The Big Boss Wants To See Her, Ye Qingge did not mind Feng Yan., She thought that he had only stepped in because the sight of her weeping on the ground reminded him of his sister., He had given her his necklace simply to feel a little better, as if doing so would be equivalent to protecting his sister., She, on the other hand, had only given him her necklace to console herself., She also wished someone would think of her and care for her. Though she had never experienced that before, her heart still yearned for it., By the time Ye Qingge left the private eye agency, it was already past five in the afternoon and she still had no clues., She became a surrogate that year in order to procure funds for her mother’s surgery. When it finally happened, a kind nurse told her that it was a girl, but she never saw her at all., She knew that this method of searching was like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but she refused to give up as long as there was hope., It had been five years. Almost every night, she could feel a terrible pain in her gut. She knew that it was a purely psychological effect from her feelings of guilt and insecurity. She was yearning for her…, She had a simple meal before heading to Sophia’s., Just as she arrived at the lobby, Sister Bing called out to her, “Qingge, did you offend the guests in the private room last night?”, The guests in the private room — Li Beichen and his friend…, “What’s wrong, Sister Bing?”, “The big boss has personally asked you to go upstairs and see him immediately, and that we’re not to arrange any more jobs for you!” Shen Bing had been working at Sophia’s for a while now and had never even seen the big boss., Whatever the case, this order clearly showed that Ye Qingge had offended the boss’s friends., Ye Qingge’s expression changed. There was a flash of sadness in her clear eyes., It went without saying that it would be impossible for a liquor sales girl like herself to meet the boss, face to face., Therefore, there can only be one explanation — Li Beichen had set her up., The guests in the private room had been the boss’ friends. Sister Bing had mentioned before that only those acquainted with the boss had access to that room., “How about you go home for now and I’ll talk to the people upstairs? You mentioned not having a phone. I tried looking for you this afternoon and couldn’t find you.”, Dong Wenqian had dragged Ye Qingge to the hospital as soon as she stepped off the plane. She had yet to even get a phone., She had been staying at the hospital for the past few days, so she did not have a proper place to stay. It was quite sad when she thought about it., “I understand, Sister Bing. I’ll head upstairs right now. It’s alright. Don’t worry about me. I won’t cause you any trouble.”, Sister Bing had tried to stall for her. Although the commissions at Sophia’s were high and she was reluctant to leave, she did not want to cause problems for Shen Bing., “It’s no trouble at all. My powers are limited. The words of the lowly carry little weight.”, Shen Bing was really fond of Ye Qingge. Girls like her were scarce these days. She had principles, and she knew what should and should not be done., “Don’t worry, Sister Bing. Please excuse me.”, Ye Qingge immediately went upstairs without even taking off her coat., Ye Qingge took the elevator to the twelfth level, walked up one flight of stairs, and arrived at the top floor., There was an elevator that went straight to the top, but that was for the boss’ personal use., Ye Qingge took off her coat and hung it on her arm. She nodded at the bodyguards in black and told them her name., She had been working at Sophia’s for a week and had not seen the boss in person before., Seeing Ye Qingge, the bodyguards knocked on the door. They asked for further instructions and then granted her entry., A stalwart figure towered in front of the French windows., The light from the setting sun brushed against his silhouette, creating a dim afterglow., The sleeves of his white shirt were rolled up to his elbows, and his black slacks wrapped fittingly around his long, firm legs., Just by standing there, he radiated an intimidating aura that could not be ignored., His tall and straight figure exuded sophistication while his movements seemed effortless as he talked on the phone.

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