When It Comes To My Methods, Nothing Is Out Of Bounds, “Take it! There’s a GPS tracker on this phone!”, Ye Qingge smiled awkwardly. He did not have to be so blunt., ‘Was Feng Yan the top? Was he that possessive? But Li Beichen doesn’t look like a bottom… If he finds out that Li Beichen kissed me, would he tear my lips off?’, “There’s really nothing between us. I understand what’s going on between you both, so you don’t have to be so wary of me!”, Ye Qingge did not know what else to say to prove her innocence., “Good that you know. So stay away from Li Beichen, got it?”, A hint of mild surprise flashed through Feng Yan’s eyes., “I understand. I’ll take the phone. I’ll give it back to you after you confirm that there’s nothing between Li Beichen and me!”, She looked at the phone. It was not a well-known brand. It was probably custom-made., Just at a glance, she could tell that it was quite pricey…, This was such a hot potato. How could she be so unlucky? Nothing good could come from having Li Beichen by her side., “Ah, okay. I’m staying at the Li family home at the moment. You’re probably aware of that, right?”, Since this phone had a GPS tracker, did that mean that Feng Yan had installed a tracker on Li Beichen’s phone too?, Given that they lived under one roof, would that not mean that their locations would be the same?, “When are you moving out?”, Feng Yan’s gentle and reserved tone held a bite of impatience., He did not want to force Ye Qingge too much over this issue., “I’ll move out once Li Nancheng’s wound heals. I will definitely stay away from Li Beichen. Don’t you worry!”, Despite having ten thousand “f*ck you’s” screaming in her mind, Ye Qingge maintained a calm facade., ‘What is the meaning of this? For the first time in my life, I’m being falsely accused of being a mistress and in a homosexual relationship at that!’, “Relax, you can count on me!” Ye Qingge emphasized this with a raise of her hand, afraid that Feng Yan still did not believe her., “Good!” Feng Yan ruffled Ye Qingge’s hair and curled his lips into a wicked arc., Ye Qingge got up swiftly, avoiding Feng Yan’s touch., It would be best to stay away from these two men from now on. One false move and she could lose her life!, ‘They are surely in a toxic relationship, aren’t they?’, “The first number on that phone is mine. You can always call me if you need me or if you have nothing better to do!”, In fact, he was well-informed on all of her affairs. Everything was within his grasp., “Then I’d like to ask, are you somehow involved in my failure to get a job?”, She remembered how she had failed to get a simple waitressing job and how coincidental Feng Yan’s appearance was., “What kind of job would you like?” Feng Yan asked with a truly cold and reserved gaze., If he was not behind this, then it must have been Li Beichen…, “I’m fine as long as you stop interfering with my job hunt. I guarantee that I won’t go anywhere near Li Beichen, I assure you once again.”, If she could not find a job, she would have no money. That meant she would have no means of survival, let alone of finding her daughter., “Alright, I’ll send out an order!”, Li Beichen had prevented her from getting a job, so he would just provide one for her., He realized that after toying and competing with Li Beichen for so many years, this was the most interesting turn of events. For the first time, he actually felt his blood boil., “Well, thank you then!”, ‘He tried to stop you from getting a job, you turned it around, and yet you have to be the one to thank him. I could just puke.’, “I’ll have someone take you home.”, “Okay!”, This area was so secluded. She would not have been able to get out if he did not send her off., “Don’t you dare let Li Beichen touch you, Ye Qingge, or I will be very unhappy and when I retaliate, nothing is out of bounds!”

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