The Wealthy And Willful Li Beichen, Ye Qingge immediately locked the bathroom door once Li Beichen had left., She surveyed the opulent bathroom. There were a few masculine products. Ye Qingge felt a throbbing headache., She wondered if Feng Yan would murder her., She remembered that the call was still ongoing on the phone that Li Beichen had thrown onto the car seat., Feng Yan must have heard everything that Li Beichen had been doing to her on the other end., Li Beichen was obviously using her to anger Feng Yan. Honestly, there was no need for that., Knowing Feng Yan’s possessiveness over him, he would go wild with jealousy., If Feng Yan genuinely was going to kill her, she would take Li Beichen along with her., Ye Qingge had a quick shower, put on Li Beichen’s bathrobe, and sat on the toilet bowl, waiting., Soon, she heard a knock on the door. However, the “knock” was not really a knock. It was more like a slam., Ye Qingge covered herself with a towel, opened the door a crack, and reached her hand out., “Get out!” Li Beichen’s voice was drenched with annoyance. Was she taking precautions against him?, “Just give it to me!” Ye Qingge opened the door a little more., “Argh!” Li Beichen immediately pushed the door open., Ye Qingge never thought that Li Beichen would force his way in like that., “Choose!” he ordered, pointing at the pile of shopping bags on the floor., About five or six of the bags were filled with sanitary pads. The rest were all clothes., Ye Qingge tightened the bathrobe around herself, too shocked to say anything., Was this the definition of “wealthy and willful”?, Ye Qingge picked a random bag and pulled out another bag of clothes., He even bought lingerie…, There was no doubt that Li Beichen’s staff were highly efficient, and she was so embarrassed that she had reached the point of no return., Ye Qingge straightened herself out, changed her clothes, and emerged from the bathroom., It was clear that Li Beichen’s employees were not only fast but they also had good taste., Ye Qingge wore her own top but put on the pants that his staff had bought., “Drink!” Li Beichen commanded, pointing at the cup on the table., Ye Qingge picked up the cup and sniffed it. It was ginger and brown sugar water., This was the first time anyone had prepared anything like this for her in years. A warm current ran across her heart, radiating through her like an elixir., “Thank you, Li Beichen. I’ll pay you back for the clothes once I have the money!”, Ye Qingge was wearing a seemingly average-looking pair of jeans, but she saw the tag — It cost more than 3,000 yuan., The underwear that she was wearing was more than 500 yuan apiece…, She did not have the money to pay him back at the moment., Nevertheless, she had no choice but to put on the clothes. Her own pants were soiled., As he sat on the couch, Li Beichen narrowed his eyes. His entire body released a cold air., “Come here.”, He casually lay on the couch like the supreme ruler of the night., Ye Qingge did not move. She simply smiled slightly, emitting a sense of distance., She thought of Feng Yan as she stared at Li Beichen. They seemed quite compatible., “What? Do you want me to get bloody?” There was a deeper meaning in Li Beichen’s words. His entire body released devilish air., “Li Beichen, let’s talk.”, Ye Qingge sighed. Knowing Feng Yan’s strong possessiveness, he would kill her if Li Beichen actually had sex with her., She did not plan on dying so soon, so she had no choice but to compromise and walk toward him., She stood one meter away from him., “Have you and Feng Yan done it before?”, ‘Feng Yan clearly sent her to me, and yet he’s so anxious about her. Why is that?’, Li Beichen could not understand it. From what he did know, Feng Yan would not just touch any random girl., “Do what?” Ye Qingge simply could not fathom what he had meant.

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