You Are Filthy, Ye Qingge gave Li Beichen a long, hard stare because his grip around her wrist hurt her., His bloodshot eyes seemed ready to swallow her whole as well., Li Beichen glared pointedly at the necklace around Ye Qingge’s neck., Feng Yan had given her that necklace. Did Li Beichen know Feng Yan?, Li Nancheng’s words suddenly echoed in her mind., “Mm-hmm, and it looks like he’s slept with one before. Actually, that man was quite compatible with him. But I think he was involved with the mafia. All of my grandpa’s hair turned white overnight right after that day.”, Was Feng Yan in the mafia?, Could Feng Yan be the guy that Li Beichen liked?, Ye Qingge widened her eyes in disbelief., “I’m asking you a question!” Li Beichen gritted his teeth in fury., He knew that this woman was not as simple as she seemed. Otherwise, his father would not have arbitrarily insisted on her marriage into the Li family., Why did she not repulse him? Why was it so coincidental that she turned out to be exactly his type?, A certain incident suddenly flashed through his mind. It was the most horrible thing that Feng Yan had done., The thought of it disgusted him., “You know Feng Yan?” Ye Qingge stared into Li Beichen’s reddened eyes., She would be lying if she said she was not afraid. She had never known that the look in a man’s eyes could be so terrifying., “I knew it!” Li Beichen sneered., She was on Feng Yan’s side. Feng Yan had some nerve to do this again after toying with him once before., “Let me go. You’re hurting me.” He was close to breaking her wrist at that point. Ye Qingge struggled for dear life., “Filthy!” Li Beichen released Ye Qingge and stormed off., His entire being seemed to be ablaze like a devil from hell itself., He refused to even look at her. His tone was thick with hatred and contempt., Ye Qingge found Li Beichen to be utterly mystifying., ‘What did he mean by ‘filthy’? I haven’t scorned him for kissing me, despite his homosexuality. I haven’t scorned him for being so disgusting!’, Ye Qingge massaged her bruised wrist, thoroughly incensed., The next day…, Ye Qingge made breakfast when she woke up., Li Beichen was nowhere to be seen at the dining table., “Grandpa, I’ll be heading out for a few job interviews later. Could you please take care of Li Nancheng?”, She did not expose the fact that Old Li had given the servants time off. However, she needed to go out and look for a job., “I’ll give you a card later. You’re not allowed to go anywhere. You’ll stay at home and take care of me.”, Li Nancheng was filled with anger every time he remembered that Ye Qingge had been selling liquor at Sofia’s at night., Nevertheless, he could not say that in front of his grandfather., Luckily, Ye Qingge had told him that she no longer worked at Sofia’s the previous night., Li Nancheng found her rather obedient, seeing that he had told her to stop working there one night ago and she resigned the next day., How could Li Nancheng possibly have known that it was Li Beichen who forced Ye Qingge to resign?, “I was speaking to Grandpa.”, Ye Qingge completely ignored Li Nancheng., “Go ahead! Remember to come home and make dinner! Don’t let me starve.”, Li Xingming replied with a grin as he ate the delicious porridge along with fresh, crunchy vegetables., “Okay, Grandpa!” Ye Qingge found Old Li very amiable. He might fly into a rage sometimes, but he was always beaming if everything went his way., In truth, Ye Qingge was reluctant to leave this “grandfather” of hers because she had never had one., She also enjoyed watching them eat the food she made and the satisfied look on their faces., These may have been stolen days, but they brought Ye Qingge a sense of comfort., Ye Qingge smiled sweetly and blissfully., “Ye Qingge, when are you going to marry me?” Li Nancheng asked sincerely as he gazed at Ye Qingge, looking enamored.

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