Living With Him, It was those same innocent-looking eyes again. Li Beichen refused to believe that she had no idea of what he was talking about., “Had sex!” Simple and to the point, his glare was incomparably sharp and keen, as if he would immediately slice Ye Qingge to pieces if she confessed to having sex., “No, definitely not. Nothing’s ever happened between us, I swear!”, She was going out of her mind. These two men clearly cared about each other, why could they not just talk? Why did they have to intimidate her?, ‘Who’d I offend this time?’, “I don’t care if there’s anything between you. From now on, if I ever find out that you’re involved with him in any way, I will make you pay!”, To say that she did not have anything to do with Feng Yan was impossible. That necklace around her neck had the power to mobilize the entire Feng Clan and could only be worn by the clan’s matriarch., “I won’t go anywhere near you, and I won’t have anything to do with Feng Yan. So will you both, please, leave me alone?”, She really had enough of being threatened by both men., ‘I thought husbands and wives usually end an intense argument with make-up sex? Who cares which one’s the top or bottom? Wouldn’t a romp in the sack solve everything?’, “No way!” Li Beichen answered in a very straightforward manner., Ye Qingge was rendered speechless., “I want to go home!” She now understood what a communication barrier truly was and had a thorough experience of it., “Make some food. I’m hungry!” Li Beichen got up and headed to the bathroom., Ye Qingge stared at Li Beichen’s shadow. She honestly felt that talking to him was equivalent to punching a ball of cotton. It was useless., Ye Qingge snatched up her bag, turned around, and walked out of Li Beichen’s room., Unfortunately, Fire stopped her when she arrived in the living room., “Miss Ye, the kitchen is that way!” Fire’s voice was very deep., Ye Qingge saw the bodyguards at the door and knew that there was no way to escape. If she insisted on forcing her way out, she would only be dragged back in., “You… Weren’t you that guy with Feng Yan?”, Ye Qingge suddenly remembered seeing a man who looked remarkably like the one in front of her back at Feng Yan’s house., However, that man was standing in the dark at the time, like a shadow., “That was my younger brother, Miss Ye. His name is Ice. My name is Fire!”, Ye Qingge nodded in understanding. “Does Li Beichen always… quarrel with Feng Yan like this?”, Even their personal bodyguards were brothers. It would seem that they were very close., “It’s not my place to answer that question, Miss Ye. This way please!”, Fire was not a talkative man. Furthermore, he was highly wary of Ye Qingge., She had no choice but to follow Fire into the Kitchen., Ye Qingge made a simple meal — four dishes and a pot of soup. She sat at the dining table, waiting for Li Beichen., She saw that Feng Yan had called her a few times, probably during her shower. It left her feeling restless., She remembered the name “Yan” in her phone’s contacts. That was the name on the number that Feng Yan had saved…, She wanted to change it to “Feng Yan”, but she found that she could not. The phone was custom-made, and Ye Qingge was simply unable to figure it out., Therefore, to ensure her survival, she could never, ever let Li Beichen see that contact., Li Beichen walked into the dining room dressed in black house clothes., Now that he had shed the cool and grim style of his suit, Li Beichen held an extra air of casual wickedness too., “You enjoy the food. I need to go home. Grandpa and Nancheng need to eat too!”, Ye Qingge was a woman of her word. She had made a promise to Grandpa before leaving the house, so she had to go home and prepare dinner., “When you arrive home, talk to Nancheng and make it very clear that you will not choose him. Then, move out and stay here.”, This was a simple home-cooked meal, but surprisingly, it suited his taste buds. Li Beichen had to admit that Ye Qingge had pretty good cooking skills.

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