I’m Not Your Girl, Their service included satisfying your every need, so was Ye Qingge selling her body there?, “Selling liquor!”, Ye Qingge had never been ashamed of selling alcohol at Sophia’s., She had no record of a formal education or background, so it was a good way to earn money, as long as her conscience was clear., “How could my girl be out selling liquor? Do I disgust you? Am I incapable of taking care of you?” Li Nancheng scowled, tossing another apple at Ye Qingge’s feet., “I’m not your girl and I don’t need you to take care of me.” Li Nancheng’s words made Ye Qingge feel very uncomfortable., There were plenty of people clamoring to take care of her thanks to her good looks. However, she had refused them all., She had hands and feet. She would not starve to death. She was perfectly capable of taking care of herself and was loath to use a man’s money., This was not Ye Qingge’s first time denying that she was his girl., Indeed, she was the first woman who tried to disassociate herself from him., No woman did not want to get her claws into him…, “Of course…You’re not. I certainly don’t want to marry you. It’s preposterous!”, How could the proud Fifth Young Master possibly stand this? He scowled angrily, turned around, and lay on the bed., “Stop tossing your fruit around. Haven’t you heard the saying —’Who knows that on the dining plate, every single grain means hardship’? Waste is a disgrace!” Ye Qingge said, staring at the fruit Li Nancheng had tossed aside., “I know, hoeing up the crops in the sweltering sun at noon. Would you like to swelter at noon? I don’t mind being the hoe!”, He turned around and smiled wickedly at the cold-faced Ye Qingge., His bad temper left as quickly as it arrived. This was Li Nancheng, who had the stubbornness of a child., It went without saying that Ye Qingge was very good-looking., ‘She was completely different from the women I’ve previously had… How should I put it? Natural. Especially when she’s angry. Her little face is unbearably attractive.’, Obviously, Ye Qingge was intelligent enough to understand what he meant., He had managed to warp a perfectly good poem into this interpretation. He was certainly amazing., “Do you think you can pull that off when you’re disabled?” Her eyes glanced unreservedly at his leg, which had been put in a cast. Her tone was full of ridicule., “Once my leg is healed, I’ll make sure you’ll never leave the bed!”, His arrogant yet handsome face was full of indignance. This woman was certainly capable of giving him a stroke at every minute., “Once your leg is better, I’ll be long gone!” Ye Qingge retorted internally., She was never going to marry Li Nancheng. No party would be happy with a loveless marriage., She had only agreed to Old Li’s request as a spur-of-the-moment plan to enrage Dong Wenqian., “From now on, stop throwing fruit around. In fact, stop throwing anything around!”, During her lowest point, while she was in a foreign country, she drooled greedily whenever she saw anyone eating an apple. Thus, she really could not stand Li Nancheng’s habit of spoiling fruit., Li Nancheng tossed whatever was nearest to him., Li Nancheng was the kind of person who would feel even greater motivation to rebel, once he was prohibited from doing so., “Provoke me and I will throw them. I will throw things around!” He threw an apple as he said this., “Do it again, I dare you.”, Ye Qingge narrowed her enchanting eyes as she stared at Li Nancheng., “F*ck. I will!”, Who was Li Nancheng? The worst and most explosively tempered rich kid in Cloud City., He threw another apple just as he made his declaration., Ye Qingge shut her eyes and sighed., This fellow was really begging for a tight slap., She stared at the clock on the wall. “Good. I’ll let you be.”, She ignored Li Nancheng and continued cleaning up the mess., “Hey…”, Ye Qingge ignored him., Twenty minutes later…, “Ye Qingge…”, Ye Qingge continued to ignore him., Half an hour later…, “Ye Qingge, I need to pee…”, A charming smile formed on Ye Qingge’s lips. ‘That’s exactly what I’ve been waiting for!’, She ignored him and continued her job., “I need to pee!”

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