47 I choose the South City, Ye qingge’s body stiffened. She seemed to have told her grandfather and Li Nancheng that she did not know how to drive., A hint of panic flashed across Shui Yang’s cold eyes., Since he had already taken ye Wenwen’s place, even if Dong Wenqian went back on her word …, Ye qingge had never thought of ratting out ye Wenwen. After all, they had feelings for each other., Moreover, ye Wenwen had indeed helped her and treated her sincerely., “Why aren’t you talking? You didn’t even touch the car, how did you hit Nancheng?”, The man’s breath was getting closer and closer, and the low voice filled her ears., Ye qingge suddenly reached out her hand and pressed it against li beixiao’s chest, not letting him get any closer., “Don’t come near me, we’ll just talk like this!”, Every time he got close to her, he would not talk to her properly and would only do more outrageous things., “Who Do You Think You Are? You actually have the guts to lie to our li clan.”, Ye qingge’s hands were easily pressed against the wall., Their breaths were mixed together., “Does it matter who hit you? Isn’t it fine as long as someone takes the responsibility?”, Ye qingge struggled but to no avail, so she turned her face away., Li beixiao’s entire body was cold, but his masculine breath was hot on her face., “You still dare to be stubborn?”, Li beixiao suddenly pinched ye qingge’s jaw., He hated it the most when someone lied to him and acted so self-righteously, just like ye qingge., “Li beixiao, what do you want?”, Ye qingge was also annoyed. She could feel that li beixiao was targeting her., “Move in and live with me!”, He didn’t beat around the bush and directly stated his purpose., “That’s impossible. I have to take care of li Nancheng, not you, li beixiao. If you think I lied to the Li family, you can send me to prison!”, She stubbornly looked up at li beixiao. Who was he to bully her?, “Ye qingge, Are you sure?”, The corners of li beixiao’s mouth rose slightly. His smile sent chills down one’s spine., “Then whoever hit him will go to jail!”, Li beixiao took out his phone from his pocket and pretended to make a call., “How can you be so despicable …”, Ye qingge believed that li beixiao must have known that ye Wenwen was the one who had hit her., “Thanks for the compliment!”, Instead of getting angry, he laughed. However, that laugh was more frightening than any anger., Ye qingge knew that he was forcing her to live with him., Just to anger Feng Yan, did he have to go this far?, “I can’t live with you, Feng Yan will kill me!”, Ye qingge looked at li beixiao’s phone and found it familiar …, Yes, she remembered now. It was the same phone that Feng Yan had given her., Could it be that li beixiao and Feng Yan’s phones were couple phones? but why did Feng Yan give her the same one?, “Why did he kill you? aren’t you afraid that I’ll kill you?”, “If I’m with you, of course he’ll kill me. Don’t you know how strong his possessiveness is?”, Ye qingge felt as if there were little bugs biting her heart., She was really going crazy. These two men were in a relationship. Why did they have to torture her to such a state?, However, ye qingge had no idea that she had misunderstood the relationship between li beixiao and Feng Yan., And this misunderstanding, every word that came out of it, made her situation more and more dangerous., “I really don’t know how strong his possessiveness is.”, The possessiveness that ye qingge was referring to was the one that Feng Yan had for li beixiao., However, in li beixiao’s ears, it became Feng Yan’s possessiveness over ye qingge., “You … Before ye qingge could finish her words, she was swallowed up., Li beixiao admitted that he could not resist ye qingge’s lips., She was kissed forcefully again. Ye qingge struggled angrily, but she could not., When she wanted to bite li beixiao, he pinched her jaw., “You’re addicted to biting?”, Li beixiao narrowed his eyes and looked at ye qingge, who was breathing unsteadily., Ye qingge’s face was red. This man really made her feel helpless., “Li beixiao, don’t do this to me again!”, “I hope that when I return to the villa tomorrow, you’ll have already prepared dinner and are waiting for me!”, Li beixiao released ye qingge and ordered., This woman was really different …, After li beixiao left, the air in the room seemed to be smoother., Ye qingge touched her lips and made a decision., The next day., After breakfast, ye qingge went to Li Ximing’s room., “You have something to say?” Li Ximing looked at ye qingge who was a little uneasy and spoke first., “Grandpa, I have something to say. I hope you won’t be angry.”, Ye qingge really liked her grandfather Li Ximing., Even though he looked very strict and not to be trifled with at times., However, sometimes, she was as childish as a child, and it really made people feel warm., girl, if you want to say that you don’t want to marry Nan Cheng or Yun Yi, then don’t say it., Li Ximing, who was practicing writing, said with a cold face., His tone was obviously unhappy. He knew she would come to find him., If she could accept it so easily, she would not be the daughter-in-law he had taken a fancy to., “Grandpa, I have to say this. I told Nancheng last night that I’m not suitable for him. I’m not worthy of him.”, Ye qingge smiled faintly. She also felt happy to see her grandfather angry!, then marry Yun Yi. Yun Yi’s personality is different from Nancheng’s. In the words that are popular now, he’s what you all call a warm man., Li Ximing put down the brush and suddenly lost his mood., “I won’t marry him either, Grandpa!”, As for Chu Yunyi, who she had never met, she would never accept him., She really just wanted to live an ordinary and simple life., “Why don’t you like my grandson and maternal grandson? Are you going to be my daughter-in-law?”, Li Ximing’s eyes narrowed and suddenly burst out a sharp light., no, Grandpa, don’t misunderstand. I just want to live a simple life., Daughter-in-law, grandfather’s son, that meant that li beixiao was still single …, Looking at ye qingge’s strong denial, Li Ximing couldn’t help but feel that his son was just so-so., But he still didn’t manage to settle the girl., “Girl, do you know that no one has the guts to lie to me, Li Ximing? you didn’t hit Nancheng. Do you know why I still want you to enter my house even though I know you lied to me?”, Ye qingge’s heart skipped a beat. Thinking of Li Ximing’s status, how could she be more satisfied with taking the blame than him?, “I’m sorry, Grandpa. I shouldn’t have lied to you. I had no choice.”, Last night, li beixiao had said that she was not the one who had hit the car. She had thought that Grandpa would know about it., “That’s why I said that this is the fate between you and the Li family. Grandpa, I’ll make it clear that you will definitely be the daughter-in-law of the Li family. If you don’t want to be my granddaughter-in-law, then you can be my daughter-in-law. It’s your choice.”, “Grandpa, why must it be me?”, Ye qingge had been feeling helpless and powerless for the past few days., “I like you!”, She was either his granddaughter-in-law or his daughter-in-law …, “Who should I choose? give me an answer. Otherwise, your sister will definitely be sleeping in prison tonight!”, Li Ximing put his hands behind his back, looking so domineering and strong that no one could refute him., “Grandpa, don’t be like this. Don’t force me. I don’t want to choose anyone.”, Ye qingge felt wronged. She didn’t want Wenwen to go to jail. That girl was really good to her., However, she would not choose anyone. She did not want to …, “Granddaughter-in-law, granddaughter-in-law, or daughter-in-law?”, Li Ximing’s voice was steady and deep, but it made people’s hearts tremble slightly., Ye qingge clenched her fists so tightly that her nails were digging into her flesh., She had never met Chu Yunyi before, so she couldn’t harm him., She could not choose li beixiao. She did not want to die so quickly., In that case, she could only choose li Nancheng …, He was so kind and beautiful, she …, “Grandpa …”, “Who should I choose?”, His overbearing posture left no chance for anyone to breathe., “Nancheng …”, Closing her eyes, ye qingge knew she had to make a choice., Her grandfather’s domineering attitude made her realize that she could not hide from him., Perhaps if she chose li Nancheng, li beixiao would have some reservations and would not be so unscrupulous towards his future niece-in-law., “You’ll go to the company with your uncle tomorrow. Nancheng isn’t cut out for business. He has shares in the Li family, and you’re his wife. You’ll take his place.”, It was an expected choice, so he would leave it to fate!, “Grandpa, I don’t know anything. I can’t accept this!”, She had only chosen li Nancheng for the time being, but that did not mean that they would be together in the future., How could she work in the company as the Li family’s granddaughter-in-law?, “If you don’t understand, you can ask your little uncle. I’ll tell him to teach you more when he comes back tonight!”, Grandpa, you should discuss this with Nancheng. Those shares belong to him. It’s not good to do this. I also …, She was learning from li beixiao? Then, she would guarantee that Feng Yan would kill her first and get rid of her completely., “Who would dare to say no to something I’ve decided on?”, “..”Ye qingge was speechless., I’ve asked someone to choose a cemetery for your mother. Let her rest in peace in the next two days!, When he said this, there was a faint hurt in Li Ximing’s eyes. Some things were really unknown without investigation., “Grandpa …” Ye qingge’s eyes turned red instantly., Her mother’s ashes had always been kept there. How could she have the money to buy a grave?, She would never let her mother and ye hide be buried together again. That kind of man was not worthy., If she wanted to earn money, she had to buy a Cemetery. However, a good Cemetery now cost more than a hundred thousand Yuan., She had been feeling sorry for her mother for the past few days and couldn’t let her rest in peace. She didn’t expect that her grandfather had already made arrangements for her., Her tears fell uncontrollably. Who said that only blood-related people were family? even those who were not blood-related still made her feel warm., you’re a good child. Grandpa likes you and likes you. So, don’t reject me. Whether it’s marriage or anything else, Grandpa will never harm you!

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