Are You Playing Hard To Get?, Chapter 36: Are You Playing Hard To Get?, Ye Qingge was eager to sever all relations with him and looked so desperate to explain herself to Feng Yan. This made Li Beichen extremely annoyed., ‘Was she not deliberately sent to me by Feng Yan? Was she playing hard to get or does she have feelings for Feng Yan?’, Regardless, he could not tolerate either of them. How dare she challenge him, Li Beichen? She must be digging her own grave., “Don’t do this, Li Beichen. Please don’t involve me in your relationship with Feng Yan, okay?”, She felt extremely uncomfortable when Li Beichen mentioned their kiss., It was as if she had sprouted thorns and become very prickly., “Didn’t he involve you?”, ‘Our relationship? What the hell did Feng Yan say to her? Did he tell her about that?’, “I don’t care who got me involved. Solve your problems by yourself. I’ll crawl out on my own, okay?”, He had clearly dragged her in to anger Feng Yan in the first place. They should keep their issues between themselves. Why did they have to bring her into it?, Besides, if they wanted to use someone, should they not have chosen a man?, “Too late. Since you’re already involved, you might as well play your part to the end.”, Despite knowing that she was on Feng Yan’s side, he still felt an urge to kiss her every time he saw her., He wanted even more than that. This had never happened before and was beyond his control., Ye Qingge could not wiggle away no matter how hard she tried. She was reminded of the time she sat on his lap in Sophia’s., The sense of danger immediately overwhelmed her., Ye Qingge did not forget that Li Beichen lusted after her. This was a fact even if he and Feng Yan were lovers. Was he a raging bisexual?, “Li Beichen, let’s talk about this. Let go of me. How are we going to explain this to Feng Yan? If you want to quarrel, go ahead by all means. But please, don’t drag me into this!”, Ye Qingge was a smart woman. She did not want to use harsh methods on a man who was emitting a dangerous aura., Sister Bing had taught her this during her stint at Sophia’s over the past few days., One might say that she, who had rarely interacted with men, learned quite a lot from Sister Bing in that time., How to observe a man’s language, how to feign compliance with them, and how to take the edge off and evade them…, “Why should I explain anything to him? I don’t want to waste my time talking with you. I want action!”, Since she came to him of her own volition and he had feelings for her, why should he not have his way?, Ye Qingge clearly saw the desire in Li Beichen’s eyes and tried to struggle free with all of her might…, “Li Beichen…”, Before Ye Qingge could finish her sentence, Li Beichen sealed her lips with his own. He bore down on her with the full power of his fury, forcing Ye Qingge to take it all in., Everything seemed to spiral out of control., There was a huge disparity in strength between man and woman, and this situation displayed it vividly., “Li Beichen, don’t!”, Ye Qingge gasped when she felt that familiar monthly sensation rushing out from her. Unfortunately, it was too late., “What did you say?” Li Beichen was in shock at first., He stared at her demure little face, blushing shyly. Her enchanting gaze was as soft as silk yet held a natural innocence. ‘What a little minx…’, “Li Beichen, my aunt has arrived…”, Her exquisite little face was completely flushed., Li Beichen completely ignored her no matter how hard she tried to get away. His grip on her was so strong that her private parts ached., “Who’s arrived?” Li Beichen’s lust-filled gaze had a hint of dazed impatience.

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