, Su Jianan did not hide her fascination and surprise. Lu Boyan felt for the first time, a sense of accomplishment in his appearance. He walked up to her confidently and asked in an attractive voice, “Do you think that your husband is very handsome?”, Su Jianan nodded. She looked at Lu Boyan sincerely and said, “That’s right, it’s like you’ve got a special skill. Extremely! Handsome!”, Lu Boyan caressed Su Jianan’s head with satisfaction. Just as he wanted to praise her for being obedient, she suddenly said seriously, “But you have to be this handsome to be worthy of me!”, Then, she smiled proudly and ran out of the door., Lu Boyan gritted his teeth., Damned chit!, Su Jianan only knew that Lu Boyan was taking her to a party when they arrived at the hotel., She had never appeared at such a place ever since her mother passed away. She felt rather awkward and said, “Lu Boyan, can I go home now?”, “Jianan? You’re Jianan, right?”, Suddenly, a surprised voice rang. Su Jianan looked over subconsciously and saw a good friend of her mother while she was still alive. She smiled and greeted the woman. “Auntie Chen, long time no see.”, “Jianan, it’s really you. I knew I didn’t see wrongly!” Chen Lan held Su Jianan’s hand agitatedly. “We never saw you again after your mother passed away. You used to be our happy pill. We all missed you very much!”, Su Jianan only smiled. Just then, Chen Lan’s husband approached. He greeted Lu Boyan with familiarity. When he saw Lu Boyan and Su Jianan standing together, he asked in confusion, “Mr. Lu, this is?”, “My wife, Su Jianan.” Lu Boyan wrapped his arm around Su Jianan’s waist intimately and naturally just as before., Chen Lan was completely floored. “Jianan, you’re the one who married Mr. Lu? No wonder the media couldn’t find out! Your mother can rest in peace knowing that there’s such a good person looking after you.”, Chen Lan’s husband only reacted after a moment. “Su Jianan, the second young lady of the Su Family, Su Yicheng’s little sister?” He smiled, and continued, “Mrs. Lu, you’re considered a legendary character. My wife alone has mentioned you several times, much less others. I’ve heard about you for many years and have finally met you.”, Su Jianan shook hands with Mr. Chen politely and then left with Lu Boyan., Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Chen, everyone in the banquet hall knew that the mysterious second daughter of the Su Family was here. And she was here as Lu Boyan’s wife., After the news of Lu Boyan’s marriage broke, everyone was guessing which daughter of a prominent family he had married since it was so mysterious and low-key. Not a single person had thought that it was the second daughter of the Su Family who rarely appeared at such social functions. The entire banquet hall was talking about it. Without long, Su Jianan became the focus of the hall, and several friends of her mother approached. She could not leave even if she wanted to., Finally, no one approached, and Su Jianan heaved a sigh of relief. Then, she heard Lu Boyan speak in a teasing tone. “I didn’t expect so many people to know you.”, “They do not know me, they knew my mother.” But her mother had passed away nine years ago. It was quite a feat for these people to still remember her., When she thought of that, Su Jianan smiled and said, “My mother had always been sociable. These aunties like to take tea, chat and play cards with my mother. After some time, they treat me almost as if I were their daughter. But I didn’t meet them again after I started university. I…” She suddenly regained her wits as she spoke. She glared at Lu Boyan and then continued, “Why am I telling you this?”, Lu Boyan was speechless., Su Jianan turned around coolly. Then, she saw two familiar people entering the banquet hall., Su Yicheng was starting his business when she attended university. She no longer took money from Su Hongyuan then. Most of her living expenses came from Su Yicheng. In order to lighten Su Yicheng’s burden, she worked part-time when she was free., She was rather lucky. She found a really good part-time job. She gave English tuition to a little boy in year six. Her hourly pay was three times that of her other classmates. The little boy’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pang were very nice. They took care of her well, but they lost contact after she went abroad to study., She had not expected to meet them here today!, Su Jianan went to them happily and greeted them. “Mr. Pang, Mrs. Pang!”, Mrs. Pang was startled and then she said, “Miss Su? You… I heard that Mr. Lu would come today. Did you come with him?”, “Eh, Mrs. Pang. How… how did you know?”, Su Jianan was confused. Mrs. Pang had just arrived. She shouldn’t know that she was Lu Boyan’s new bride. But how did she know that Su Jianan would come with Lu Boyan when she heard that Lu Boyan was coming?, Mrs. Pang was even more surprised that Su Jianan, “Could it be that Mr. Lu still hasn’t told you about it?”, Su Jianan was speechless. What did Lu Boyan have to tell her?, Just then, Lu Boyan approached and greeted Mr. and Mrs. Pang with familiarity. Mrs. Pang held Su Jianan’s hand smilingly and said, “It’s great that you two are together.”, “…” Su Jianan was confused. How did Mrs. Pang know?!, Mr. Pang wanted to greet other people and brought his wife along. Su Jianan said then, “Mrs. Pang’s reaction… is so weird.”, “Mrs. Pang is close to my mother. My mother might have told her that we were getting married.” Lu Boyan said blandly, “You also tutored her son in the past. She just thinks that it’s a coincidence. There’s nothing weird about it.”, Su Jianan thought about it and felt that this was also a possibility. As such, she did not continue thinking about it. She released Lu Boyan’s hand and said, “I’m going to the restroom.”, She had not expected to hear someone talking about her the moment she entered the restroom., “Goodness, Lu Boyan married Su Yuanyuan’s elder sister! Haha, Su Yuanyuan must be furious! But come to think of it, Su Jianan is really beautiful. It’s lucky that she does not hang out with us. Otherwise, how pressured would we feel?”, “Han Ruoxi is just as good looking as her, but why did Lu Boyan choose her and give up on Han Ruoxi? Lu Boyan and Han Ruoxi are the nation couple!”, “Just wait for them to divorce! I still think that Lu Boyan’s true love is Han Ruoxi!”, When she heard that, Su Jianan walked into the restroom calmly. The voices weakened in a split second and a few young girls looked at her in shock., She flipped on the tap and looked at the girls beside her through the mirror. “You guys are really worrying a lot about Lu Boyan and Han Ruoxuan. But, there’s one thing that you guys got right.”, With that, Su Jianan pulled a piece of tissue and dried her hands. Then, she left the restroom., As for what the girls had gotten right, they could only guess., Just after she returned to the banquet hall, Su Jianan felt a flurry of activity at the entrance. Then, a girl suddenly yelled shrilly., “Ah! It’s Chen Xuanxuan, Han Ruoxi’s good friend. They usually appear together at these functions. That means that Han Ruoxi would come today!”, Han Ruoxi would come too?, Su Jianan zoned out for a moment. Then, her head suddenly hurt. She suddenly regretted coming to this place with Lu Boyan. Because of her, Lu Boyan and Han Ruoxi cannot stand together, nor can they hug nor kiss. What a sin she’s committed!

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