The Young Master’s Bride

Chapter 43 - Chapter 43: Slaying The Yin Dragon Alone!

Chapter 43: Slaying The Yin Dragon Alone!, Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios, At this moment, the Yin Dragon’s aura was constantly emitted., The Yin Qi spread out in all directions. The flowers and plants in the distance seemed to be affected and quickly withered!, On the crown that was dripping with black blood, two slanted eyes stared at Ye Qiubai. Their eyes were filled with anger and mockery!, How could a mere Purple Mansion Realm cultivator be its match?, Ye Qiubai held the Dark Demon in his hand., For a moment, demonic qi surged into the sky!, Facing a half-step Water Overflow Realm expert, Ye Qiubai didn’t retreat., He wanted to see if he could severely injure or kill the Yin Dragon with his current strength!, He raised the Dark Demon in his hand, and the pitch-black sword was covered in wisps of demonic aura., For a moment, Ye Qiubai was like a demon god that had descended to the mortal world!, Then, he took a step forward and charged towards the Yin Dragon!, Seeing this, the Yin Dragon roared at Ye Qiubai!, That roar seemed to transform into sound waves that squeezed the space and pressed down on Ye Qiubai!, Ye Qiubai’s expression froze as he swung the Dark Demon in his hand!, Nine Heavenly Demon Sword, first sword!, One side was filled with sound waves, while the other side was filled with black sword qi!, There was a loud crash!, The sound waves were cut off by the black sword Qi!, The Yin Dragon was surprised., With the strength of this sound wave, Purple Mansion Realm cultivators would definitely not be able to withstand it., However, Ye Qiubai destroyed it with a single strike!, Just as he was thinking this…, Ye Qiubai’s figure had already arrived in front of the Yin Dragon!, He swung his second sword!, The demonic qi surged again!, The wanton sword qi swept through the world and continuously swept across the Yin Dragon’s scales!, The Yin Dragon’s huge tail swung towards Ye Qiubai!, Liao Meisheng sneered at the side, “How can Ye Qiubai withstand this attack?”, Shi Sheng watched this scene and did not say anything., He could tell that Ye Qiubai wasn’t such a rash person., Even he had to defend himself with all his might to ensure that he wouldn’t be seriously injured!, What right did Ye Qiubai have?, His physical body was not strong enough, his realm was not high enough., Could it be that he still had some trump card?, However, the next moment, everyone was shocked!, Ye Qiubai’s sword slashed at the snake tail., He was not sent flying as everyone had expected., On the contrary, the scales of the snake tail actually showed signs of shattering!, The Yin Dragon roared in pain!, Ye Qiubai retreated!, Half-step into Water Overflow was indeed powerful., Xin Hongyi heaved a sigh of relief., However, at the same time, he thought to himself that he had to cultivate harder when he returned., After all, Ye Qiubai was already walking further and further away., If this continued, he probably wouldn’t even be able to see Ye Qiubai’s back…, Liao Meisheng’s expression turned ugly., Ye Qiubai’s current strength was even stronger than when he fought him at the banquet…, Shi Sheng was even more surprised., To be able to do this with just his sword, it could be seen how deep his cultivation in the Sword Dao was., He just didn’t know how the sword competition would turn out…, At the thought of this, Shi Sheng couldn’t help but shake his head and mutter softly, “Jian Chaomian is still better…”, At this moment, the Yin Dragon was completely enraged., He roared angrily and his aura erupted!, Then, it left the Yin Dragon Pond and collided fiercely with Ye Qiubai!, Ye Qiubai’s eyes narrowed. He didn’t dodge!, He went forward to welcome them!, The Dark Demon in his hand slashed out!, The fifth move of the Nine Heavenly Demon Sword!, The demonic qi in the Green Flame Mountain Range was extremely vigorous, and when they arrived at the Yin Dragon Pond, the demonic qi was even stronger., This also caused Ye Qiubai to be able to slash out with this sword!, As soon as the sword was thrust out., The demonic qi nearby seemed to have been summoned and surged towards the Dark Demon Sword!, For a moment, demonic qi surged!, He felt this power., Liao Meisheng and Shi Sheng’s expressions changed., Under this sword, Shi Sheng asked himself if he could withstand it., The answer was no. Even if he accepted it, he would have to pay a huge price!, This price was something he could not bear., The eyes of the Yin Dragon that was charging at Ye Qiubai froze., This sword strike actually made him feel a sense of danger!, A mere Purple Mansion Realm ant could actually make him feel a sense of danger?, How humiliating was this!, With a furious roar, his speed increased again!, Ye Qiubai charged forward!, The sword that was covered in monstrous demonic qi slashed towards the Yin Dragon’s crown!, In just an instant!, The two collided!, The Yin Dragon let out a furious roar, and its crown began to shatter at this moment!, Black blood gushed out!, Ye Qiubai grunted. The other party was extremely powerful., Furthermore, his cultivation level was so much higher than hers. Naturally, he would not be unscathed from such a head-on collision!, At this moment, the Yin Dragon retreated!, He had returned to the Yin Dragon Pond!, Ye Qiubai snorted and suddenly stepped on the ground!, The ground instantly shattered!, Ye Qiubai also used this opportunity to rush towards the Yin Dragon!, He extended his hand and slashed. The sword qi shot towards the Yin Dragon!, The scales on the Yin Dragon’s body kept breaking at this moment., “ROAR!”, Ye Qiubai’s sword slashed down under everyone’s fearful gaze., The sword slashed into the head of the Yin Dragon!, At this moment, the Yin Dragon’s aura quickly dissipated until it disappeared., Ye Qiubai had killed a half-step Water Overflow Yin Dragon alone with his Intermediate Stage Purple Mansion Realm cultivation!, “How… How is this possible?”, Some people were in disbelief., “Is he really at the Purple Mansion Realm?”, “When did such a person appear in the Southern Barbaric Land?”, Liao Meisheng’s expression turned ugly., He had used his full strength at that banquet, but from the looks of it, Ye Qiubai hadn’t used his full strength!, Once he used this move at that time, he probably wouldn’t be able to resist at all!, When Shi Sheng saw this scene, his heart was in turmoil., He could barely contend against the Yin Dragon!, However, if he wanted to kill him, Shi Sheng knew that he could not do it., After all, he was half a step into the Water Overflow Realm and had the flood dragon’s bloodline., This land of magical beast could be ranked among the top even in the Green Flame Mountain Range., How could a Beginner Stage Sea Flow Realm martial artist like him kill him?, However, Ye Qiubai did it., Moreover, he had achieved this with his cultivation at the Intermediate Stage Purple Mansion Realm., He had crossed an entire major realm!, At the thought of this, Shi Sheng’s previous thoughts had completely disappeared., At this moment, Xin Hongyi walked in front of Ye Qiubai and asked, “How is it? Are you alright?”, Ye Qiubai’s face turned slightly pale. He shook his head and said, “It’s not a big problem. It’s just that I consumed too much. I just need to eat a pill.”, Xin Hongyi:”…”, Where did so many high-level medicinal pills come from? It felt like eating candy., Moreover, even he did not have this pill., Could it be refined by Senior Lu?, If it was in the past, Ye Qiubai would probably be unwilling to use it like this., This spiritual qi recovery pill would be snatched away outside after all., The grade and quality were extremely high., However, ever since his master told him…, “Save? Why should I? There’s still one more cauldron if there is not enough.”, Ever since that day, Ye Qiubai wouldn’t save on pills anymore…

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