44 He said he didn’t mind, Li Nancheng could not help but stare at her in a daze. He remembered that when he opened his eyes and saw ye qingge’s beautiful and cold little face, he had been stunned., She’s always so distant and cold. Even when she’s looking at you, she’s always so calm., He had thought that she would not smile, but tonight, she was smiling at him again and again., This smile was like a brand that was engraved in his heart., ye qingge, I will only marry you. Don’t reject me with the excuse that you’re not good enough for my child., Although I, li Nancheng, have a bad temper and am a jerk, no one can stop me if I’ve made up my mind.”, Ye qingge looked at li Nancheng with a deep gaze. Her impression of him had changed a lot., She wanted to say something, but li Nancheng had already covered her with the blanket., “You can go out and sleep! I don’t want you to say anything that I don’t want to hear and disturb my sleep.”, Li Nancheng’s muffled voice came from under the blanket., Ye qingge smiled, turned on the night light, and turned off the other lights. She turned around and walked out of li Nancheng’s room., The Butler brought ye qingge to a room on the third floor and told her to stay in this room from now on., The room’s decorations were very feminine, and many things were new, probably prepared today., The bedsheets were newly changed. Ye qingge only had a simple Luggage Bag with a few clothes to change into. That was all she had., Sitting on the edge of the bed, ye qingge lay down slowly. Looking at the ceiling, she felt empty in her heart., The necklace slipped out. He picked it up and looked at it carefully. The workmanship of the necklace was really excellent., How should he put it! It was slender and mysterious …, The sudden knock on the door made ye qingge’s body tremble slightly., She got up to open the door, thinking that it was the Butler, but she did not expect to see li beixiao., “There is …” Ye qingge wanted to ask if there was anything wrong., However, before she could finish her words, li beixiao walked past her and strode in., Ye qingge’s hand that was holding the door handle turned pale., She had had enough of li beixiao’s overbearing and strong personality., He was simply insufferably arrogant., She didn’t know if she should close the door or not., If he closed the door, it would be dangerous. If he didn’t close the door, what would happen if people saw it?, “Close the door!”, Just when ye qingge did not know what to do, li beixiao’s cold voice was heard., Ye qingge took a deep breath and finally closed the door., “Little uncle, this is not a good time to be in my room, is it?”, He leaned against the wall, his tone and expression indifferent., “You’re on good terms with Nancheng? I thought you would know how to adjust your position.”, Li beixiao sat on the edge of the bed, his hands supporting his body as he leaned back slightly., Even though he was just sitting there, he still had a domineering aura that looked down on all living beings, making it impossible for people to ignore his powerful aura., little uncle, I’ve said that I’ll leave once Nancheng’s legs are healed. Why are you so overbearing? ”, She had never wanted to be involved with a rich family, and she did not want to provoke any man., “I told you to leave this place and move to my place. Do you think I’m joking?”, Li beixiao squinted his eyes slightly. His lazy and evil appearance made people unable to look away., “I bumped into li Nancheng, so I’m responsible for taking care of him. I promised Grandpa this., Besides, President li, why should I move to your place?”, With her shoulders trembling, ye qingge was really annoyed. What right did he have to give her orders?, “You can drive?” Li beixiao stood up elegantly and walked towards ye qingge slowly.

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