Do You Really Have The Nerve To Say That You Felt Nothing?, Feng Yan’s figure was so perfect that there was not a trace of fat on him. There were a few obvious scars on his body., It was not hideous or terrifying but carried a hint of sexy gruffness., Her teardrop-shaped necklace was still hanging around his neck…, “Let’s exchange the necklaces again!”, “I’m not in the habit of giving back anything that’s been given to me.”, Feng Yan narrowed his eyes, his gaze sharpening as he stared at Ye Qingge., Ye Qingge’s expression remained unchanged. “Then I…”, Ye Qingge was about to offer to give his necklace back to him, but Feng Yan cut her off., “I’ve also never been in the habit of taking back anything that I’ve given.”, “Furthermore, you are not allowed to take off that necklace. Li Beichen will never touch you as long as it’s around.”, At the end of the day, it still revolved around Li Beichen., “You don’t have to keep bringing it up. I told you, there’s nothing going on between us. I said I wouldn’t get involved with him and I won’t. Instead of warning me like that, you might as well talk to Li Beichen and tell him to stay away from me.”, Ye Qingge turned around and left once she had said her piece., She had something very important to do, so she had no intention of courting trouble and did not want to risk her life., Nevertheless, she was not a push-over who would let people abuse her over and over again., By the time Ye Qingge had returned to the city, it was already 4 pm., She would not let Feng Yan’s men drop her off at the Li family home as she did not want Li Beichen to run into them. It might have caused a misunderstanding, and he would think that there was something between Feng Yan and her., She had had enough of these two men treating her like an imagined rival for their affections., However, when she arrived at the Li family home, she found Li Beichen’s car parked right in front., He was just as melodramatic as usual, with bodyguards watching over him from all around., Ye Qingge feigned ignorance and continued walking., “Miss Ye, Mr. Li has requested your presence!”, In the blink of an eye, a man had appeared in front of her. His movements were soft and gentle like a ghost, shocking Ye Qingge., How could Ye Qingge have possibly known that this was Li Beichen’s personal bodyguard, Fire, who pretty much moved like a shadow?, He also had a younger brother named Ice who was Feng Yan’s personal bodyguard., Under these circumstances, Ye Qingge had no choice but to get into the car., Li Beichen was on the phone when Ye Qingge entered the vehicle. His expression was dark and moody., He was like a storm brewing on the surface of the sea with an undercurrent., “Kissed, touched, and almost slept together!”, He shot Ye Qingge a knife-like glare. He practically spat those words out through gritted teeth., Ye Qingge’s heart thumped when she heard Li Beichen’s words. She had a bad feeling about this., ‘Li Beichen can’t possibly be talking to Feng Yan on the phone, can he? Were they bickering and nitpicking over me? I didn’t want him to kiss me, okay? I was forced into it too!’, “Just you try, Feng Yan…”, Ye Qingge immediately snatched the phone away from Li Beichen’s hand when she heard Feng Yan’s name., Feng Yan would actually kill her. She did not want to mysteriously disappear or end up dead., “Feng Yan, Li Beichen’s lying. I was forced. Besides, I wasn’t aware of your relationship at the time. I guarantee that I’ll never…”, Ye Qingge tried her best to explain, desperate to clear the air. She was genuinely fed up with both of them., “Are you with him now?” Feng Yan’s gentle and reserved voice rang from the phone, deep and full of gravitas., Ye Qingge’s mind was racing. Had she just served her own head up on a silver platter?, Before she could answer, Li Beichen snatched the phone back and threw it on the car seat. The call was still ongoing., “Ye Qingge, do you really have the nerve to say that you didn’t feel anything when I kissed you? Hmm?”, Li Beichen suddenly pulled Ye Qingge by the wrist and made her sit on his lap.

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