You Feed Me, I’m Busy, Ye Qingge closed her eyes and let out a sigh. She told herself to calm down and that she must not get angry., ‘Why can’t I just hide myself away from stubborn and intimidating people like these?’, “Enjoy your meal, Mr. Li. Please excuse me!”, Ye Qingge decided to filter out the latter part of Li Beichen’s demands., Li Beichen did not say anything else. She was in no place to gloss over any of his decisions., By the time Ye Qingge had returned to the Li family home, Li Xingming and Li Nancheng had already had dinner., “Grandpa, I’m so sorry! I…” Li Xingming cut her off before she could finish speaking., He was obviously well-aware of where Ye Qingge had been., “You haven’t had dinner, have you? Go on, eat your food!”, “Where have you been, Ye Qingge? Why are you home so late?”, Li Nancheng looked sulky. When she did not come home, he was anxious yet unable to do anything. He had realized that he did not even have her number., “Something happened. This won’t happen again!”, Ye Qingge answered, despite knowing that she did not owe Li Nancheng an explanation., “You…Uh…Just eat your dinner!”, Ye Qingge would not usually speak to him in such an amicable manner, yet she was softly explaining herself to him., Li Nancheng immediately felt unburdened, as if he had received a promotion in the family., Ye Qingge was certainly hungry, so she went off to have dinner., She also realized that the servants had returned, kkand the dishes were delicious., They addressed her as “Miss Ye” respectfully, yet it made Ye Qingge feel very constrained., After dinner, Old Li asked her if she knew how to play chess., Ye Qingge said that she did, so the pair played together., The old man’s temper turned explosive after losing two rounds., “Get your a*s back to your room. You’re an eyesore, a distraction for my gameplay.”, Seeing Li Nancheng clinging onto Ye Qingge’s side, the losing Li Xingming unleashed his wrath upon him., “Great chess skills! That’ll teach you to be so arrogant all the time, old man. You’ve lost to my wife!” Li Nancheng made no secret of reveling in his grandfather’s misfortune as the old man lost at chess., The corners of Ye Qingge’s lips curled into a faint smile with a touch of glee., The family was overflowing with joy during their after-dinner entertainment session under the warm lights…, She may not be a member of this family, but she felt that happiness too., This was something that she had never dared to imagine., “I’ve told you, she’s not your wife yet! Yunyi will be back in a few days. I’m pretty sure that she’s going to choose him.”, Li Xingming narrowed his eyes and stared at the chessboard. There was no doubt that this girl’s chess skills were superior to his., ‘The children she produces in the future will certainly be intelligent. Perhaps even more intelligent than Mumu.’, “Ye Qingge, you have to choose me. Got it?”, He grabbed Ye Qingge’s shoulders, forcing her to look at him. His proud gaze was filled with solemnity., The frivolous Li Nancheng had never had that look in his eyes before., Li Xingming fiddled with one black chess piece. He had taken a huge gamble simply to stir up a pool of stagnant water., However, he had miscalculated. He never thought that Nancheng would become so serious., “Would you like an apple?” Ye Qingge asked Li Nancheng. She picked up an apple with a smile, swiftly changing the topic. She decided to clear things up with Li Nancheng that night., “Yes.”, Li Nancheng felt as if he was watching fireworks when he saw Ye Qingge’s smile., “Here.” Ye Qingge said, instructing Li Nancheng on where to put the chess piece while cutting the apple., Ye Qingge cut the apple into small pieces, inserted a fruit fork, and served it to Li Nancheng., Li Xingming did not like fruit. Li Nancheng, on the other hand, loved apples., “You feed me. I’m busy!” He pushed the plate into Ye Qingge’s hands.

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