, And just like this, the role of the Brothers of Shao and Su Jianan switched. They were tied up and laid on the ground while Su Jianan sat on the sofa comfortably. The two brothers could only stare at her., “I know you guys won’t take going bankrupt going down.” Su Jianan walked toward them. “But you shouldn’t have kidnapped me, who had no grievances with you. Since you have been so heartless to me, then I can only return the favor.”, She shrugged, looking innocent., Shao Mingzhong could only accept his fate helplessly. “We admit defeat. Let us go. I will send you home, and let’s wipe the slate clean, alright?”, “It seems like I’m in charge now?” Su Jianan smiled. Then, she shook her head. “I feel that letting you guys go to prison for a few years would be better. Wait patiently. The police will come to fetch you soon.”, She clapped her hands and then stood up. She looked at the shoes she used to kick Shao Mingzhong with and then frowned unhappily before throwing them into the bin. She then walked around in the old apartment barefooted., It was getting late and she still had to work tomorrow. She had to go home. However, she did not have her phone. She had to find the brothers’ phones to contact Luo Xiaoxi to come and save her., But, she could not find them., Su Jianan returned to the room angrily. She flounced down on the sofa and asked, “Can’t you guys even afford to use mobile phones?”, “We only have the card left…” Shao Mingzhong said. “We sold our phones to eat and pay rent some time back.”, Su Jianan slapped her forehead. “You guys were managers before this, and now you’re in such a predicament. No wonder you hate Lu Boyan so much…”, She could absolutely not imagine that Lu Boyan was downstairs. She could not even imagine more so, that Shen Yuechuan was watching everything happening in the room through a pair of binoculars., Shen Yuechuan had been sent to check out the situation and to find a point of attack. Instead, he saw Su Jianan tying the Brothers of Shao up. He ran down from the apartment opposite, suppressing his laughter as he told Lu Boyan, “Room three on the fifth floor. Just go straight up.”, Lu Boyan frowned, “How’s Su Jianan?”, Shen Yuechuan and the other team members who were known for their bravery all held back their laughter. Shen Yuechuan said, “You will know when you go up. Eh, I think I understand how sister-in-law could become a medical examiner. Indeed… she’s extraordinary!”, Their reactions were weird., Lu Boyan’s frown grew even deeper. He entered the apartment without any hesitation. However, he had not imagined that he would see such a scene-, Su Jianan was sitting leisurely on the sofa with her legs crossed. She said, somewhat compassionately, “You guys must have had a difficult time after becoming bankrupt.”, Shao Mingzhong, who had been tied up tightly, curled on the floor like a shrimp. He answered, “That’s right. We didn’t even know what fast food was growing up. But after becoming bankrupt, we had to harden our hearts just to buy pig trotters rice. Sob… Miss Su, we were wrong. Let us go. Can we just treat it as if this had not happened?”, “You two are indeed wrong. But… I cannot treat it as if this had not happened.” Su Jianan got up smilingly. “Wait patiently. The police will be here for you soon. I shall go home now.”, She walked out barefooted. She was shocked and gasped in surprise when she saw Lu Boyan standing at the door expressionlessly., “What are you doing here?”, According to dramatic plotlines, Lu Boyan should be accompanying Han Ruoxi, who had been frightened. Meanwhile, she should be walking alone on the dark roads in the heavy downpour…, She was still wearing her gown from earlier. Her lines were beautiful and her collarbones were seductively bare. Her pale feet were bare and her curled hair was slightly messy. However, these all made her seem even sexier. The surprise made her mesmerizing almond-eyes widen, emphasizing on the shine in them. As a man, Lu Boyan knew clearly what kinds of thoughts such a woman would evoke in a man if she walked about in the countryside in the middle of the night., As such, he looked down and asked, “Where are your shoes?”, “They’re dirty. I threw them away.” Su Jianan tilted her head confusedly. “How did you know I was brought here?”, Lu Boyan would not tell her that he had chased after her. Instead, he just said two words, “Go home.”, “Ok.” Su Jianan followed behind him., The apartment was dirty and old. She was not wearing any shoes, so she took careful steps. She fell behind in a few steps., It was even worse when she went down the stairs. It had rained in the countryside in the afternoon. The stairs were wet and slippery and also dirty. Su Jianan, who was a slight cleanliness freak wanted to cry as she walked down them., If she had known it would be like this, she would have worn her shoes back before throwing them away, no matter which part of Shao Mingzhong those shoes have kicked. Sobs…, Lu Boyan had long sensed that Su Jianan had fallen behind. However, he had not imagined that she would walk just as slowly down the stairs. He turned around impatiently, only to discover that her face was so scrunched up, she looked like a Shar Pei. He frowned and then walked back., Su Jianan asked in confusion, “Why did you come back?”, Suddenly, Lu Boyan carried her, bridal style., Bridal, bridal carry…, It was as if she had been fed candy while being in a daze. When she finally reacted, the sweetness spread to all corners of her body., Fortunately, Su Jianan came back to her senses a few seconds later. She struggled and said, “Lu Boyan, let me go. I… I can walk by myself.”, Lu Boyan narrowed his eyes and carried her even more tightly. “Su Jianan, if you move any more, I’ll throw you over my back!”, Su Jianan shivered when she thought of how it would look being carried over Lu Boyan’s shoulders and settled down., She could sense her abnormal heart rate., This should be… the most intimate Lu Boyan and she has been. She felt as if she became very small and she could sense everything around her very clearly. This included her uneven breathing and heart rate. And also… the heat from Lu Boyan through his shirt., Lu Boyan’s body temperature was not high, but it seared her body., She could see Lu Boyan’s features clearly. She discovered that from this angle, his face looked so perfect, it was like a sculpture. He was extremely handsome., His skin was paler than the average man. It was a healthy pale and was incredibly clean. It made one want to… kiss it., Su Jianan knew what she wanted to do. She wanted Lu Boyan to throw her off the fifth floor., However, being in such close contact with Lu Boyan was a test of one’s willpower, alright?

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