Behave Yourself Or I’m Going To Be Angry!, Ye Qingge quietly stood there, her eyes scanning the room with disinterest., This was because she was keeping an eye on the man’s back, waiting., “If you won’t behave yourself, I’m going to be angry!” Li Beichen gently rubbed the space between his brows., The person on the other end of the call was Li Beichen’s son, Li Mumu., That boy of his could be a gigantic headache at times., He was only five years old, yet had entered his rebellious stage in advance., Ye Qingge stiffened when she heard the man’s gentle yet slightly exasperated voice. That voice belonged to Li Beichen…, ‘Is he the boss? That can’t be! Sister Bing mentioned that the boss’s surname was Gu…’, “Of course, as long as you behave yourself,” Li Beichen’s voice sounded cheerful and a little indulgent, as if he had gotten some form of reassurance., That warmth and indulgence startled Ye Qingge., In the few experiences she had with Li Beichen in the past, his voice was always cold enough to freeze one’s entire body., ‘The person on the other end of the call must be a woman!’ she thought., Ye Qingge could not help but smile. ‘Men are all the same!’, He was obviously attached, yet he still insisted on flirting with other women., That was why Li Beichen chose to do all those racy and salacious things to her., Ye Qingge believed that there was no need for her to wait any longer., It was best not to waste any more time., She had a wide variety of feelings for Li Beichen, but they were all negative., For example, she had a feeling that he wanted her., She also thought he seemed confident that he would have her at all costs., Ye Qingge did not want to be involved with a man as imperious as Li Beichen, who held the ultimate power in his hands., Besides, he seemed to be taken. She wanted to keep her distance from a man like him., She had just placed one hand on the door handle and turned around when the man’s icy voice came from behind her, stopping her in her tracks., “Stop right there, Ye Qingge!”, Li Beichen remained in his position, holding his phone. He turned around and looked at Ye Qingge., “I’ve gotta go. Mm… Love you!” With those few but sweet words, Li Beichen ended the call., Her hand, still on the door handle, tightened its grip before finally letting go., He was so gentle and indulgent to the woman on the phone., Nevertheless, he turned around and treated her with such cold disgust., Why did she have to endure such treatment? She had not done anything to offend him., “Have I done something wrong, Mr. Li?”, Her tone was indifferent but carried a hint of sadness., Honestly, Ye Qingge did not want to leave Sophia’s., She had no educational background or experience, so it would be really difficult for her to find a job that would pay as much., In any case, it was strange that she was losing this job because of Li Beichen., “Mmm, yes,” he answered in a simple yet intimidating tone as he threw his phone on the table., “When and where?”, Ye Qingge frowned. She was certain her first time meeting Li Beichen was at the hospital., She could not possibly have offended him., “Right here and right now!” Li Beichen narrowed his eyes., He casually and slowly strode over to Ye Qingge., His tone was as deep as usual but sharp like a knife., A subtle light flashed across Ye Qingge’s watery eyes., Ye Qingge backed away as Li Beichen slowly closed in on her., He immediately pushed her body against the door, and there was no escape for her., “I’ve never allowed women near me!”, Li Beichen’s 183cm stature was a perfect contrast to Ye Qingge’s 169cm height., He bent down and cocked his head to the side, staring at Ye Qingge in an elegant yet sophisticated manner., Li Beichen’s words carried an irresistible masculine energy that spread out from the top of Ye Qingge’s head. If women were not allowed near him, just what was he doing?

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