I Will Make You Beg For Mercy, “Ye Qingge…”, Another half-hour had passed., “F*ck, the faucet is going to leak soon!”, At this point, Li Nancheng was holding it in so much that he looked really sick and was wiggling uncomfortably., He was currently under an intravenous drip, so he consistently had to go to the washroom., “So, Fifth Young Master, are you going to throw things around anymore?”, Ye Qingge had been tolerating him for a few days. She was determined to smoothen out his haughty, spoiled prince attitude., “Ye Qingge, do you want to die?”, At this point, he was not sure what she was planning, so he, Li Nancheng, was oblivious., When she said “I dare you”, she was using his full bladder as a threat., “I wonder if the entertainment news reporters are hungry. It’s been days since we’ve had any news on you, Fifth Young Master!, “I wonder how much money I’d get if I gave them a tip that you’re wetting the bed?”, Ye Qingge leaned against the wall, staring lazily at Li Nancheng, who was reaching his limit., “Just you wait, Ye Qingge. I’ll make sure that you’ll never leave the bed, or my name isn’t Li Nancheng!”, He really could not hold it in any longer, but he was unable to move., “Are you going to keep throwing things around, Fifth Young Master?”, Ye Qingge was completely unfazed by Li Nancheng’s argumentative mouth., “I won’t f*cking do it anymore!” Li Nancheng snapped through gritted teeth. He. He had truly reached his limit., His devastatingly handsome face was now a shade of auburn., Ye Qingge gave Li Nancheng the bedpan and didn’t say anything more., Once his bladder was relieved, Li Nanchang felt more comfortable., “Just you wait, Ye Qingge!”, Ye Qingge was speechless., He pulled out his phone, ignoring the time of the day, and gave his grandfather a call., “Hey, old man, I wanna leave the hospital tomorrow!”, Despite being the Fifth Young Master, he couldn’t leave the hospital without his grandfather’s consent., “I have to stay? I’m going to become impotent if I stay here any longer. What kind of a wife did you get for me? Are you deliberately trying to vex me?”, Li Nancheng watched as Ye Qingge neatly cleaned up the mess. Her bending and bowing looked even better than a dance., ‘That can’t be! I don’t react this much when a woman is stripped naked, but when I look at Ye Qingge… I feel as if I have a wicked, uncontrollable flame in my body, burning chaotically throughout my arms and legs.’, “If she’s not my wife, whose is she? I don’t care. I’m leaving the hospital tomorrow. Bye!, “Stop cleaning up. My girl does not need to do the job of a servant!”, His voice was a little hoarse, and his words seemed tinged with an unnatural heat., “I’m not your girl!” Ye Qingge finally answered. She had to make herself very clear., “Then whose girl are you? I’m warning you, Ye Qingge, cheat on me and I will end you!”, For some strange reason, the thought of her with another man filled him with a murderous desire., “Then you’d better take good care of your wound. You can’t move your legs well. You can’t even take care of yourself. How can you expect to end anyone?”, She had finished cleaning up anyway. Ye Qingge went to the washroom to wash up for bed. She had been drinking, which made her feel very sleepy., “A woman with a sharp tongue is not attractive to a man at all!” Li Nancheng scowled, staring at the closed washroom door., The Fifth Young Master, who was used to being flattered by women, wanted to puke to death after being kicked down frequently for a few days!, The next day, Li Nancheng was discharged from the hospital to recuperate at home. Ye Qingge went with him to the Li Family Mansion as well., The butler said that this was an order from Old Li. She felt that she had to clarify things with Old Li as well., She watched as the butler mightily guided his staff as they served Li Nancheng.

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