, Lu Boyan received a call from Tang Yulan the moment he returned home at night., “I know where you are going tonight. Bring your wife along.”, Tang Yulan ordered in gentle yet unyielding tones., Lu Boyan frowned and said, “Mom, she would not want to go to such a place.”, “Is it you who do not want to let her go, or does Jianan not want to go? Don’t think that I don’t know, Han Ruoxi will be there tomorrow!” Tang Yulan said in a tone that bore no arguments. “Anyway, you have to let everyone know tomorrow, that Jianan is the daughter-in-law of the Lu Family. I don’t believe that that old fox Su Hongyuan will dare to have any ideas then.”, Lu Boyan frowned slightly and sat on the sofa in the living room. “Alright, I will take her with me.”, Just then, Su Jianan entered while scrolling on her mobile. Lu Boyan hung up and said, “Come here.”, “…”, Su Jianan did not even look up and walked up the stairs., Lu Boyan’s frown grew even deeper. He said, “Su Jianan, come here!”, Su Jianan only looked at Lu Boyan then, and she asked confusedly, “Eh, did you call my name?”, “Go somewhere with me tomorrow,” Lu Boyan said., “No.”, Su Jianan looked down and continued scrolling on her phone., She was very tired after a day of work. She did not want to go anywhere but just stay at home to scroll on her phone and sleep., Su Jianan might be the only one in this world who would dare to reject Lu Boyan without hesitating., However, Lu Boyan did not grow angry. Instead, he smiled and said, “That’s alright. I don’t want to bring you anyway.” He called Uncle Xu over and said, “Tell Old Madam that Young Madam doesn’t want to go.”, “This…” Uncle Xu looked awkward., Su Jianan looked up suddenly and glared at Lu Boyan. “Auntie wants me to go? You don’t want to take me either, why did you only say that I don’t want to go? How treacherous!”, “Even though I don’t want to, I still asked you. In the end, you rejected me. So shouldn’t you bear full responsibility?”, Lu Boyan looked as if the matter did not concern him., Su Jianan could not retort and could only grit her teeth and say, “I’ll go!”, No matter how much she did not want to go with Lu Boyan, she would try her best to fulfill Tang Yulan’s desires. This was her only way to repay Tang Yulan., Lu Boyan’s lips lifted and he said, “So obedient.”, “…” Su Jianan scolded Lu Boyan in her heart ten thousand times., At five in the afternoon on the second day, Su Jianan submitted an autopsy report and drove home. She was surprised to discover two young women in the living room., She was startled and looked at Uncle Xu questioningly., Uncle Xu smiled and said, “Young Madam, they are the stylist and makeup artist Old Madam hired. They will help you to prepare. Young Master should be home soon, and then, both of you can leave.”, Su Jianan had not yet had the time to react before she was dragged to be styled and have her makeup done., Lu Boyan only returned home when the sky grew dark. It was also at this time, when Su Jianan, who had her makeup done and had changed into an evening gown, descended from the stairs. The two met., Su Jianan’s makeup was light, and her features did not look much different from usual. She still looked innocent and harmless. However, she was no longer dressed in casual clothing. She had on a navy blue and extremely low cut long dress. Her black hair was also curled simply and elegantly. These changes gave her a more feminine vibe., This was the first time Lu Boyan saw Su Jianan looking innocent and yet, having a charm unique to women., The cut of the dress fit the curves of her body perfectly, and also showed off the delicate curves of her body. The off-shoulder design showed off her white and soft shoulders and her beautiful collar bone., She stood on the stairs and looked silent and dignified. Her almond eyes shone with life, attracting the attention of others., Lu Boyan could not deny that he was startled for a few seconds. His heart seemed to have fluttered…, Su Jianan had not noticed Lu Boyan’s reaction at all. She touched her dress uncomfortably and asked awkwardly, “When do we leave?”, Lu Boyan steeled himself and said, “In 15 minutes.” Then, he went upstairs to get changed., Su Jianan walked to the living room and sat down at the sofa. Uncle Xu gave her a glass of lemon water and said, “Young Madam, you look beautiful wearing a dress.”, “Thank you.” Su Jianan accepted the lemon water and could not help but think of her mother., Before she turned 15, she was like many other girls, owning a wardrobe full of dresses. They were all bought for her by her mother. Her mother said that she wanted to dress Jianan up as beautiful as a princess., After her mother passed away, no one had bought her clothes for a long while. She wore her school uniform all year round. When she grew older, she could buy clothes for herself. Yet, she always ignored dresses subconsciously. The beautiful dresses in the shops did not look as beautiful as the dresses she remembered that her mother bought for her. Now that she was working, she could not wear dresses because of her job, so she wore casual clothing all year round., Su Jianan stopped herself from thinking further. She drank half a glass of lemon water and then heard Lu Boyan’s voice. “Get up and follow me.”, She looked at Lu Boyan subconsciously, stunned., He was dressed in an expensive bespoke suit. The fitting cut made him look exceptionally handsome. What was different was that he was wearing a three-piece suit this time. The dark black of the suit was like his eyes. They were unfathomable, and yet, it could not stop him from emanating a sense of elegant nobility., This man was really capable of charming others to death. Women would all fall in love with him

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