You Care About Your Wife, This was his first time seeing such a sincere smile on Ye Qingge’s face., She was already so pretty, but when she smiled, it was more than enough to capture one’s soul. He even felt like he was being lured into her clutches., He realized that he had truly fallen in love with Ye Qingge., He was suddenly reminded of a phrase —”Don’t ask me why I love you, for not even I know why. There’s no reason for it. I just do.”, This was exactly how he felt now. It was not a superficial infatuation over Ye Qingge’s beauty either. Instead, he truly had feelings for her and loved everything about her., Ye Qingge bit her lip. She could see the sincerity in Li Nancheng’s eyes., She felt a slight quiver in her heart., “Nancheng, I’ve promised this girl that I’d give her time to consider. Don’t be so anxious. Besides, Yunyi isn’t back yet!” Li Xingming spoke in a deep voice., He knew that someone would certainly get hurt when he made this decision. Nevertheless, it was better than being stubborn., “You’re so unfair, Grandpa. I want to marry Ye Qingge. I want her to be my wife.” Li Nancheng had an anxious persona, so he started to make a scene., Ye Qingge felt that she needed to have a calm discussion with Li Nancheng and then speak to Old Li. In any case, she had to make it very clear to them that she would not marry into the Li family., Li Xingming preferred to focus on his food and ignored Li Nancheng., “You can take any car in the garage when you leave. Don’t choose any of the fast cars. It’ll be inconvenient for you to move around here,” Li Xingming said to Ye Qingge after breakfast., “No need, Grandpa. I can’t drive,” Ye Qingge turned him down with a smile as she cleared the table., She carried the dirty dishes to the kitchen., “Hey, old man. If she can’t drive, how’d she run me over?” Li Nancheng stared at his grandfather. ‘Stop kidding around, okay? How could she have possibly run me over if she can’t drive?’, “That’s exactly how she ran you over — She can’t drive!”, There was a flash in Li Xingming’s unfathomable eyes., This was fate., He always completed things flawlessly. How could he not launch a strict investigation after his beloved grandson had been run over by a car?, On certain matters, he was better informed than anyone else. It would seem that he was not the only one who was aware., Nancheng was just simple-minded and not inclined to overthink., “Oh, you’re right. Okay then, she’s not allowed to drive from now on! You should tell the servants to come back. They’ve had their time off. You’re going to drive my wife to exhaustion!”, More than twenty servants were given a vacation. Who was going to handle all of the chores?, He was injured and could not take care of himself., The old man certainly would not do the work. He was only ever good at ordering people around… and he could forget about his little uncle. He was imperious and bossy., There were only four people in this house. He could not possibly let his wife do everything., “It’s a good thing to be concerned for your wife.” Li Xingming patted Li Nancheng on the shoulder., His grandson had grown up and knew how to feel concern for others., This girl was indeed the phoenix of the Li family and could support the men of the clan., Ye Qingge had gone for countless interviews from morning to afternoon but had failed to receive a single job offer., She could not even get a job at a front desk which required a pretty face., In the end, she applied to be a waitress at a restaurant but was rejected there too., Ye Qingge sat on a chair. It would be a lie if she said that she was not sad., She knew that life was hard, but she never thought that finding a job would be so difficult., If even a waitress job was out of her reach, what else could she possibly do?, She stared up at the sky, unable to hold back her tears., Ye Qingge hated crying most of all, but she really could not take it anymore., “Li Beichen, you jerk!” She would still be working at Sophia’s if it were not for him.

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