“We’re Going Home Together,” He Said, He simply could not concentrate at work that day. His mind was filled with thoughts of that intrusive little thing., Her sharp tongue, her nonchalance, her enchanting charms, everything about her…, Thus, he had decided to keep her by his side, 24/7 if possible., “Who do you think I am? I may need money, but I’m not for sale.”, Her shoulders trembled uncontrollably. Ye Qingge was under the impression that that was what Li Beichen had meant., After all, she could clearly see the desire in his eyes., “That’s not your choice.”, Li Beichen knew that Ye Qingge had misunderstood him. He simply wanted her by his side as his assistant., He took a coat from the clothes rack and dragged Ye Qingge away., “Li Beichen, let go of me…”, What man would be so domineering? Unfortunately, no matter how hard Ye Qingge struggled, she could not get away., While Ye Qingge sat in silence, Li Beichen was on the phone the entire way., ‘The whole family is so high and mighty and overbearing. Like father, like son. Seriously…”, Upon their arrival at his home, there was a flash in Li Xingming’s eyes when he found out that Li Beichen and Ye Qingge came back together. He knew this would happen. He had years of experience and was an accurate judge of character., Everyone said that his youngest son had no interest in women., He was beginning to worry that he was actually homosexual, especially after that incident., Despite all that, allowing Ye Qingge to come home with him in the same car had proven a few things., In any case, he had to add flames to the fire., Li Nancheng was lying on the couch, watching television. He noticed that Ye Qingge had returned with his Little Uncle., His eyes could not help widening, and alarm bells immediately began ringing for him., “Ye Qingge, why’d you come home with my Little Uncle?” The interrogating tone in his voice was like that of a husband questioning his wife., “Old Li.” Ye Qingge ignored Li Nancheng and greeted Li Xingming., “No need to be so formal. Call me Grandpa,” he ordered with a straight face., “Hello, Grandpa!”, It made sense that Li Xingming should be addressed as “Grandpa” at his age., Li Beichen glanced at his father, then turned around and went upstairs., “Can you cook?” Li Xingming smirked shadily as he watched his son leave., “Yes, I can, Grandpa.”, Ye Qingge was a very good cook. She had probably inherited this from her mother., “Then you can make dinner. The servants in the house have all taken the day off!”, The Li household had more than twenty servants, but all of them had taken the day off?, Li Nancheng rolled his eyes at his grandfather. He really could lie without blinking., ‘Grandpa definitely gave them the day off, didn’t he?’, “Sure thing, Grandpa.”, Ye Qingge smiled, unperturbed by Old Li’s obvious lie., Actually, cooking and doing chores could be her way of paying them back for giving her a place to stay., At that point, she really did not have money to rent an apartment., Besides, she had to take care of Li Nancheng. She agreed to do it, so she had to fulfil her promise., Despite Dong Wenqian’s heartlessness, she had given her word to the Li family., She always completed her tasks, so that would be a completely separate issue., “I like sweet and sour spare ribs and…” Li Nancheng began rambling on and on, listing his favorite dishes., “Just don’t make any spicy dishes. Your Little Uncle doesn’t eat spicy food!” Li Xingming instructed Ye Qingge., “Okay.”, Ye Qingge put her things down and headed to the kitchen., “Ye Qingge, do I look transparent to you?” Li Nancheng shouted at her from behind after being spurned., “Stop making so much noise!” Li Xingming knocked on Li Nancheng’s leg cast with his walking stick., “I’m talking to my wife. How is that noise?”

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