Don’t Go Overboard, Little Uncle, How could a man say such amorous things so bluntly and have that look in his eyes?, It was as if he was probing very seriously and putting all of his efforts into confirming something., Ye Qingge smiled enchantingly. She remembered how he would storm off angrily every time she called him “Little Uncle”…, Would he disappear if she called him “Little Uncle” again?, Would that mean that she could leave?, “What did you say, Little Uncle? I can’t hear you!”, The man’s scorching hot palm had trapped the back of her head, making Ye Qingge’s position a little awkward. All she could do was smile charmingly to hide her disadvantage., This time, however, the situation did not play out according to Ye Qingge’s expectations — that Li Beichen would leave or send her away., Instead, she was faced with the man’s kiss, which felt more like a penalty. Forceful, dominating, aggressive…, Ye Qingge’s body was pressed firmly between the door and Li Beichen’s chest., The oxygen in her mouth was sucked away, replaced by Li Beichen’s unique masculine energy., His wild ferocity was tainted with frustration…, He invaded every corner of her mouth as if he wanted to brand her, announcing all of his power., Breathless, Ye Qingge could only cling onto Li Beichen’s shirt with all of her might., She was like a drowning woman, totally inexperienced and forced to endure it., That one kiss seemed to drag on for a long, long time, lingering endlessly…, Li Beichen frowned. He was not repulsed. He did not hate it even a little bit., The vision of Ye Qingge’s clear eyes blurred as she stared up at Li Beichen. He shined like a fantastical kaleidoscope., Everything went fuzzy before her small hands, still clinging to his shirt, could release him., She had such confused yet pure eyes, so clean and transparent, like a flawless piece of paper., “You really are different!”, His breathing grew hurried and unsteady, sending a clear message that he wanted much, much more., His husky voice was dripping with sex appeal. His rough fingers were now placed over her lips, reddened from his kiss., “Don’t you have a lover, Mr. Li? Don’t you think you’ve crossed a line in doing this to me?”, Li Beichen’s words had instantly pulled Ye Qingge back into reality., He was just talking to the woman on the phone too, telling her he loved her in such a warm voice., He then forced a kiss on her moments after hanging up…, “Are you jealous?”, Li Beichen finger pressed even harder. His tone carried a hint of wickedness, deep yet melodious., “Why would I be? You’re overthinking it, Mr. Li.”, Ye Qingge was vexed because she could not push Li Beichen away, no matter how hard she tried., “I don’t have a lover.”, Surprisingly, Li Beichen actually offered an explanation. Though he did not realize, the corners of his lips tilted into a smile., ‘How is him having a lover or not any of my business? Besides, I heard exactly what he said on the phone, telling the other woman to be good and that he loved her.’, “Your affairs are none of my business, Mr. Li. You’ve already taken advantage of me. Will you please let go of me, Little Uncle? I have to go home and take care of Nancheng.”, She deliberately emphasized the words “Little Uncle”, as not even she would choose Li Nancheng., “Then let’s go home together!”, Li Beichen pinched Ye Qingge’s little cheek., It was as if he did not mind if she called him “Little Uncle” after confirming that he could not live without her., He could take his time in certain things. He believed that he would enjoy the process even more., As for Nancheng…he did not really care!, ‘Go home together? How unusual and warm, but I don’t have a home.’, Why should she go home with him anyway? She still remembered how he had thrown her out of the car that morning., He was such an unpredictable man. No one could tell when he would explode., “I don’t think I want to travel with you, Mr. Li, after you’ve cost me my job.”, She had to go on a job hunt tomorrow too. The private eye agency’s service fee was steep. She needed the money., “You’re coming along with me starting tomorrow.”

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