46 Why don’t you be my daughter-in-law, Li beixiao admitted that he could not resist ye qingge’s soft and tender lips., Every time he saw her small mouth open and close, he wanted to viciously suck her in his mouth., It repeatedly bit, sucked, and crushed …, She was kissed forcefully again. Ye qingge struggled angrily, but she could not., When she wanted to bite li beixiao, he pinched her jaw., “You’re addicted to biting?”, Li beixiao did not hide his desire and squinted at ye qingge, who was breathing unsteadily., She thought of the two of them almost getting into a fight in the car in the evening. He had touched the most secret place …, Ye qingge’s face was red. This man really made her feel helpless., “Li beixiao, don’t do this to me again!”, The auras of the two had already mixed together., She could clearly feel li beixiao’s strong and hot masculine breath in her mouth., It made her panic, but she had nowhere to escape., “You should be glad that it’s not convenient for you today. I hope that when I return to the villa tomorrow, you’ll have already prepared dinner and are waiting for me!”, Li beixiao let go of ye qingge. He could not touch her again. Otherwise, he could not guarantee that he would not do anything to her., This woman was really different. He had never had such a strong desire before., After li beixiao left, the air in the room seemed to be smoother., Ye qingge touched her red and swollen lips and made a decision., The next day., After breakfast, ye qingge went to Li Ximing’s room., “You have something to say?” Li Ximing looked at ye qingge who was a little uneasy and spoke first., “Grandpa, I have something to say. I hope you won’t be angry.”, Ye qingge really liked her grandfather Li Ximing., Even though he looked very strict and not to be trifled with at times., However, sometimes, she was as childish as a child, and it really made people feel warm., girl, if you want to say that you don’t want to marry Nan Cheng or Yun Yi, then don’t say it., Li Ximing, who was practicing writing, said with a cold face., His tone was obviously unhappy. He knew she would come to find him., If she could accept it so easily, she would not be the daughter-in-law he had taken a fancy to., “Grandpa, I have to say this. I told Nancheng last night that I’m not suitable for him. I’m not worthy of him.”, Ye qingge smiled faintly. She also felt happy to see her grandfather angry!, then marry Yun Yi. Yun Yi’s personality is different from Nancheng’s. In the words that are popular now, he’s what you all call a warm man., Li Ximing put down the brush and suddenly lost his mood., “I won’t marry him either, Grandpa!”, As for Chu Yunyi, who she had never met, she would never accept him., She really just wanted to live an ordinary and simple life., “Why don’t you like my grandson and maternal grandson? Are you going to be my daughter-in-law?”, Li Ximing’s eyes narrowed and suddenly burst out a sharp light., no, Grandpa, don’t misunderstand. I just want to live a simple life., Daughter-in-law, grandfather’s son, that meant that li beixiao was still single …, Looking at ye qingge’s strong denial, Li Ximing couldn’t help but feel that his son was just so-so., But he still didn’t manage to settle the girl., “Girl, do you know that no one has the guts to lie to me, Li Ximing? you didn’t hit Nancheng. Do you know why I still want you to enter my house even though I know you lied to me?”, Ye qingge’s heart skipped a beat. Thinking of Li Ximing’s status, how could she be more satisfied with taking the blame than him?, “I’m sorry, Grandpa. I shouldn’t have lied to you. I had no choice.”

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