moreover, it was under the same realm., It could be said to be shocking., The people of the Eastern Region were also in disbelief., “This … Junior Brother Li was crushed by a Southern Barbarian?”, “Even though Junior Brother Li’s strength isn’t top-notch, he shouldn’t be crushed, right?”, Shi Sheng was not surprised at all., He knew that Ye Qiubai didn’t care and gave the Yin Dragon Blood to the woman on the stage., The Yin Dragon Blood was a good thing for tempering the body and was extremely precious!, His body tempering cultivation technique would break through again if he obtained it., Shi Sheng was even confident that he could fight Jian Chaomian!, At this moment, the elder announced the result. “Xin Hongyi of the Southern Region wins this battle! The Eastern Region will send more people up. Xin Hongyi can choose to go down or continue.”, Hearing this, Xin Hongyi hesitated for a moment before recalling Ye Qiubai’s figure of slaying the Yin Dragon. She couldn’t help but nod and say, “I want to continue.”, His tone was firm!, The elder nodded. “Xin Hongyi of the Southern Region will continue to fight.”, With that, he left the arena., On the other side, the Eastern Region sent people up again., “I know that person!”, “Yes, he’s second only to Shi Sheng in the Eastern Region Academy.”, “I think his name is Zheng Huai. He seems to be at the peak of the Purple Mansion Realm.”, Zheng Huai looked at Xin Hongyi and smiled casually. “I’ll allow you to recover first. I don’t want others to say that I’m bullying the weak.”, Xin Hongyi said coldly, “There’s no need.”, With that, he charged at Zheng Huai with his sword!, When Zheng Huai saw this, he did not say anything else and faced Xin Hongyi with a palm strike!, For a moment, the palm print covered the entire arena!, Xin Hongyi was overwhelmed and was soon injured., After all, he was at the peak of the Purple Mansion Realm. Moreover, he was not an ordinary person. He was also a genius of the academy., If he had not absorbed the Yin Dragon Blood, he would have been defeated long ago!, Xin Hongyi bit her lips and bit her finger. Blood essence flew out!, This was a secret technique of the secret race!, The Blood Sacrifice Sword!, Back then, he had used this move against Ye Qiubai., Now that he was stronger, the power of the Blood Sacrifice Sword was even more terrifying!, Oh?, Zheng Huai’s expression was slightly solemn. He sensed danger from this sword., Then, Xin Hongyi slashed at Zheng Huai!, Zheng Huai’s expression was solemn as he slapped out!, He did not show mercy in this palm strike!, In an instant, the sword qi shattered and the palm print dissipated!, Xin Hongyi was sent flying!, As for Zheng Huai, he also took a few steps back. Blood flowed from the corner of his mouth, and it was obvious that he had also suffered some light injuries., The elder went on stage and said, “Zheng Huaisheng of the Eastern Region wins this battle.”, Huo Qingming and the others walked forward and asked, “How are your injuries?”, Xin Hongyi shook her head and said, “It’s alright.”, Huang Yuan frowned and said, “You know you can’t win, so you should retreat., If you do this, even if we enter the next round, we won’t be able to fight!”, Xin Hongyi bit her lip., Lin Ce frowned and said, “Hey, aren’t you being too harsh?”, Huang Yuan glared at him and said, “I’m just thinking for the academy!”, Ye Qiubai handed Xin Hongyi a pill and said, “I’ll do the next round.”, Unexpectedly, Huang Yuan shook his head and said, “I’ll go. In your current state, it’s not suitable for you to fight. Besides, you’re only in Peak Stage Purple Mansion Realm.”, Ye Qiubai shrugged and didn’t say anything., On the other side, Zheng Huai was still standing on the stage., Huang Yuan walked up., “Oh? The person leading the team came up personally?” Zheng Huai smiled and said, “Don’t lose to me again. Otherwise, your Hidden Dao Academy will have no one left…”, Just as he finished speaking, Zheng Huai’s expression froze., The aura of Huang Yuan exploded!, The aura of a Beginner Stage Sea Flow Realm was clearly visible!, Obviously, Huang Yuan’s strength was on the same level as Shi Sheng!, Huang Yuan looked at Zheng Huai coldly. Then, he took a step and disappeared from the spot., In the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Zheng Huai. Before he could react, his palm had already landed on Zheng Huai’s chest., Puff!, In that instant, Zheng Huai’s chest seemed to have collapsed!, Fresh blood spurted out as he was sent flying and landed heavily below the arena!, He had severely injured Zheng Huai with one strike!, Shi Sheng looked at Huang Yuan coldly and said, “Is there a need to be so heavy-handed?”, Huang Yuan retorted, “Then when he knocked Xin Hongyi off the stage, did he hold back?”, Even though Huang Yuan’s words were unpleasant, it was also because he was anxious., After all, if the Hidden Dao Academy of the Southern Region was ranked last again, his master would lose his status as the dean!, Shi Sheng snorted coldly and walked onto the stage personally., “Have the leaders of both sides started to fight?”, “The two of them are in the same realm. I wonder who is better.”, “Isn’t that obvious? Of course it’s Shi Sheng. Shi Sheng is born with a divine physique. How can that Southern Barbarian resist him?”, “There seems to be only one person left in the Southern Region. Is it Ye Qiubai, who is ranked first in points?”, “I wonder how strong he is.”, At this moment, on the tournament stage, Huang Yuan and Shi Sheng erupted with power., The auras of the Sea Flow Realm kept colliding!, Then, Huang Yuan snorted and slapped out!, A palm imprint with specks of green light slapped towards Shi Sheng!, On the other hand, Shi Sheng was not afraid at all. He stomped hard on the ground, and the arena seemed to tremble!, He raised his fist and smashed it at the green palm print!, For a moment, wherever the fist passed, there were sonic booms!, Space seemed to be compressed!, Rumble!, A loud sound was heard!, The fist smashed into the palm print., A huge wave swept towards the surroundings!, The palm print shattered!, Shi Sheng also took a few steps back!, For a moment, neither side could do anything to the other!, On the high platform., Wu Deshi smiled and said, “Dean Qin, your disciple is not bad. It seems that the Southern Region might have a chance to advance this time.”, Qin Tiannan took a sip of tea. His expression did not change as he said calmly, “You flatter me.”, The Dean of the Eastern Region Academy smiled and said, “However, Dean Qin, there’s only one person in your Southern Region Academy, right? I’m afraid this is the only way.”, “You think so?” Qin Tiannan chuckled., How would they know that Qin Tiannan’s trump card was not his disciple, Huang Yuan?, It was impossible to go up by relying on Huang Yuan alone., He thought highly of Ye Qiubai., On the other side, Jiang Chan was looking at the stage. However, his eyes seemed to be looking at the students of the Southern Region Academy., “Why? You still can’t forget him?”, At the side, Huang Tianming smiled and said, “Why don’t you look for him?”, His tone was filled with coldness even though he said this with a smile!, Furthermore, do you think I’ll let him leave the Northern Region alive?, Of course, Huang Tianming did not say that out loud..

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