The Young Master’s Bride

Chapter 44 - Chapter 44: It’s Useless Even If I Give You a C

Chapter 44: It’s Useless Even If I Give You a Chance!, Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios, At this moment, Shi Sheng walked over from the side., He laughed loudly and said, “Brother Ye, you’ve hidden yourself well!”, Ye Qiubai glanced over and ignored him., This made Shi Sheng pause, but he still said, “Don’t worry, Brother Ye., Everything here is yours, be it this Yin Dragon Blood or the Yin Bone Flower.”, This stunned Xin Hongyi., Originally, Shi Sheng wanted to use the Yin Dragon Blood to temper his body., Now, he was going to let it go just like that?, However, it was normal after thinking about it. After all, even Shi Sheng knew that he couldn’t resist the strength Ye Qiubai had displayed., He might as well give up on this Yin Dragon Blood. He could still win back Ye Qiubai’s favor., At this moment, Liao Meisheng said angrily, “Shi Sheng, we also contributed. If we hadn’t discovered this place and lured the Yin Dragon out with a barrier, how could he have killed the Yin Dragon?”, Xin Hongyi scolded angrily, “Are you shameless? If it weren’t for Ye Qiubai, do you have the ability to kill the Yin Dragon?”, Liao Meisheng flicked his finger coldly, and a finger force turned into a sword and shot towards Xin Hongyi!, Xin Hongyi did not expect him to attack directly and did not react for a moment!, He could only watch helplessly as the finger force turned into a sword and pierced over!, Once it landed on Xin Hongyi, she would probably be severely injured even if she did not die!, At this moment, Ye Qiubai took a step forward and pointed out!, He blocked the finger force that turned into a sword., “It’s too much, right?”, However, Liao Meisheng sneered and said, “She’s a Southern Barbarian. If she doesn’t have the strength, she’ll naturally be beaten up.”, “You!”, Xin Hongyi was about to step forward when she was stopped by Ye Qiubai., Ye Qiubai said coldly, “Don’t you just want the Yin Bone Flower? I’ll give it to you.”, Hearing this, everyone present was stunned., Xin Hongyi was even more anxious. “Why did you give him the Yin Bone Flower? Even if it’s useless, you can exchange it for a lot of resources!”, Ye Qiubai ignored him and walked to the side of the Yin Dragon Pond. In the center, a piece of soil floated up., Above the soil was a bud that had yet to bloom., The bone bud was surrounded by boundless Yin Qi!, This was the Yin Bone Flower., Everyone in the outside world used this to make medicine, set up array formations, or… Refine corpses!, Its value was self-evident., Ye Qiubai reached out and took out the Yin Bone Flower., Then, under everyone’s shocked gazes, he threw the Yin Bone Flower to Liao Meisheng., Liao Meisheng seemed to be in disbelief as well. He said, “You really gave it to me?”, Ye Qiubai nodded., Liao Meisheng was about to say something when he realized that Ye Qiubai had already slashed over!, Liao Meisheng’s expression changed drastically and he immediately retreated, narrowly avoiding his vital points. However, the hand holding the Yin Bone Flower was also cut off!, Ye Qiubai walked forward and took back the Yin Bone Flower., “What are you doing?!”, Ye Qiubai put away the Yin Bone Flower and looked at the furious Liao Meisheng. He said indifferently, “As you see, there’s no problem killing and robbing, right?”, Liao Meisheng:”…”, Shi Sheng:”…”, Liao Meisheng’s face was ashen. He held his broken arm and said, “Are you really going to go all out?”, Ye Qiubai didn’t answer., In his heart, there was nothing he could not do since Liao Meisheng was related to the Sunset Monarchy., They were mortal enemies to begin with., You die or! die!, Seeing that Ye Qiubai had no intention of letting him off, Liao Meisheng couldn’t help but shout, “You’re not allowed to kill during communication., You’re violating the rules like this. You’ll be punished by the academy!”, “So what?”, Humans lived for a lifetime, so why should they care about this and that?, He was a sword cultivator. If he thought too much about things, he would lose the purity of a sword cultivator., He would lose his drive., Then they wouldn’t be far away., Thinking of this, Ye Qiubai’s body shot out!, The long sword in his hand suddenly slashed out!, He directly used the Nine Heavenly Demon Sword!, He did not intend to give Liao Meisheng any chance to resist!, Seeing this sword slash, Liao Meisheng’s expression changed drastically., Under this sword, he had no chance of resisting!, If he were to take it head-on, he would definitely not be able to withstand it. As for escaping?, His aura had long been locked onto, so how could he escape!, Thinking of this, Liao Meisheng gritted his teeth, took out the Point Accumulation Stone, and threw it at Ye Qiubai!, Liao Meisheng’s body disappeared from the spot immediately and was teleported out, leaving a few empty words., “Ye Qiubai, I swear that I won’t be human if I don’t take revenge!”, Ye Qiubai didn’t care about this. He put away his sword and absorbed Liao Meisheng’s Point Stone., Yin Dragon’s points were 1,000, while Liao Meisheng’s points stone had 400., Coupled with Ye Qiubai’s original 470 points,, His points went up to as high as 2,100!, Xin Hongyi walked forward and said, “I thought you would really give it to him.”, Ye Qiubai shook his head and said, “I didn’t give it to him. I just didn’t grasp it.”, Shi Sheng also walked up at this moment and said with a smile, “Brother Ye, do you want to use the Yin Dragon Blood yourself or sell it outside?”, Hearing this, Ye Qiubai looked at Shi Sheng and said, “This thing is useless to me. I don’t need anything even if I sell it.”, His master refined an entire cauldron of medicinal pills at once., He had a Dark Demon and the Green Cloud Sword in his hands., Cultivation methods and martial techniques included the Nine Heavenly Demon Sword and the Primordial Sword Scripture given by his master., There was nothing lacking at all…, Hearing these words, Shi Sheng’s face lit up and said, “In that case, why don’t you sell it to me? Not only will I give Brother Ye a satisfactory price, but 1 will also owe you a favor!”, Many people would rather spend a lot of money to buy something., After all, things that could be solved with money were the simplest., However, favors were different., The most difficult debt to repay in the world was a debt of gratitude., The disciples of the Eastern Region Academy were also shocked., “Senior Brother Shi actually paid such a price?”, “You have to know that Senior Brother Shi rarely asks others for help, so that he doesn’t owe anyone a favor!”, “It can be seen how important this Yin Dragon Blood is to him…”, “Ye Qiubai will probably gladly give the Yin Dragon Blood to Senior Brother Shi.”, Unexpectedly, just as he finished speaking…, Ye Qiubai shook his head and said, “I don’t need anything. As for your favor? I don’t need it either.”, After he finished speaking, he walked to the side of the Yin Dragon’s corpse, extracted the essence blood, and casually threw it to Xin Hongyi., Shi Sheng’s expression froze, and it was quite ugly., Then, he snorted coldly and said, “In that case, I won’t disturb you anymore. Let’s go!”, He left with the people of the Eastern Region., Xin Hongyi smiled and said, “Shi Sheng’s talent is extremely high. Are you going to waste it just like that?”, Ye Qiubai shrugged and said, “What’s the use of his favor? He can’t beat me.”, “True.”, Xin Hongyi looked at the Yin Dragon Blood in her eyes and said, “This Yin Dragon Blood is extremely precious and extremely important to body refinement. Are you really giving it to me just like that?”, “I don’t need it.”, With that, Ye Qiubai said, “Alright, I’ll protect you. Hurry up and absorb it. When the time comes, you can earn some points.”, This thing was useless to Ye Qiubai. It was fine if he gave it away., Moreover, Xin Hongyi was part of them..

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