The Young Master’s Bride

Chapter 46 - Chapter 46: Already A Stranger

Chapter 46: Already A Stranger…, Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios, The Sunset Monarchy’s status in the Northern Region could be said to be that of an overlord., Even the Hidden Dao Academy was inferior., Of course, this was also the result of the Hidden Dao Academy’s unwillingness to fight., After all, the headquarters of the Hidden Dao Academy was a colossus., They looked up at the two golden-armored flood dragons and couldn’t help but exclaim., “The big shots of the Sunset Monarchy are here?”, “But 1 wonder who made the Dean give up his seat in person, and two seats at that.”, No one thought that the Ruler of the Sunset Monarchy would come personally., It was just an exchange between academies after all. This was not a big deal., In other words, a competition of this scale was not worthy of the King coming personally., “Then who the hell is here?”, Ye Qiubai also looked up and narrowed his eyes., The flood dragon pulled the boat, which showed how powerful it was., However, why did it feel that these two flood dragons weren’t as good as the little bird his master raised?, At this moment, the ship slowly stopped in the sky., Behind the ship, countless figures in heavy armor, holding spears, and riding warhorses stood around!, Every single one of them had a cultivation at the Purple Mansion Realm., A torrential killing intent swept out just by standing there!, It was like an asura from hell and its leader was Jiang Jun!, Someone exclaimed, “It’s the Asura Cavalry!”, The Asura Cavalry was the strongest army in the Sunset Monarchy!, “Who the hell is it?”, Soon, under everyone’s curious and respectful gazes, two figures slowly descended from the ship., The man was dressed in a luxurious brocade robe and looked extremely noble., The woman was wearing a plain snow silk dress, looking elegant and noble., When everyone saw the two of them, they could not help but exclaim, “It’s the Crown Prince!”, “Why is the Crown Prince here personally?”, “You have to know that the Crown Prince is the next ruler of the Sunset Monarchy!”, “The one beside him should be the future empress. I’ve long heard of her beauty. Now that I’ve seen her, it’s true.”, Everyone in the Southern Region looked at Ye Qiubai., They had heard some things after all., Ye Qiubai looked at the man and woman above. There was no attachment or nostalgia in his eyes., There was only coldness., He was extremely cold., Those who were familiar with Ye Qiubai knew that the current Ye Qiubai already had killing intent!, That’s right, the woman above was Jiang Chan., What Ye Qiubai said., The current Jiang Chan was no longer the childhood sweetheart who always followed behind him and called him “Brother Qiubai”., Now, Jiang Chan was just a passerby to him., Jiang Chan, who was in the air, seemed to sense something and also looked at Ye Qiubai., Her eyes revealed surprise, but it dimmed when she saw the calmness and coldness in Ye Qiubai’s eyes., Huang Tianming seemed to sense Jiang Chan’s emotions and held her hand., Naturally, he had long discovered Ye Qiubai’s location., Below, Xin Hongyi looked at Ye Qiubai and comforted him, “Ye Qiubai, with your current talent and strength, she will regret her choice back then.”, Ye Qiubai smiled and shrugged., He no longer cared about this matter., The current him only had a life-and-death grudge with the Sunset Monarchy., That was all., At that time, Ye Qiubai had said that in the future, he would hold his sword and step into the Sunset Monarchy!, Seeing this, Huo Qingming and Lin Ce could not help but heave a sigh of relief., They only had three participants on their side now. Once Ye Qiubai was dispirited, they would really be finished., At this moment, Huang Tianming led Jiang Chan to his seat and cupped his fists at Wu Deshi. “Greetings, Director.”, Wu Deshi was a senior after all, and he was also a figure ranked at the top of the Ranking Of The Four Regions. Furthermore, he was the dean of the Hidden Dao Academy, which was supported by countless factions., On the surface, Huang Tianming naturally had to bow like a junior., Wu Deshi smiled and nodded. “Tian Ming, have a seat.”, Huang Tianming sat down with Jiang Chan., After everyone arrived, the elder received Wu Deshi’s instructions and said loudly, “Now, the second round of the exchange begins. Both sides will send one person to fight!”, This was a battle between the Southern Region and the Eastern Region., On the Eastern Region’s side, a not-so-famous figure stood out., However, the strength he revealed had also reached Peak Stage Purple Mansion Realm., Huang Yuan looked at Xin Hongyi and Ye Qiubai and said, “Ye Qiubai, rest for a while and let Xin Hongyi do it.”, Clearly, Huang Yuan was worried about whether Ye Qiubai’s emotions were affected., Ye Qiubai didn’t care about this., He did not refute., Seeing this, Xin Hongyi went on stage with her sword., Seeing this, the man mocked, “As expected, from the land of the Barbarians., There are only three people left in the second round.”, On the other hand, there were only four people left on the eastern region’s side., “Why don’t we just surrender? In any case, we’re ranked last in every exchange between the Four Regions Academy. It’s not embarrassing.”, Xin Hongyi held her sword in one hand and looked at the man coldly. “You talk too much nonsense.”, As soon as he finished speaking, the sword was wrapped in flames!, The other party snorted and took out a double-sided ax. Then, he rushed towards Xin Hongyi., Xin Hongyi was not afraid at all as she also charged forward!, Someone from the eastern region looked at Shi Sheng and said, “Senior Brother Shi, our luck is not bad. We met the Southern Regioner who was ranked last in the first round.”, “Hehe, there are only three people left in this group of Southern Barbarians. We can just send three people, right?”, When Shi Sheng heard this, he did not relax at all. Instead, his eyes were filled with seriousness as he said, “Don’t be careless when you go up later. I’m afraid the Southern Region won’t be so easy to swallow this time…”, At this point, Shi Sheng recalled the scene of Ye Qiubai killing the Yin Dragon alone., He thought to himself, “I’m afraid that the Southern Region will shock everyone this time…”, On the other side, Huo Qingming asked from below, “Do you think Xin Hongyi will win?”, Lin Ce shook his head and said, “The two of them are in the same realm. 1 don’t think there’s a winner for the time being.”, Huang Yuan thought so too., At this moment, Zhong Wu looked at Ye Qiubai and asked, “Brother Ye, what do you think?”, Ye Qiubai shook his head and raised a different idea., “Xin Hongyi will definitely win.”, Huo Qingming said in surprise, “The two of them are in the same realm, and their strength looks about the same. How can they win?”, Huang Yuan was also quite puzzled. He looked at Ye Qiubai and waited for his explanation., Ye Qiubai didn’t say anything else., If Xin Hongyi had broken through to Peak Stage Purple Mansion Realm, it would be hard to say., However, Xin Hongyi had previously used the Yin Dragon Blood to temper her body., His strength was naturally much stronger than ordinary Peak Stage Purple Mansion Realm cultivators., Soon, the scene in front of him confirmed Ye Qiubai’s words., The outcome was decided in just 20 moves!, Xin Hongyi had crushed her opponent!, Huo Qingming could not help but ask in surprise, “Is Xin Hongyi that strong?”, Huang Yuan looked at Ye Qiubai with a deep gaze..

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