, Ning Shu had no words left to say about the school doctor’s arrogant and self-righteous attitude., She simply walked out with gauze wrapped around her forehead. This attracted the doctor’s interest and he kept watching her until her figure was out of sight., Ning Shu returned to the classroom based on the original host’s memories. In truth, she was very moved to see the classroom. She had been staying in the hospital ever since she was fifteen, so she never had the chance to go into a classroom after that., However this moment of excitement was instantly extinguished. Ning Shu was about to head in when a teacher wearing glasses blocked her way., “Lin Jiajia, you skipped class and purposefully arrived late, so you don’t have to attend this class, just stand at the door.” Mrs. Liang spoke mildly but her gaze revealed disdain. “Don’t disrupt others in their learning.”, Ning Shu was very unhappy but she knew that she didn’t have the power resist, so she obediently stood at the door. Mrs. Liang gave a humph. She was the image of a mean-spirited middle-aged woman, nothing like an engineer of the human soul., >’Engineer of the human soul’ is a phrase describing teachers as they shape the type of people children become. They’re supposed to be kind and wise role models., Ace was an aristocratic school, so the status of teachers within the school weren’t even as high as that of the students. Moreover, these students were not people the teachers could afford to offend., Currently, she was someone everyone in Ace could yell at, so Mrs. Liang naturally joined in on throwing stones at the person who fell down the well. By doing this, she could curry favor with the three princes who were god-like existences within the school., Lin Jiajia’s memories showed that back then, when the entire school was bullying Ling Xue, Mrs. Liang had made things difficult for Ling Xue at every turn. However, when Ling Xue reversed her circumstances, Mrs. Liang immediately changed her attitude and started currying favor with Ling Xue., This was what an opportunist was like., Ning Shu stood in the hallway. She could hear the whistles and laughter coming from the classroom. Some people even stood up to look at her with disdainful and mocking gazes., Ning Shu: …, What exactly did the original host do to make these people hate her so much? It was to the point it seemed as if she had murdered their fathers. Ning Shu reexamined Lin Jiajia’s memories. She didn’t seem to have done much of anything? All she did was cause trouble for Ling Xue like crazy., Before she knew it, it seemed like everyone hated her., Ning Shu was speechless. In this world, Ling Xue played the absolute leading role, and these worlds all revolved around the main lead. Ling Xue only need to move a finger and countless people would scramble to blindly worship her. This wasn’t charm anymore, it was terrifying., How would this world end up?, Ning Shu felt that she was being overly meddlesome. She didn’t even have the outlines of a plan for completing her current task, yet her thoughts had ran off to worry about humanity and the world., Ning Shu’s legs hurt a bit from standing so she stood on one leg, switching legs from time to time. The bell that announced the end of class finally rang, but before Ning Shu could move, a swarm of people rushed out from the classroom and surrounded her., These were the people that had beaten Ning Shu up in the restroom. An Rong was the girl who had smashed Ning Shu’s head against the wall. She was currently chewing gum. She lifted her chin and looked down at Ning Shu. With a strange tone, she said, “You actually dared to come to class? Looks like you don’t have much of a long term memory.”, Ning Shu’s body trembled. This body was afraid of this person. In the story, this girl named An Rong acted as Ling Xue’s lackey and beat the original host up so much that she was bruised all over every single day., Resentment and fear arose in her heart. If it was said that Ling Xue was the person the original host hated most, it had to be said that the original host hated An Rong no less. After all, An Rong had personally done many things to the original host., “Prince Leng is coming, Prince Leng is coming…”

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