, This world contained many realms, and Ning Shu’s task was to enter those realms and fulfill the enstrustor’s requests. These entrustors would sacrifice certain things in hopes that their lives would improve., This was where the task-takers rose to the occasion., When Ning Shu found out that she could enter other people’s bodies, she was very happy. While she worked on completing the task, she could even experience the life of a healthy person and fulfill her last lifetime’s regret., However, the thing that called itself the system poured cold water on her. “You only have five years to do the task. You only have 50 life points. One life point is equal to one year. Once you use up all your life points you’ll completely disappear. Of course, you can choose to stay in the task world and spend your entire life there, but afterward that will be it.”, Ning Shu nodded to indicate that she understood., “For the first task I’ve selected the easiest one from within the system. It’s a school campus world. Do you wish to start the task now?” The system’s voice was very cold without a hint of emotion., Every time Ning Shu heard the system make a sound, her entire body would feel a chill. She really didn’t like its sound so she immediately replied, “Start the task.”, Right after Ning Shu finished speaking, she felt dizzy. She felt as if her entire body had been shoved into a narrow bottle. She couldn’t move an inch and felt like she was about to die., “Beat this damned bitch to death! Does she even look at herself, to actually approach the prince!”, “She sure has thick skin. Does she actually think she’s some rich miss? Slut…”, When Ning Shu could finally feel sensations again, she immediately heard a buzzing sound along with the sound of a lot of people shouting. Her body was being kicked. It was as if these people wanted to break her bones., What kind of situation was this? Didn’t the system say that this was the easiest task? Why was she being beat up the moment she was sent over? It was supposed to be an easy task, wasn’t it?, Ning Shu opened her eyes. All around were bright, big white legs. From time to time a leg would extend forward and kick her. She could even see these people’s underwear when they lifted their legs., There was a stinky smell on the floor tiles along with the distinctive smell bathrooms had. Ning Shu instantly realized what she encountered. She was being beaten up in the bathroom., Right now her mind was completely blank. She didn’t have time to receive this world’s storyline at all. Ning Shu couldn’t help but be stunned upon facing this kind of situation., Suddenly, a hand appeared in front of Ning Shu and lifted her by her collar. Ning Shu’s body involuntarily stood up. She opened her eyes and looked at the person in front of her., The person grabbing her collar was a girl. She was wearing a school uniform and a short skirt. Her eyes were filled with disgust and disdain as she looked at Ning Shu. She scratched Ning Shu’s face with her long nails as if she wanted to tear off Ning Shu’s face., Ning Shu’s body convulsed from pain. She had endured over ten years of torment from illness but this body was not used to pain, so a cry of pain involuntarily escaped., Upon seeing the pleased expression that emerged in the girl’s eyes, Ning Shu’s heart chilled. How much hatred was there to make a youthful little lady expose this kind of expression?, This wasn’t simple campus violence anymore., When that girl saw the dull expression on Ning Shu’s face, she grabbed her by her hair and smashed her head towards the wall., Ning Shu had been dizzy in the first place. Now that the person was hitting her head against the wall, her consciousness became even fuzzier. It was to the point that she felt her soul was about to pop out from this body. Ning Shu panicked a little. She couldn’t leave this body. If she did, what would happen to her task?, There was no reason to fail the first task just like this. She could instinctively sense that if she failed like this, she may disappear. The person named Ning Shu would cease to exist., With pure willpower, Ning Shu endured the pain in her body. Perhaps they were bored with her since she wasn’t resisting anymore, because those girls finally let her go and left. As they walked by, they stepped on her, causing Ning Shu’s body to jerk from pain., Suddenly, a hard-to-control feeling of being wronged and hatred emerged in Ning Shu’s heart, causing the body she was possessing to tremble with the desire to rush up and rip those people to shreds, to let them experience this pain and humiliation., Ning Shu was shocked by this body’s reaction. It was quite a while before she managed to repress this feeling. She got up from the ground, went into the bathroom, and sat on the toilet, completely out of strength.

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