There Had Better Not Be Anything Between You, Ye Qingge got off the motorbike. They were at a villa, and it was easy to tell this was the only one around., “Come with me.” Ye Qingge had not noticed that Feng Yan seemed a little pale at the moment., Ye Qingge did not move. She wondered if Feng Yan was about to attack her., She took two steps back but realized that a few men in black were standing behind her., “This way please, Miss Ye!” one of the men in black said., Ye Qingge was well-aware that she would be made to go inside one way or another, so she followed Feng Yan., She watched as he took off his black leather jacket and then his black t-shirt, unveiling his upper body…, This display was not the point. The point was that there was a bandage around his waist, and it was drenched in blood…, Ye Qingge bit her lip. She had been holding onto his waist so firmly the entire way…, By this point, Feng Yan had already taken out the first-aid kit., “You do it!”, Feng Yan waved his hand, indicating that his subordinates should step away. He then crooked his finger, beckoning to Ye Qingge., Having stayed in hospitals for a long time, Ye Qingge had grown numb to these kinds of situations., ‘This happened because I held on too tightly…’, She put down her bag and walked toward him., Feng Yan lay against the couch casually, crossing his legs on the ottoman., Ye Qingge swiftly and neatly cleaned his wound with medicine., Holding a piece of cotton, her hand stiffened just a little when she saw his injury. It was a bullet wound…, “You’ve got some nerve,” Feng Yan declared, staring at Ye Qingge’s thick, feathery eyelashes., “I’m scared too. Scared that you’ll kill me. Feng Yan, there really is nothing between Li Beichen and me.”, Ye Qingge felt the need to emphasize this one more time, especially after seeing his bullet wound., “Don’t worry. I won’t do anything to you as long as there’s nothing between you!”, Feng Yan would certainly destroy anything that he wanted but could not have., Ye Qingge’s heart shuddered. She believed that Feng Yan was telling the truth., “You need to sit up a little!”, She needed to put on the bandage, but Feng Yan was leaning on the couch, making the task difficult for her., “You’ll wrap it this way!”, Feng Yan did not move. Instead, he closed his eyes and took in Ye Qingge’s faint, fragrant scent., It was not perfume, but a fresh, elegant fragrance that smelled very comforting., She was dressed simply and elegantly, which made the sight of her quite soothing too., She was not too sexy or fancy but very decent., Ye Qingge slowly closed her eyes to calm herself., When one is under someone else’s roof, she should follow their rules. Furthermore, he had a gun…, She noticed that the men in black were all carrying guns too. That being said, perhaps…they let her see them on purpose., Every time she went around Feng Yan’s waist with the bandaging, she was almost embracing him with her arms. The position seemed very suggestive., She could feel the man’s hot chest and his strong, beating heart., By the time she finished it with a knot, Ye Qingge’s forehead was drenched in sweat., She put the bandages and antiseptic medication away and asked, “Can I go now?”, “Use this phone!” He picked up a phone from the couch and tossed it at Ye Qingge., “I don’t need it. I can buy one myself if needed.”, She did not have a phone, but she preferred not to take anything from Feng Yan., He was like a wife paying a mistress to go away.

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