43 I’m not worthy of you, Li Nancheng’s mouth was wide open in surprise. She had a daughter?, She didn’t look like a woman with a child., “You’re lying! Don’t lie just to push me away!”, it’s true. I didn’t even look at her when I gave birth to her. I don’t even know what she looks like, whether she has single eyelids or double eyelids …, For many nights, ye qingge had been picturing her daughter in her mind …, However, no matter how he tried to draw it out, it was not a complete appearance., Every time this happened, her heart would hurt so much that it was about to die …, Crystal-like tears flowed down her face, leaving a trail of water., At that moment, li Nancheng believed ye qingge’s words. She really had a daughter., “Where did the child go?”, This was what li Nancheng could think of, and at this moment, his imagination was running wild., Ye qingge was so beautiful, was she once …, she was taken away by her father … I don’t know where she is now.”, The man who she didn’t know what he was like, the man who took her first kiss away., She had a daughter with him through artificial insemination …, “What do you want to say, or what do you want to express?” Li Nancheng’s hands clenched into tight fists., He really wanted to know who that man was and how he could be so cruel to ye qingge after she gave birth., He didn’t even let her see the child and took her away., He had made her suffer the pain of being pregnant for ten months, but he had heartlessly separated their flesh and blood., “I want to say that I, who has given birth to a child, am not worthy of you!”, With tears in her eyes, she looked at li Nancheng with deep eyes., “Who said you’re not worthy of me? Besides, I don’t care. I’ll help you find your daughter, and I’ll treat her like my own!”, Li Nancheng knew ye qingge would say that., He was not joking. He really did not care that she had given birth to a child., It was impossible to say that he was not surprised, because li Nancheng’s eyes were firm. He was serious., “Li Nancheng, you’re very good, so you deserve better!”, She choked on her words. At this moment, ye qingge really felt that he was a good man., She didn’t want to talk about any relationship problems now., She just wanted to put all her energy into earning money to find her daughter., In fact, ye qingge knew very well that even if the child was found, the man would not give it to her., Because she had signed an agreement back then, she just wanted to see the child and see what she looked like., don’t talk nonsense to me. I’ll help you find your daughter, and once I find her, we’ll get married. The child has to be registered!, Li Nancheng even nodded after he finished speaking. He felt that what he said made sense. He was a good man., Ye qingge raised her head and opened her mouth slightly to stop her tears from falling., She still remembered that night five years ago. She had said to that man, ” Sir, you’re a good person!, He did not follow the original method as stated in the contract. Instead, out of respect for her, he carried out artificial insemination., Even though she had not seen the child, she was still grateful to him., Now, there was a man like li Nancheng, who was also a good man., However, her life was already in shambles. She really wasn’t worthy of such a good li Nancheng., “It’s late, you should sleep! Li Nancheng, when you get married, I’ll definitely give you a big red packet!”, Ye qingge sniffed and smiled sincerely and sweetly, with tears still on her face., That pair of watery eyes, without the distant illusion, was so bright and charming.

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