The Young Master’s Bride

Chapter 42 - Chapter 42: The Yin Dragon Appears!

Chapter 42: The Yin Dragon Appears!, Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios, She was the only one from the Southern Region., Moreover, her strength could only compete with Liao Meisheng’s., He was also not Shi Sheng’s match., This also resulted in Xin Hongyi not being able to get any more items., Xin Hongyi naturally understood this point., However, she alone could not change anything., He could only stare blankly., At this moment, a figure rushed over from the forest behind., Xin Hongyi turned around and immediately changed her worried expression. She said happily, “Ye Qiubai?!”, The person who came was Ye Qiubai., Liao Meisheng looked over, his eyes filled with murderous intent!, Shi Sheng also glanced over and said, “Oh? Someone from the Southern Region?”, Ye Qiubai didn’t look at the two of them. Instead, he looked at Xin Hongyi and said, “Where’s the Yin Dragon?”, Xin Hongyi shook her head and said, “The Yin Dragon hasn’t come out yet. Shi Sheng and the others have already set up a formation to lure it out and then kill it with all their might.”, Ye Qiubai nodded slightly., Shi Sheng looked over and said in a clear voice, “You’re from the Southern Region, right? You want a share of the blood too?”, Ye Qiubai looked at Shi Sheng and said, “A share of the blood? I only want points.”, Points?, Shi Sheng was also stunned., In his opinion, the Yin Dragon Blood and the Yin Bone Flower were more important than points., Points?, Points could be seized., However, the Yin Dragon Blood and the Yin Bone Flower were things that could only be chanced upon by luck., “Are you sure you only want points?, Xin Hongyi also hurriedly said, “Ye Qiubai, the other two are even more valuable!”, These two things were extremely rare even in her secret race., However, how could she know?, Ye Qiubai’s body had long been refined by the Pure Yang Scarlet Blood Pill refined by his master., It was useless to use the Yin Dragon Blood., As for the Yin Bone Flower?, Master’s vegetable garden had many higher-level ones. He would even despise them if they were used for cooking. Why did he want them…, Thinking of this, Ye Qiubai shook his head and said, “I only need points, but I need all the points.”, All of them!, Liao Meisheng narrowed his eyes and said, “Your appetite is quite big. There are so many people here. What can they get?”, Ye Qiubai shook his head and said, “What does it have to do with me?, Liao Meisheng still wanted to say something, but Shi Sheng stopped him and said teasingly, “It’s fine. I’ll give you all the points.”, “I’ll compensate the other junior brothers.”, “However, if you don’t show the corresponding strength, I’m afraid there will be people who won’t accept it even if you take all the points.”, As he spoke, Shi Sheng and Liao Meisheng looked at each other., They seemed to understand each other’s intentions, but they didn’t say it out loud., “Alright, everyone, get ready. When the array is activated, the Yin Dragon will appear!”, After saying that, Shi Sheng and the disciples of the Eastern Region all formed hand seals!, The surrounding array flags began to emit a faint glow!, A suppressive force began to be produced and pressed into the water above the Yin Dragon Pond!, Liao Meisheng took out his long sword. Streams of sword qi surrounded him, ready to attack at any time., Xin Hongyi stopped persuading him. She also took out her long sword, and flames wrapped around the sword!, Ye Qiubai changed the wooden sword to the Dark Demon., The other party was half a step away from Water Overflow Realm after all. There was a huge gap between their cultivation levels., Plop, plop, plop…, As the suppressive power increased, the water in the Yin Dragon Pond boiled like water!, Suddenly!, A strange roar suddenly sounded!, The surrounding people with weaker cultivation took a step back!, Even Xin Hongyi had to treat it seriously!, Ye Qiubai hugged his sword with both hands. His robe kept fluttering in the wind as he watched this scene indifferently., Rumble!, The water in the pond exploded!, A huge mutated beast broke out of the water!, The mutated beast had a snake body and a triangular crown!, His eyes were filled with anger as he roared at everyone!, At this moment, Shi Sheng said solemnly, “Dragon Trapping Array, rise!”, As spiritual qi was injected, the suppressive power in the array formation pressed down on the Yin Dragon like a mountain!, The Yin Dragon’s body was instantly pressed down!, Shi Sheng roared, “Now!”, As soon as he finished speaking, everyone attacked the Yin Dragon!, Liao Meizhang waved her sword, and three sword lights slashed at the Yin Dragon at the same time!, Xin Hongyi brandished her flaming sword!, The flames were like a fire whip that lashed towards the Yin Dragon!, At that moment, one attack after another landed on the Yin Dragon!, However, those attacks only landed on the scales and did not even leave a mark!, Shi Sheng harrumphed coldly and passed the formation to someone else before shooting towards the Yin Dragon!, It was as if there were no spiritual qi fluctuations., He threw a punch at the Yin Dragon’s crown!, BANG!, The fist smashed onto the crown, and the head of the Yin Dragon instantly smashed into the water!, The Yin Dragon also let out a painful cry!, Streams of black blood flowed out from the crown!, This was the first time the Yin Dragon had been injured!, Liao Meisheng’s eyes narrowed when he saw this scene., Shi Sheng’s natural strength was indeed terrifying!, The people of the Eastern Region were also cheering., “As expected of Senior Brother Shi!”, “Why would Senior Brother Shi need to cooperate with others with his strength?”, “That’s right. Look at the attacks of the others. It was like scratching an itch when they landed on the Yin Dragon’s body. It was completely fine. Senior Brother Shi injured this beast with a punch!”, Shi Sheng returned to his original spot and looked at everyone. He frowned and said, “Everyone, stop hiding your strength. Attack with all your might!”, It was obvious that the attacks of Liao Meisheng and the others had displeased Shi Sheng., “And Ye Qiubai, why didn’t you attack?”, Liao Meisheng and the others looked at Ye Qiubai, who was holding his sword with both hands., We’re all working hard, and you’re the only one slacking off?, Ye Qiubai said indifferently, “I want to wait for you to attack before attacking. If you attack together, if it’s my credit, some people will also say that it’s someone else’s credit.”, Xin Hongyi could not help but laugh., The faces of Liao Meisheng and the people from the Eastern Region looked even more awful., Shi Sheng frowned slightly and said, “We are all from the Academy. How can we be so dirty?”, Ye Qiubai shrugged and stopped talking. He held the Dark Demon in his hand and a monstrous demonic aura began to erupt from Ye Qiubai’s body!, At this moment, the Yin Dragon in the Yin Dragon Pond stood up again and roared!, A half-step water overflowing aura recklessly erupted!, The Dragon Trapping Array was shattered in an instant!, Shi Sheng was not surprised. The Dragon Trapping Array could only trap it for a while after all., Hence, he said, “Retreat and reorganize the attack.”, Everyone retreated except for one that walked towards the Yin Dragon!, It was Ye Qiubai!, Shi Sheng shouted in a low voice, “Ye Qiubai, quickly retreat!, At this moment, the Yin Dragon had broken through the suppression of the Dragon Trapping Array and recovered its strength. How could a person in the Intermediate Stage Purple Mansion Realm resist it?, Liao Meisheng sneered., “Let him go and die since he wants to die.”, As for Xin Hongyi, she was not worried at all when she saw this scene., She knew Ye Qiubai., He would not do anything that he was not confident of..

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