The Young Master’s Bride

Chapter 45 - Chapter 45: Arrival Of The Sunset Monarchy!

Chapter 45: Arrival Of The Sunset Monarchy!, Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios, A day later., Xin Hongyi had successfully broken through to Peak Stage Purple Mansion Realm., At the same time, even her physical body had become much stronger., Xin Hongyi revealed a happy expression. She patted Ye Qiubai’s shoulder and smiled. ”1 owe you a favor.”, Xin Hongyi was from a secret clan of the Southern Region and this favor was not inferior to Shi Sheng’s value., However, Ye Qiubai didn’t care and said, ‘Alright, there’s not much time left. Let’s head deeper in and get some points.”, Xin Hongyi nodded., In the following period of time., Ye Qiubai and Xin Hongyi kept hunting magical beasts., Their points were also increasing very quickly!, During this process, Ye Qiubai successfully broke through to Peak Stage Purple Mansion Realm., At the same time, with the help of rhe demonic qi contained in the Green Flame Mountain Range, he had a better comprehension of the Nine Heavenly Demon Sword., At the end, Ye Qiubai’s points reached 4,700., Xin Hongyi’s points also reached 2,200., Everyone was teleported out and returned to the Northern Region’s Hidden Dao Academy., They arrived at the square., Huo Qingming and Lin Ce walked over., Huo Qingming asked curiously, “Ye Qiubai, how many points do you have?1‘, There was a smug tone in his voice., Lin Ce rolled his eyes and said, “Huo Qingming happened to encounter a dying magical beast at the peak of the Qi Sea realm. He has 2,100 points in total. He’s here to show off.”, Huo Qingming chuckled. He was not Ye Qiubai’s match so he would be very satisfied if he could defeat him in other aspects., Xin Hongyi looked at Lin Ce and asked, “What about you?”, Lin Ce spread his hands and said, “1,800?, At this moment, Huang Yuan and the others also came over. Just as they were about to ask, an elder walked forward and said, “Everyone, hand over the Point Accumulation Stone. The ranking here will be carried out, and then a portion of people will be eliminated.”, Hearing this, everyone handed in their Point Accumulation Stones., Huang Yuan asked, “There should be no problem, right?”, When he said this, Huang Yuan mainly looked at Ye Qiubai., Ye Qiubai shrugged and didn’t speak., Xin Hongyi nodded., Huo Qingming said, “There’s not much of a problem.”, Soon, the elders calculated the rankings., He began to announce the results with a surprised gaze. “One person has been eliminated from the Northern Region’s Hidden Dao Academy. The first place is Jian Chaomian, 4,500 points.”, As soon as the results were out, everyone couldn’t help but burst into an uproar., 4,500!, One had to know that a demonic beast at Intermediate Stage Purple Mansion Realm only gave 10 points, whereas a demonic beast at Peak Stage Purple Mansion Realm only gave 30 points., 4,500 points. How many had he killed? Or had he killed a higher-level magical beast?, With Jian Chaomian’s strength, he could definitely do it!, He was the number one sword cultivator of the younger generation of the Northern Region after all!, “There shouldn’t be anyone who can surpass Jian Chaomian’s score, right?”, “There’s definitely no one who can surpass it.”, “I heard from my fellow disciples that Senior Brother Jian killed three Intermediate Stage Sea Flow Realm Magical Beasts and one Peak Stage Sea Flow Realm Magical Beast!”, “Senior Brother Jian seems to be only at the Intermediate Stage Sea Flow Realm, right? Besides, an Intermediate Stage Sea Flow Realm Magical Beast is equivalent to a Peak Stage Sea Flow Realm warrior!”, “As expected of the number one sword cultivator of the younger generation.”, Countless people looked at Jian Chaomian with reverence!, Huang Yuan’s eyes were also solemn., Zhong Wu said, “He’s a formidable opponent.”, Huang Yuan nodded. “I think 1 only have a 30% chance of winning against him.”, Then, the elder announced again., “Eastern Region, one person eliminated. First place, Shi Sheng, a total of 3,900 points.”, 3,900 points!, It was still a very high score even though it couldn’t compare to Jian Chaomian’s score!, The leading elder of the Eastern Region also smiled., This result had already exceeded his expectations., However, Shi Sheng did not smile. Instead, his expression was solemn. No one knew what he was thinking., “Western Region, one person has been eliminated. First place, Zhang He, a total of 3,860 points.”, It was not much different from Shi Sheng., It could be said to be extremely close., It was also an extremely outstanding result., Everyone was looking at the Southern Region now., “The one with the highest score amongst them should be Huang Yuan, right?”, “Heh, Huang Yuan is probably the only outstanding person in the Southern Region. He is the disciple of the Dean of the Southern Region after all.”, “But compared to Jian Chaomian, Shi Sheng and the others, it’s probably still a little lacking.”, The elder announced the results as soon as she finished speaking., “In the Southern Region, two people have been eliminated. First place… Ye Qiubai, 4,700 points!”, Huang Yuan and the others looked at Ye Qiubai in disbelief., Someone also asked, “Who is this Ye Qiubai?”‘, Jian Chaomian also reacted. He turned around and looked at Ye Qiubai with battle intent in his eyes!, Shi Sheng’s expression was complicated., Zhang He was still smiling. No one knew what he was thinking., “4,700 points? 200 points higher than Jian Chaomian?”, “How did he do it? This person looks like he’s only at the Purple Mansion, Realm. How could he reach 4,700 points?”, “Could it be that he picked something up?”, it was impossible for Ye Qiubai to reach this score to everyone present., However, Ye Qiubai didn’t care., What did other people’s opinions have to do with him?, Huang Yuan looked at Ye Qiubai with a complicated expression and said, “Well done.”, Huo Qingming also smiled bitterly. “1 thought 1 could surpass you this time. I didn’t expect you to surpass me by so much.”, Lin Ce also said helplessly, “This guy can’t be judged by common sense.”, Huo Qingming was amused. “That’s true, but I didn’t expect the two of us to be eliminated just like that…”, That’s right, the two people eliminated by the Southern Region were Huo Qingming and Lin Ce., At the side, the Martial Hall elder walked over and patted Ye Qiubai. He smiled brightly and said, “Good kid, well done. You’ve brought glory to our Southern Region’s Hidden Dao Academy this time.”, Dean Ru also smiled and said, “Continue to maintain your standard in the future competitions. Our goal this time must be to enter the top two.”, Ye Qiubai nodded., In from, the elder of the Northern Region’s Hidden Dao Academy said, “Alright, let’s proceed to the next round. The participants of the four regions’ Hidden Dao Academy can be distributed among themselves and have a martial arts exchange., “In the end, the side with more victors will win.”, Waving his hand, a box appeared in front of the elder., The elder casually drew two lots., “In the first round, the Eastern Region versus rhe Southern Region. Both sides can discuss how to send out people to fight.”, As soon as she finished speaking, the Dean of the Northern Region’s Hidden Dao Academy, Wu Deshi, arrived in the sky and waved his hand., Instantly, in the center of the square, a tournament stage rose from the ground!, In from of the arena, there were ten seats!, Wu Deshi and the directors of the other three domains sat down., A few figures walked over from the sky before long!, it was sitting in another seat!, This time, Wu Deshi did not sit at the head of the table. The head of the table was still empty, and there was also an empty seat beside that as well!, This puzzled everyone., Who had a higher status than Wu Deshi?, Suddenly, two flood dragons roared in the sky!, A huge ship appeared in front of them, and two flood dragons in golden armor were pulling the ship forward!, It was the warship of the Sunset Monarchy!

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