48 I’m trying to love you, “Thank you, Grandpa. No matter what happens in the future, I’ll be filial to you. Thank you!”, Ye qingge knelt on the carpet and thanked the old man., It wasn’t just because he had bought a grave for his mother., It was because he had given her love and pity, which ye qingge had never experienced before., For so many years, she felt that she had been living in the cold, without a trace of warmth., “Silly child, get up! From now on, this will be your home. All the pain and suffering you’ve experienced in your life will be precious wealth to you, understand?”, “..”Ye qingge was already sobbing., When she came out of the study, li Nancheng was sitting in a wheelchair and pacing around the living room., “Ye qingge, what did you say to Grandpa? I’m telling you, it’s useless no matter what you say to him. I’m definitely going to marry you!”, Seeing ye qingge come out, li Nancheng immediately made his stand clear., She had just told him last night that they were not suitable for each other and had rejected him., She went to look for her grandfather so early in the morning. There was no need to ask to know what she had said to her grandfather., “Li Nancheng …”, Looking at li Nancheng, ye qingge did not know what to say. She knew that he was serious., “Why are you crying? did that old man scold you? This old man actually dared to bully my wife …”, Li Nancheng panicked when he saw ye qingge crying., “Li Nancheng, I’ll tell Grandpa that I choose you …”, Ye qingge bit her lip and said as she squatted down and looked up at li Nancheng., There was guilt in her heart …, “I’ll … What did you just say? Ye qingge, say that again.”, Li Nancheng was stunned before she could finish her sentence. What did he just hear?, “I said I choose you, although the choice I made was not … It might not be fair to you, but I’ll work hard!”, She wanted to try to accept li Nancheng for the sake of her grandfather’s love for her …, “Ye qingge, you don’t have to work hard. You just have to accept my love. My woman doesn’t have to do anything. She doesn’t have to do anything!”, Li Nancheng’s smile was particularly dazzling. He held ye qingge’s face in his hands, as if she was the most precious treasure in the world., “Thank you, li Nancheng …”, I will find your daughter and then we will get married!, Li Nancheng lowered ye qingge’s head and promised her softly., His heart trembled. He still remembered this promise. This man was not just saying it., He accepted his past and his child …, Ye qingge made a lot of dishes for dinner., Even the head chef in charge of the kitchen was full of praise for her cooking., There were only three people on the table., Ye qingge felt more at ease eating when li beixiao was not back., Li beixiao did not see ye qingge when he returned to his villa …, When li beixiao returned to the old house, he saw her at the dining table, talking and laughing as she put food on li Nancheng’s plate., little uncle, why are you only back now? hurry up and eat. My wife’s cooking is delicious!, Ye qingge’s knuckles turned white as she held the chopsticks too tightly., She did not expect li beixiao to come back at this time., It wasn’t that she didn’t remember what he had said last night, that he wanted her to go to his villa., “Sit down and eat. I have something to tell you!”, Li Ximing glanced at his son. His face was cold, and there was an unconcealed anger in his eyes., Li beixiao took off his suit and passed it to the Butler, then sat beside ye qingge., She didn’t even wash her hands …, “Uncle, ye qingge has agreed to marry me!”

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