“Hold Onto Me,” He Said, Ye Qingge had experienced many disappointments in life, but she had been able to grit her teeth and get through it all., Unfortunately, she was seized by an uncharacteristic need to cry at that moment. She was truly filled with grief., A heavy-duty sportbike suddenly stopped in front of Ye Qingge., Feng Yan, dressed in a black leather jacket, tossed a matte black helmet into Ye Qingge’s arms., “Get on!”, His soft, mysterious voice held a commanding tone which allowed no refusal., Ye Qingge never thought that she would run into Feng Yan again., Why was he always bumping into her when she was at her lowest?, ‘He was the man that Li Beichen liked…What a small world.’, She stared at his intimidating bike. Perhaps only a man like Feng Yan could carry off a bike like that!, It was as if he was born from a kingdom of darkness., This may have been her second time meeting Feng Yan, but he did not feel like a stranger to Ye Qingge at all., It would be good to relax. She was really in a horrible mood by that point., Ye Qingge put on the helmet as she climbed on his bike., “Hold on tight!” Feng Yan’s muffled voice rang aloud through the helmet., The motorcycle zoomed away from the city, and the cold wind whistled through her ears., Ye Qingge held onto Feng Yan’s toned and muscular waist with a strong grip., Her body was pressed firmly against his back as she felt the acceleration and the wind slicing past her like a knife…, There was no doubt Ye Qingge’s heart was now calmer than ever, as if the whistling in her ear was not the cold wind but an ocean breeze in the summer., It was so comforting and fulfilling…, Unbeknownst to Ye Qingge, two all-terrain vehicles were following closely behind them, keeping a suitable distance, protecting the man on the motorcycle., When the bike came to a stop, Ye Qingge did not move. Feng Yan also stayed in place, allowing her to continue leaning against him., This girl was simply different from the rest. She was not a fake or overly chatty…, Feng Yan took off his helmet and lit a cigarette. The mistlike smoke made his sloe eyes more mesmerizing and ethereal than ever., “Feng Yan, why’d you come looking for me?” Ye Qingge asked calmly, taking off her helmet and throwing her hair back., Meeting Feng Yan the day before may have seemed like a coincidence to her, but running into him again on this day was not., That meant his appearance in her life was no coincidence., She wondered if Li Beichen was involved in this., If they were lovers, Feng Yan’s appearance probably meant that he considered her a third party…, “Because Li Beichen has appeared in your life!”, This was the exchange of words between the two of them., Feng Yan did not turn around, and Ye Qingge did not get off the bike., ‘I knew it. It’s all because of Li Beichen. It seems they’re in a relationship. I really can’t imagine it. I wonder which one’s the top and which one’s the bottom? They’re both such masculine men. One is firm and grim. The other is mysterious and devilish. They were both leaders…’, “I think you’ve probably misunderstood my relationship with Li Beichen. There’s nothing going on between us.”, Feng Yan was in the mafia. Honestly, Ye Qingge thought that he was going to kill her. It was a possibility., Even so, she could not die yet. She had to find her daughter., The doctor told her that her daughter was extremely adorable. Unfortunately, she never got to see her. She would spend a lifetime searching for her daughter. Just seeing her once would be enough for her to die without regret., “As long as I’m around, nothing will ever happen between you!”, Feng Yan put out his cigarette and got down from the bike., He was determined to either take or destroy anything that Li Beichen took an interest in. There was no choice in the matter., Ye Qingge stared at Feng Yan in shock. Were love affairs between two men this straightforward and intimidating?

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