Obstinate Man, Nevertheless, when he saw the shame and resentment on Ye Qingge’s face, Li Beichen growled softly, “Damn it!”, All of his desires instantly disappeared in a puff of smoke., He pulled out his hand and looked at the crimson bloodstain…, Ye Qingge shut her eyes. Her beautiful face had scrunched up like a steamed bun. She was thoroughly embarrassed., “Does it hurt?”, Li Beichen was under the impression that Ye Qingge was in pain., “Get off!” Ye Qingge refused to look at Li Beichen., That being said, her heart shuddered because of his words, “Does it hurt?”, Li Beichen got up and Ye Qingge quickly straightened out her skirt., She reached out to open the car door. She needed to get a sanitary pad., “What are you doing??” Li Beichen asked, grabbing her by the hand., “I need to buy… something. Let go of me!”, Ye Qingge was still blushing. She could not even speak confidently, as if she were whining., “Stay here and don’t move. I’ll send someone to get it!” Li Beichen carried a very impatient look on his face. His member was still quite turned on., Li Beichen wound the window down before Ye Qingge could answer., Fire immediately bowed respectfully, waiting for his orders., “Have someone get that…” Li Beichen was not sure how to formulate the words “sanitary pad”., “What brand do you use?” he turned back and asked Ye Qingge., “I’ll get it myself!” Ye Qingge was annoyed. How could he make his employees buy sanitary pads for her?, “What brand?” Li Beichen asked with a cold look on his face. His tone had grown even darker., “Any brand is fine!” Ye Qingge turned her head aside., “That thing women use during their period. Buy every brand in the store! Then, get her some clothes, both inner and outerwear!”, “Back to my villa!” Li Beichen ordered after shutting the window., Fire’s eyes filled with shock. ‘Sanitary pads?’, What shocked him even more was that Mr. Li was actually taking Ye Qingge back to the villa., He never let outsiders in there…, When the car stopped, Li Beichen scolded Ye Qingge while forcefully carrying her into the villa., “Li Beichen, I have to go home and cook for Nancheng.”, Li Beichen’s strength rendered her powerless., He was an obstinate man through and through., He had just done all of those things to her. If her period had not arrived… Well, Ye Qingge was too afraid to imagine it…, He might have raped her…, “It’s not like he starved before you came along!”, ‘She calls me Li Beichen, but refers to Nancheng so intimately.’, “Grandpa needs to eat. I promised him.” Li Beichen was holding her in his arms and taking huge steps. Ye Qingge had no choice but to wrap her arms around his neck to prevent herself from falling., “He won’t starve either.”, Ye Qingge was speechless. She really wanted to have a calm talk with Li Beichen and beg him to let her go., However, she could not convince him at a time like this. She had to take care of herself., Her period was fickle, but when it arrived, it tortured her endlessly., This stemmed from her years caring for her mother. Her lifestyle was irregular and she was frequently in a chilly environment which made her cramps horrendous., At the moment, there was a throbbing pain in her lower abdomen and her waist was becoming sore., Li Beichen carried her into the bedroom., Ye Qingge examined the interior decor and knew that this was Li Beichen’s bedroom., Feng Yan was his lover, but only moments ago, he had nearly raped her in the car., That explained why Feng Yan had to continuously warn her. With Li Beichen’s tendency to pounce on women at will, Feng Yan’s anxiousness made sense., “Take a shower and clean yourself up!” Li Beichen carried Ye Qingge into the bathroom straightaway.

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