Is It Possible That You Want To Marry Me?, Ye Qingge was simply making an offhand statement. She was not going to marry anyone., Unfortunately, fate had a propensity for playing tricks on her., When Chu Yunyi appeared, her heart still trembled ever so slightly., “Say that again.”, Li Beichen’s eyes turned cold., ‘Yunyi is different from Nancheng…’, “It doesn’t matter how many times I say it. The result is going to be the same, Li Beichen. What? Do you want to marry me?”, ‘He’s been in here for a very long time. What will Old Li and Li Nancheng think?’, She did not want to court gossip. She would leave once Li Nancheng’s wounds were healed, regardless of whether she had enough money for rent or not., Li Beichen released Ye Qingge., ‘Marry her? I never considered that. The only conclusion I came to today was that I don’t dislike her presence.’, When it came to marriage, it had not crossed his mind., For some reason, Ye Qingge felt a tinge of sadness when Li Beichen released her., ‘See, I knew it. He just wants sex! He released me once I mentioned getting married.’, Ye Qingge turned to the side and continued washing vegetables as if nothing had happened., “I’ll think about it.” Li Beichen turned around and left the kitchen, leaving her with that reply., Ye Qingge was skilled and efficient., She whipped up six dishes and one pot of soup in no time, all home-cooked meals., They all had light and delicate flavors but were delicious., The interlude in the kitchen allowed Ye Qingge to forget herself., However, she could not seem to forget Li Beichen’s words —”I’ll think about it.”, “How’s my wife’s cooking, old man?” Li Nancheng smiled as he asked., Li Nancheng sat on the side as his leg was in a cast., Old Li was seated at the head of the table, while Ye Qingge sat next to Li Beichen., “Not bad.” Li Xingming gazed at Ye Qingge, feeling a wave of affection every time he looked at her., Someone once told him that the Li family would encounter a huge disaster., He asked how to endure it, and that person answered, “Only a daughter-in-law with a phoenix life line can weather you through this!”, He saw it from the moment he laid eyes on Ye Qingge. She was the Li family’s daughter-in-law with a phoenix life line., “What do you think of my wife’s cooking, Little Uncle?”, Once the old man had approved of the meal, Li Nancheng was elated and immediately asked Li Beichen the same question., Ye Qingge focused on her meal, automatically ignoring Li Nancheng’s reference to her as his “wife”., “It’s not inedible,” Li Beichen answered solemnly., Ye Qingge cast Li Beichen a sidelong glance. ‘It’s not inedible? I have a lot of confidence in my cooking skills!’, She was even planning on starting a private home kitchen once she had some money., Li Beichen ate his food in a very elegant manner. A pair of chopsticks looked like a work of art when held in his slender fingers., Li Beichen shot a glare at Ye Qingge. “What? Do you have something to say?”, “I wouldn’t dare, Little Uncle. If it’s inedible, don’t eat it. You really shouldn’t be forcing yourself!” There was a hint of scorn in Ye Qingge’s words., ‘If you don’t like it, don’t eat it. No one is begging you to eat the food.’, Li Beichen’s cold yet handsome face turned grim. ‘Did I say that it was inedible?’, “Ah, Little Uncle… My wife has a hot temper. She shoots off her mouth without thinking. Don’t mind her.” Li Nancheng chuckled. He knew his little uncle’s temper very well., He was extremely frightening when angry., Besides, not even he and Yunyi would dare argue with their little uncle., Li Xingming enjoyed his meal with a smile on his face. The sight of Ye Qingge satisfied him from every angle. His only hope was that she would enter the Li family household as soon as possible., Ye Qingge did not look at Li Beichen at all. Instead, she continued eating her food., Li Beichen slammed his chopsticks on the dining table before getting up and leaving.

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