49 Don’t delay having children, Li Nancheng could no longer restrain himself from telling everyone the good news., When li beixiao heard li Nancheng’s words, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly, revealing a cold smile., He looked at ye qingge beside him. Was this woman challenging his bottom line?, Ye qingge’s eyelashes trembled slightly, and her heart trembled., Even if she did not look li beixiao in the eye, she could feel how unscrupulous his gaze was., “Wife, go get a bowl of rice for uncle!”, Li Nancheng gripped his chopsticks tightly., The way little uncle looked at his wife was so open …, “En!”, Ye qingge stood up. She really did not want to stay here. Li beixiao was a lunatic., that girl chose Nancheng. Although it’s a little unfair to Yunyi, it’s still her own choice. Let’s find a time for them to get engaged. You can handle this., Li Ximing picked up a piece of beef. It was delicious., little uncle, I want the whole world to know that ye qingge is my fiancée., She had to make all the men stop thinking about her., “You two are not suitable.”, Li Nancheng immediately poured a bucket of cold water on li Nancheng., “If I’m not suitable for her, then who am I suitable for? Little uncle, you don’t love me anymore.”, “You’re suitable for su Tian.”, Ye qingge heard li beixiao’s words when she walked out., Who was su Tian?, “Little uncle, don’t talk nonsense. How can I be suitable for that woman? I’m only suitable for ye qingge.”, Li Nancheng’s face was flushed with anger., When Li Ximing heard the name, he couldn’t help but sigh slightly., Some things were destined., “Little uncle, here you go!”, Ye qingge placed the rice in front of li beixiao., “Beizhi, let this girl go to the office with you tomorrow. She’ll be sitting in Nancheng, so you should take care of her more.”, Li Ximing opened his mouth., “No, old man, how come I didn’t know about this?”, Li Nancheng was dumbfounded., Ye qingge did not know how to explain herself. She was an outsider. How could she replace him?, “You’re not cut out for business. This girl is a piece of unpolished jade.”, Li Ximing believed that he was not wrong about people., “I don’t want my wife to work so hard. Isn’t it enough to have little uncle in the company? Why did she have to suffer? the company is very boring.”, “Besides, old man, don’t you want us to give you a great-grandson to play with?”, Li Nancheng hated going to the company, so he did not want ye qingge to go, especially when she was learning how to do business with her little uncle., Ye qingge’s face turned red at the mention of having a child and she shot li Nancheng a resentful look., Did he always say whatever he was thinking without using his brain?, of course, it’s good to have a child. Work won’t affect the delivery. Work during the day and have a child at night. There’s no delay!, Li Ximing’s heart itched at the thought of having a baby at home for him to play with., Thinking back to little Mumu’s childhood, he really missed the feeling of her chubby body!, “Well, it’s best if you can have a girl.”, Li Ximing added again., “Yes, Grandpa, we will work hard!”, Li Nancheng replied crisply. He wanted to have a few more!, Li beixiao’s face was getting uglier and uglier, and his whole body was cold., “Bei Zhi, you should find a mother for Mumu!”, Li Ximing turned to li Beichen., oh, by the way, little girl, Mumu is your uncle’s son. She’ll be back in a few days., “I know, Grandpa. Nancheng told me about it!”, Ye qingge replied indifferently., The old master was probably worried about li beixiao and Feng Yan!, “I’ve already found it!” Li beixiao coldly threw out these words.

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