He Doesn’t Hate Having Her Around, Her small, white hand pushed against Li Beichen’s chest, preventing the man’s elegant figure from coming any closer., His overpoweringly masculine aura intermingled with the faint smell of tobacco., This made Ye Qingge’s throat tighten instinctively. Such a nerve-racking and strange sensation made her tense., “Then why are you so close to me, Mr. Li?” Her calm voice carried a hint of sarcasm but had a sliver of rage too., Only Ye Qingge, who was slightly nervous, was unaware of the effect she had., “I want to know that too. Why do I let you near me? I’ve even let you sit on my lap and violate my body. I don’t hate your kiss. Furthermore, I even want to get to know you intimately and physically!”, Li Beichen was a man of a few words. He had a quiet and cold personality which made him adverse to idle chatter., He certainly would not have made such an outburst unless he was sure., He hated having women near him. This was a fact known by everyone in his circle., However, when he first laid eyes on Ye Qingge and her faint smile, her image was burned unexpectedly and uncontrollably into his heart., Ye Qingge was both surprised and frustrated. She lifted her head and stared right at Li Beichen., She never knew that a man could be capable of saying such passionate and explicit words in so blunt and serious a manner., That he wanted to get to know her intimately and physically…, Despite being unfamiliar with love and relationships, Ye Qingge knew what those words meant., She was also certain that she was not well-versed in sex., Nevertheless, based on the amorous tone in every word that came out of Li Beichen’s mouth, she understood him perfectly., If he could not figure out what was wrong with him, how was she supposed to know?, “Mr. Li, if you don’t know, how should I? If you’re troubled by this matter, the solution is easy — I’ll disappear. Just because something doesn’t repel or disgust you, doesn’t mean I feel the same way!”, She wore a small, pleasant smile. Her merry eyes were also smirking but not so deeply., Li Beichen’s gaze immediately turned ice-cold. Was she implying that she hated his touch…That she hated his kiss?, It was that damned carefree and casual smile that threw his heart into disarray., Ye Qingge’s eyes were incomparably pure but were tinged by a misty, alien, and kaleidoscopic layer., It gave one a sort of ethereal sensation that could not be grasped. It was as if she did not belong to this earth and was not bound by its constraints., However, the more she acted this way, the more Li Beichen felt attracted to her and lost control., He had not experienced this in the previous thirty years of his life., He never believed in love at first sight, but he could neither explain nor understand why he was so attracted to her., The smile at the corners of Ye Qingge’s lips seemed even more enchanting than ever. It was small yet enticing enough to make his Adam’s apple quiver., He did not like having women near him. This was not just because of his severe mysophobia but also because of that incident…, He had only kissed somebody twice. One was that fateful night, five years ago. That girl had such beautiful and pure lips…, The second time was that day at Sophia’s. He had kissed Ye Qingge, unable to help himself…, “Kiss me!” He grabbed the back of Ye Qingge’s head, forcing her to look at him., In truth, he wanted Ye Qingge to make the first move., He wanted to know what it would be like having her kiss him on her own initiative. Would he push her away without hesitation like when other women had disgusted him?, Nonetheless, he simply stared at her lips as if he could feel her tenderness with her sweet and smooth red tongue tangled and tangoing…, Ye Qingge parted her lips in complete surprise. It was not just because he had ordered her to kiss him but also because she could see the unwillingness to accept her hesitation and disbelief in Li Beichen’s eyes…., Li Beichen was, without a doubt, a mature and steady man. That being said, the confusion in his eyes resembled those of a pure and innocent person.

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