You’ll Marry Whoever Your Choose, Ye Qingge sat quietly on the living room couch, refusing to look at him., ‘Instead of lying in bed, he’s insisted on lying on the couch to have a staring contest with me.’, The Li family was certainly the most elite clan in Cloud City. Everything was sumptuous and luxurious., Li Xingming emerged from his study with a stern look on his face, and the air pressure lowered., Li Beichen followed behind him., He was dressed in a black plaid suit, tailored to his figure perfectly, looking very proud., His sharp, well-defined, and grim features emanated a cold and intimidating aura., He shot Ye Qingge a cold look, then turned toward the corpse-like Li Nancheng on the couch., Ye Qingge’s eyes were calm with a hint of shyness., Seeing Li Beinchen reminded her of their kiss last night. Her lips were numb., “Hello, Old Li!” Ye Qingge rose to her feet with a smile as she greeted Li Xingming in an unpretentious manner — Ye Qingge’s special quality., “Sit!” Li Xingming’s tone was neither cold nor warm, as if he was upset., Ye Qingge sat down. Li Beichen, who was walking over, happened to sit next to her., His broad physique carried an inherent air of intimidation., Ye Qingge did not greet Li Beichen. She did not think that she needed to initiate a conversation with him after what happened the night before., From now on, they would not interact with each other. They would act like strangers even if they ended up meeting., Li Xingming did not even look at Li Nancheng, who was lying on the couch., “You’re still breathing!” Li Nancheng snapped, unhappy over being ignored., “All you can do is breathe!” Li Xingming was greatly dissatisfied with his grandson, who consistently angered him., “Can’t you spare me some pride in front of my lady? We can have a confrontation in private!”, A man cannot afford to lose face in front of his own woman, especially one as proud as Li Nancheng., “Who are you calling ‘your lady’? Nonsense!” Li Xingming raised a brow and scoffed icily., A hint of surprise flashed across Ye Qingge’s calm gaze when she heard Li Xingming’s response., “Her! Didn’t you saddle me with her?” Li Nancheng replied instinctively, pointing at Ye Qingge., However, his face was scrunched up with reluctance in a melodramatic fashion., “You shameless thing. I said that she’s a daughter-in-law of the Li family. Who said that she was for you?”, His noble eyes swept across the room and flashed brightly, but his tone was indignant., Regardless of how calm Ye Qingge was, astonishment was clearly written all over her face., ‘If I’m not engaged to Li Nancheng, then who am I engaged to?’, She instinctively turned toward Li Beichen, who was sitting steadily in his spot with his grim face seemingly unperturbed., ‘It can’t be Li Beichen. There’s such a huge gap in seniority!’, “Wh-what are you talking about, old man?”, Li Nancheng felt an urge to rise to his feet when he heard that she was not his wife. Unfortunately, his leg was still in a cast, so he was unable to do so and could only widen his eyes as he asked the question., In the beginning, he was repulsed at the thought of having Ye Qingge as his future wife because his old man had stuck him with her., How could he, who was naturally at odds with his grandfather, possibly be happy about that?, Nevertheless, after spending time with her over the past few days, he realized that he was beginning to like the woman., “There are three bachelors in our family at the moment, girl. Nancheng is my eldest son’s youngest son, the youngest among his cousins, fifth in place. There’s also the fourth in place, my second daughter’s son — Chu Yunyi. He may not share our surname, but he’s still a member of the Li family. He’s in the entertainment industry and is currently shooting a film overseas! The last one is my youngest son, Li Beichen. The Li family is currently under his control. All three men are still unmarried. Choose the one you like and marry him!” Li Xingming explained, pointing at Li Beichen and then at Li Nancheng.

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