All Men Are Wicked, A sorry look flashed across Feng Yan’s jovial sloe eyes when he heard Ye Qingge’s words. It was as if the emotions that he had hidden away carefully had been noticed, catching him off guard., “Get up! The ground is cold!” Feng Yan reached out his hand., Ye Qingge’s legs were slightly numb after sitting for so long. She took Feng Yan’s hand and got up. “Thank you.”, “Feng Yan!” The man spoke in a fine as soft as ever as he stared at Ye Qingge’s red nose., “Mmm?” Her voice was a little nasal from all her crying but sounded very nice., “My name.” The corners of his lips curved into a slight angle but held a sense of indulgence., This was his first time giving his name to someone else of his own volition, leave alone to a woman., What woman in Cloud City would not know his name?, “Ye Qingge.” She gave him her name out of politeness., This was also her first time telling a man her name on her own initiative. She could not describe how she felt about Feng Yan. They were clearly strangers, but she felt as if she had known him for a long time., “Here, wear this. You’re not allowed to take it off.”, He removed the necklace from around his neck and placed it on Ye Qingge., Feng Yan moved very quickly, so swiftly that Ye Qingge had no time to refuse him. Instead, she simply felt a cooling sensation on her chest., She examined the pendant and saw that it was shaped like a cross and embedded with a ruby., It looked very simple, but based on its meticulous workmanship, she knew that it was valuable., “I can’t accept this. It’s yours!”, She tried to take it off as she said this, but Feng Yan stopped her., “Keep it on! As long as I’m near, no one will ever have the guts to push you around, and no more… crying!”, Ye Qingge could see hope for his sister’s return in Feng Yan’s alluring sloe eyes. It was as if they contained his yearning to protect his sister. Unfortunately, he could not do so., “Okay, I’ll keep it on. This is for you. Consider this a form of mutual comfort between us!”, Ye Qingge took off a red string from her neck which carried a teardrop-shaped jade pendant., She went on her tiptoes and put it around Feng Yan’s neck., This was the only thing that her mother had left her., Perhaps it was best to avoid holding onto a constant reminder., Feng Yan’s clean and slender fingers fiddled with the jade teardrop which still seemed to carry Ye Qingge’s warmth., Items taken everywhere one goes tend to be the most important and meaningful of all., “Aren’t you worried that I might be a bad man?” Feng Yan’s impish sloe eyes gazed into a certain corner., Ye Qingge followed his gaze and noticed eight men, dressed in black, not too far away across the street. They looked shady at first glance and released an aura that said, “Don’t mess with me or I’ll kill you”., “You won’t hurt me!”, She could tell that those men were probably Feng Yan’s employees., This man did not look like a normal person. His gentle and reserved devilish charm carried undertones of luxury., “Are you that sure?”, “It’s intuition.”, ‘That’s right, it’s intuition. I never talk to strangers, but I actually gave him my mother’s necklace. Even I’m surprised.’, “Intuition is accurate, but don’t trust any other man except me. All men are wicked!”, Feng Yan ruffled Ye Qingge’s hair before turning around and departing., She watched as Feng Ya got into a modified armored car and marched off haughtily., It was as if the seemingly seductive man, who would only ever be gentle with her, had never appeared at all., However, she could still feel the warmth of the necklace around her neck., Feng Yan crossed his legs in a casual and indolent manner inside the armored car., “Li Beichen, this woman is mine!”, His sloe eyes seemed to contain a pool of wickedness, threatening to spill over and containing a dangerous air., “I want a total crackdown on the Ye family!” He ordered in a deep voice while taking the necklace around his neck and fiddling with it.

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