, Ning Shu leaned against the wall and finally managed to wait until it was her turn. The school doctor glanced at Ning Shu. Seeing her bruised face, shock appeared on his handsome face. It was obvious that he had seen too many people feign illnesses. The sudden appearance of an actual injured person was surprising and new., Ning Shu pointed at the injury on her forehead and said straightforwardly, “Help me treat this.”, As for the injuries on her body, she’ll deal with them herself. She thought that the school doctor would be a woman, yet it turned out to be such a handsome man. It was such a waste for him to be a school doctor., As expected of a place where the female lead was staying. Even the school doctor was such an attractive male., Taking a cotton swab and dipping it in rubbing alcohol, the school doctor directly jabbed it towards the bruised region on Ning Shu’s face without a trace of gentleness. Ning Shu gritted her teeth. Even the school doctor was being so fierce towards her despite there being no enmity between them., Was the entire school enveloped by Ling Xue’s influence?, After that, the school doctor simply bandaged the wound and declared that it was done. “It’s done. How did you get injured?”, Her forehead was bleeding and that swollen, yet this was all he did to treat it. As a patient that has stayed in the hospital for over ten years, she felt that this doctor’s attitude was clearly being disrespectful towards life and irresponsible., “This is it?” Ning Shu spoke up about it after all. She pointed at her forehead which was swollen to the point it could be a horn. She was very dissatisfied with this crude treatment. Seriously, nothing was going well., The school doctor pushed up his glasses. His eyes shot out a light that gave people a very sinister and dark feeling as he asked mildly, “Then how do you want me to treat it? Wrap up your entire body?”, This school doctor position of his was pretty much decoration. Which of the students in this school actually needed a school doctor? All of their families had specialized doctors, yet he suddenly encountered a student that actually needed a doctor. The school doctor looked at Ning Shu with his eyebrows raised., Ning Shu was tongue-tied. His confident and justified tone made it seem as if she was the one causing a fuss out of nothing., She had only transmigrated over for a few moments, yet she felt like her past worldview had been completely smashed. The little ladies in school could be so fierce. The school doctor that worked at school could be so arrogant, not even worried that the school would fire him., Ning Shu didn’t know what to say. She really didn’t have anything that she needed to say to him either, so she got up and made to leave. Right now her thoughts were filled with the task. Even if the task was difficult, she still had to do her best to complete it.

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