Do You Want To Die, Ye Qingge?, He knew perfectly well that she was his nephew’s fiancee, yet he still did those things to her and had the gall to boss her around., “I’ve said this before. You are not a part of the Li family yet. You are not Nancheng’s wife yet. It is too early for you to be calling me ‘Little Uncle’!”, The smirk in Li Beichen’s eyes seemed to disappear instantly, and they returned to their usual gentle, lustrous, jade-like state., Ye Qingge’s mind immediately remembered the first time she saw him, when she heard Li Beichen’s words., …, Ye Qingge sat on a bus. There were very few passengers as it was the last one of the night., Li Beichen’s words from the hospital echoed in her mind, “You haven’t joined the Li family yet. It is far too early for you to be calling me ‘Little Uncle’!”, She touched her red, swollen lips, still burning from his kiss. They still felt limp and numb., He had mentioned it again, just a while ago —”I’ve said this before. You are not a part of the Li family yet. You are not Nancheng’s wife yet. It is too early for you to be calling me ‘Little Uncle’!”, He then stormed off angrily. It was the strangest thing., By the time Ye Qingge had gotten off work and arrived at Highest Virtue Hospital, it was 10:30 PM., She had to take two buses to reach the hospital from Sophia’s. It was a one-and-a-half-hour journey., Just as she walked past the nurses’ station, the nurse on shift called out to her., The nurses in the VIP wards were all senior nurses, polite and respectful., “You’re finally here, Miss Ye. The Fifth Young Master is throwing a tantrum again. He’s refused his dinner!” the nurse, Xiao Tang, complained to Ye Qingge pitifully., She was usually quite happy to do the night shift as it was more relaxed and free., However, she became reluctant to do it because a particularly difficult patient was now in residence., “You poor thing. I’ll check on him!”, She liked Xiao Tang,, who was as sweet as her name implied, ., Ye Qingge turned around and walked into the ward., This fiancé of hers was… capable of making one absolutely speechless, truth be told., Nevertheless, she would never have believed that someone with such a bad temper actually existed if she had not gone head-to-head with him., He was a firecracker and would blow up upon ignition., He was much cuter when he was a kid, but he had probably forgotten all about her., She pushed the door open and dashed aside. She leaned against the wall, standing very still and did not rush to go inside., There was a loud crash., Ye Qingge watched as a glass cup smashed to piece right by her feet., Even so, she remained very still., Then, another sound was heard — a grapefruit landed on the ground and rolled away., “Ye Qingge, get your a*s in here!” Li Nancheng growled., Skipping over the glass pieces, Ye Qingge carefully entered the room., She went to the washroom straight away and changed into house slippers., Ye Qingge did not like being restrained, be it mentally or physically., Her feet were hurting very badly because she was required to wear stilettos with her cheongsam at Sophia’s. She wanted to relax and get comfortable., Li Nancheng had a bad temper. He threw things around whenever something was not going his way., Ye Qingge began picking up the mess he had made., The nurses could have done it, but no one dared to touch anything that he had thrown., The job had landed in Ye Qingge’s hands., “Do you have any idea what time it is? You’ve finally managed to crawl your way back. Where have you been?”, He watched Ye Qingge cleaning up the mess, very quietly., “I’m talking to you. Are you deaf?”, He grabbed an apple and threw it at Ye Qingge’s feet., “Ye Qingge, I’ve asked you a question — where have you been?”, Not only had he discovered that his leg was broken when he woke up but his grandfather had also saddled him with a fiancée., Furthermore, it was the woman who ran into him. He was clearly senile., “I was at work!” Ye Qingge finally answered, no longer able to stand his nagging., “It’s the middle of the night. Where the hell are you working?”, He would have tolerated it if she was working during the day time, but how could she expect to take care of him if she had to work at night?, “Sophia’s!”, “Why the hell are you working at a dump like that?”, Li Nancheng was immediately enraged when he heard the word “Sophia’s”. He was a regular customer there, Cloud City’s largest private club.,

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