The Young Master’s Bride

Chapter 41 - Chapter 41: Yin Dragon Pond

Chapter 41: Yin Dragon Pond, Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios, This four-legged magical beast was at Intermediate Stage Purple Mansion Realm, but its strength was comparable to an ordinary Peak Stage Purple Mansion Realm. Even so, it only gave 10 points., Under normal circumstances, the higher the realm of the magical beast, the higher the points., Ye Qiubai raised his eyebrows slightly. It was probably not enough to kill a magical beast of this level if he wanted to advance., He took out the map. Xin Hongyi had given him this map., He was currently at the outermost area of the Green Flame Mountain Range., The deeper he went, the stronger the demonic energy became., At the same time, the stronger the magical beasts would be., The magical beasts inside were at the Sea Flow Realm., In the deepest depths, there were extraordinary magical beasts above the Water Overflow Realm., After reaching the Water Overflow Realm, the intelligence of magical beasts would also be completely unlocked., Ye Qiubai flew inside without thinking!, There were magical beasts everywhere along the way., After killing those magical beasts with one slash, the Point Accumulation Stone reached 230., At the same time, there were also some natural treasures., Of course, these so-called heavenly treasures were not even one-ten-thousandth as good as the quality in his master’s vegetable garden…, He would probably be despised by his master if he used them to make food., One had to know that his master was very picky with his food…, Thinking of this, Ye Qiubai couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh as he continued to fly inside., Suddenly, Ye Qiubai stopped., Spiritual qi surrounded him from all directions! Formed up!, “Oh? There’s finally a guest?”, Suddenly, a red-robed man walked out from the side., Ye Qiubai looked over indifferently., “It’s just that this fish doesn’t look too fat. It’s a Southern Barbarian from the Southern Region.”, “How about this? Hand over the Point Accumulation Stone in your hand and I’ll let you off. How about that?”, Ye Qiubai had seen this person outside. He seemed to be from the Eastern Region’s Hidden Dao Academy., According to Ding Lun’s understanding, other than the leader of the team, the strength of the Hidden Dao Academy of the Southern Region was much lower than the others., Therefore, under the circumstances of being trapped by the array formation, the other party was definitely not his match!, The fish might be small, but there was still meat on it!, Ye Qiubai looked at Ding Lun and said with a faint smile, “Are you so sure that you can cat me?”, Hearing this, Ding Lun sneered. “Why? My entrapment can even trap a Peak Stage Purple Mansion Realm cultivator., “Do you think you can still escape from my entrapment array?”, Run?Why did he have to run?, Ye Qiubai took out the wooden sword and swung it under Ding Lun’s mocking gaze!, The wooden sword landed on the array barrier., Rumble!, The array instantly shattered in just an instant!, The array flags that were scattered everywhere were instantly reduced to dust., Ding Lun’s eyes were filled with fear seeing this scene!, Under his observation, the other party was merely an Intermediate Stage Violet Palace Realm Southern Barbarian., How strong could he be?, However, this Southern Barbarian that he looked down on had destroyed the array formation that he was so proud of with a single strike!, Even someone at Peak Stage Purple Mansion Realm would not be able to break through this formation!, How could Ye Qiubai break it with a single strike?, Ding Lun’s heart was filled with doubt and fear., “How did you do it?”, Ye Qiubai didn’t answer his question. He placed his sword between Ding Lun’s eyebrows and said, “Hand over the Point Accumulation Stone.”, Ding Lun gulped and said, “Can I exchange a piece of information for Point Accumulation Stones?”, The Point Accumulation Stone would be eliminated if it was snatched after all!, Ye Qiubai raised his eyebrows slightly and said, “That depends on whether your information is worth it.”, Hearing that there was still a chance, Ding Lun hurriedly said, “There’s a Yin Dragon Pond in front. There’s a Yin Dragon in it that’s half a step into the Water Overflow realm!”, Those who could be related to the word “dragon” were not simple existences., Even though the Yin Dragon had a trace of the bloodline of a flood dragon, it still had a chance of transforming into a dragon!, However, the chances were slim., It was precisely because of this that the bloodline of the Yin Dragon could be used to refine medicine and also to temper one’s body!, It was an extremely precious item!, “Furthermore, the Yin Dragon is protected by a Yin Bone Flower.”, The Yin Bone Flower was also an item used to refine pills. It could only be chanced upon by luck., Even though Ye Qiubai wasn’t interested in these things,, he still asked, “Won’t the others know if you know about it?”, Ding Lun scratched his head awkwardly seeing that he had been exposed. “Someone has already gone over. For example, my senior brother Shi Sheng from the eastern region, Liao Meisheng from the Northern Region, and your Southern Barbari… Southern Region.”, Ye Qiubai nodded., The Yin Dragon was an existence half a step into the Water Overflow Realm. If he killed it, he would probably obtain a lot of points even though he was not interested in these., “Can… Can you let me go?”, Ye Qiubai looked at Ding Lun and said, “Give me the Point, Accumulation Stone.”, Ding Lun’s eyes froze., “Didn’t you say that you would let me go if I gave you the news?”, “But your information is not secret. So many people know about it.”, Ye Qiubai said coldly, “So, do you want to take it out yourself or let me do it?”, Ding Lun’s heart couldn’t help but tremble as he looked at Ye Qiubai’s expressionless eyes that were like stagnant water. He took out the Point Accumulation Stone from his storage ring., Ye Qiubai took it. There were 470 points on this Point Accumulation Stone., Obviously, Ding Lun’s gains were quite bountiful., The Point Accumulation Stone was taken away, and Ding Lun was teleported out of the Green Flame Mountain Range., It also meant that Ding Lun was eliminated., Ye Qiubai didn’t stop and flew in the direction Ding Lun pointed!, On a mountainside., There was a waterfall pouring down here!, Beside the waterfall was a cave entrance., In front of the cave entrance was a pool of water., The pond was filled with Yin Qi, making it so that there was not a single plant in the surroundings!, This was the Yin Dragon Pond!, There were already several people around the Yin Dragon Pond., Among them was Xin Hongyi from the Southern Region., An extremely tall man crossed his arms and said, “Everyone, how about we join forces since the Yin Dragon Pond has been discovered?”, Xin Hongyi looked over coldly and said, “Shi Sheng, you’re really shameless. I was the one who discovered this place first, but you’re saying that we should join forces?”, Shi Sheng looked at Xin Hongyi with a burning gaze. “Xin Hongyi, do you think you can cat this Yin Dragon Pond alone?”, Xin Hongyi’s tone froze., Let’s not talk about whether she could deal with the surrounding people with her current strength., Shi Sheng’s strength was higher than hers., Furthermore, there was a half-step Water Overflow realm Yin Dragon hidden in the Yin Dragon Pond!, Xin Hongyi could not solve it at all., Shi Sheng saw that Xin Hongyi’s expression was ugly and did not respond. He sneered and said, “Xin Hongyi, you have to know that you’re the only one in the Southern Region. It’s already not bad to give you a chance to cooperate.”, Liao Meisheng, who was watching the scene playfully, said, “I agree to cooperate. This Yin Dragon is not easy to deal with.”, Shi Sheng nodded and said, “Alright, let’s distribute it. I want the Yin Dragon Blood.”, Liao Meisheng was not surprised. Shi Sheng was a body refiner after all. The Yin Dragon’s blood was good for him., “Then I’ll take the Yin Bone Flower.”, “As for the remaining points, you can distribute them to the others. Xin Hongyi, when the time comes, you can contribute a bit. I will also give you a portion of the points.”, Obviously, they did not intend to share the items with Xin Hongyi!

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