41 He is back, Li Nancheng said to ye qingge with a smile as he picked up the jar of chess pieces., His smile was as dazzling as the sun., Li beixiao heard li Nancheng’s words when he walked in., His cold eyes looked at the two people who were sitting closely together., Li Nancheng leaned almost all his strength on ye qingge., Ye qingge did not say anything. She was supposed to take care of him., Other than the fact that li Nancheng was a little like a young master, he was actually very simple and straightforward. Ye qingge quite liked his personality., She forked a piece of Apple and brought it to li Nancheng’s mouth., “Wife, it’s so sweet!”, Li Nancheng grinned. He felt that it was worth it to have his leg knocked into her., He had never felt that having a wife was such a good thing!, Li beixiao’s eyes were cold and solemn., “I’m not playing anymore. You two go back to your room and be lovey-dovey, you’re really an eyesore!”, Li Ximing threw the chess pieces in his hand onto the chessboard and said angrily when he saw li beixiao walking over., “Grandpa, you’re acting shamelessly in front of your granddaughter-in-law. Don’t you feel embarrassed?”, Li Nancheng was in a good mood. He loved to see his grandfather’s deflated expression., “Hurry up and get back into the house!”, Without heartache, she took her walking stick and knocked on li Nancheng’s leg, which was in a cast., “Grandpa, stop hitting me. It’ll hurt!” Ye qingge said., Every time li Nancheng was hit, ye qingge would feel the pain, especially when old Li was not gentle., “My wife is so painful!” Li Nancheng felt that ye qingge was especially gentle to him today., She hugged ye qingge’s arm coquettishly. She must marry this wife and put her in bed as soon as possible., “I say, girl, if you marry me in the future, you’ll be eaten alive!”, This girl was so kind. How could it hurt? it was such a heavy cast., However, looking at his son’s cold face, Li Ximing said ambiguously., “..”Ye qingge did not say anything. She would not marry him., Whether it was li Nancheng or Chu Yunyi, whom she had never met, she would not., “Little uncle, you’re back!” Li Nancheng was the first to see li beixiao., Ye qingge’s back stiffened when she heard li Nancheng’s words., She thought that li beixiao would not come back. Didn’t he have his own villa?, “En!”, Li beixiao went straight upstairs and coldly responded to li Nancheng., “Wife, let’s go back to the room to sleep. Old man, you should sleep early too!”, Now, he had to keep ye qingge by his side at all times and cultivate feelings for her as soon as possible., girl, I’ve thought about it. You should stay by yourself at night. If he needs to pee or something, the Butler will take care of him., Li Ximing stood up and announced., “Old man, I don’t agree. My wife must sleep with me.”, Li Nancheng exploded when he heard this. He still wanted to develop feelings for her as soon as possible!, “I’ll listen to grandpa’s arrangements!”, Ye qingge felt that li Nancheng would definitely not want to stay in the same room as her after she was done talking to him., Ye qingge helped li Nancheng back to his room and found that there was an extra bed inside., Last night, she had slept on the chaise lounge. Li Nancheng had asked her to sleep with him on the bed, but he had said that the bed was very big., Why would she sleep with him? who knew that there would be an extra bed today?, I bought you a new bed. I tried it on and it’s very comfortable. Try it again. Before we get married, let’s bear with it and sleep separately!, Li Nancheng said as if he had been wronged., “Let’s have a talk in Nancheng.” Sitting on the edge of the bed and looking at li Nancheng, ye qingge wanted to make things clear to him., “Ye qingge, if you have anything to say that I don’t want to hear, you’d better not say it. Don’t make me unhappy.”

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