, After dinner, Lu Boyan had two video conferences lasting about an hour long with branch companies abroad. It was about 11 when he lay in bed., Su Jianan was still deeply asleep, hugging his pillow. Half of her face was buried in the soft pillow, and she seemed like a child seeking a sense of safety., Lu Boyan carefully pulled the pillow from her hug. She frowned in dissatisfaction, her hands clawing everywhere on the bed. Lu Boyan had just laid down and was caught by her. She was like a child who had found her beloved toy, and she held on to Lu Boyan, her calves brushing Lu Boyan’s legs twice and then, pinned him down., She was not wearing a camisole nightdress like last time. She just buried her face in his chest and the hot breath blew on his chest. A soft body part stuck close to him thoughtlessly. However, Lu Boyan felt an even stronger feeling than before. The blood in his entire body boiled and rushed toward a certain part of his body., However, she slept innocently like a child. Lu Boyan sighed and then sucked on her collarbone revengefully, and then again. Then, he released her and went to take a cold shower., After calming down and returning, Lu Boyan’s pillow had once again been taken over. He took it back helplessly and Su Jianan looked as if she was about to cry. He hugged her and patted her back as if placating a child who had been shocked. She only stopped frowning after a long time and resumed sleeping peacefully., She was the Little Monster, and always seemed to be up for a fight and seemed extremely courageous. But why did she look so sensitive and afraid while sleeping?, Lu Boyan looked at her in the dim yellow light from the wall and felt that the Little Monster seemed more and more like a pitiful little animal. He could not help but hug her even more tightly., This seemed useful to the Little Monster and she sighed comfortably. Her little hands searched around Lu Boyan’s chest and in the end, she hugged Lu Boyan’s waist and slept comfortably., Lu Boyan was touched by her, and the feeling that he had barely suppressed earlier started once more. However, he still bore down on it in order not to frighten the person he was hugging., Lu Boyan had the most difficult time falling asleep that night., Su Jianan regained her senses blurrily very early the next morning. She felt as if she had slept for a lifetime. It was a long night with no nightmares and she had slept well., She had never slept so well since her mother passed away., However, she felt that something was odd. There was a familiar scent as she breathed…, When she opened her eyes, the first thing that she saw was a man’s chest. When she looked up, it was Lu Boyan!, They had slept in the same bed before, so it was not a big deal. But why was she hugging Lu Boyan’s waist? Why was she stuck to Lu Boyan? Why was he hugging her!, For a moment, Su Jianan’s mind was frozen., How could something so intimate happen between her and Lu Boyan?, When she could finally react, Su Jianan suddenly released Lu Boyan and bounced up like a startled spring, a look of fear on her face., Lu Boyan was sleep deprived. He frowned and opened his eyes having been startled away by Su Jianan’s movements. Then, he got up as well., The sleeping robe he was wearing was tied loosely, revealing his muscular chest. He got up elegantly and lazily, as if he were a slowly awakening noble., Su Jianan watched him and was almost dazed by him, disregarding the situation. Fortunately, she found her voice in the end. But Lu Boyan covered her mouth the moment she opened it., “Lower your voice. Mum is sleeping next door. She came over yesterday afternoon.”, Su Jianan tried hard to think, but her last memory of yesterday ended on Lu Boyan’s car. She did not know how she got home, much less seeing Tang Yulan., Was this selective memory loss?, “Lu Boyan, how did I come home?” She asked uneasily., “I carried you back.” Lu Boyan swept Su Jianan with his eyes. “What have you been eating recently? You’re heavier than last time. Also, I had Uncle Xu lock your room for now.”, Then, he got off the bed and walked toward the bathroom elegantly. Su Jianan finally realized that she had been sleeping since yesterday, so she did not know of Tang Yulan’s arrival. But—, Her weight definitely had not increased. She was very certain of this. Lu Boyan was defaming her!, “Hang on!” She rushed up to Lu Boyan and said smilingly, “Lu Boyan, I heard you have very serious mysophobia? Let me tell you one thing. I didn’t shower before laying on your bed for an entire night~”, Lu Boyan paused as expected. Su Jianan harrumphed with satisfaction and then rushed into the bathroom. She even made a face at him before closing the door., The sound of water running could be heard from the bathroom. Lu Boyan suddenly thought of something and smiled. He sat on the sofa with a leisurely pose., 15 minutes later, Su Jianan indeed peeked her head out pathetically, “Lu Boyan…”, Lu Boyan looked at her with a lazy gaze, “What is it?”, “I was wrong…” Su Jianan said very sincerely. “I was really wrong. I won’t sleep on your bed without showering again. Will you please get my clothes for me?”, The result of being hasty was indeed the devil. She had just wanted to annoy Lu Boyan earlier, and had forgotten that she did not have any clothes here. And, the clothes that she had taken off were all wet., Lu Boyan crossed his legs elegantly and said, “Your room is locked. I can’t go in.”, “Get Uncle Xu to open the door!”, “Mum will get suspicious.”, Su Jianan felt like crying, “Then what shall I do?”, Lu Boyan sized her up and said, “So you’re not wearing anything right now?”, Su Jianan’s stupid subconscious wanted to nod, but then she reacted. What kind of gangster question was Lu Boyan asking!, Her face immediately reddened and she glared at Lu Boyan angrily, “Are you going to help me or not!”, Lu Boyan smiled relaxedly and said, “If I don’t help you, would you dare to walk out here?”, “…” Su Jianan indeed did not dare to., A wise woman would not fight when the odds are against her. She thought to herself and decided to go down the gentle path., “Brother Boyan…”, She felt like crying, and her tear filled eyes looked at him pitifully and pleadingly. There was a hint of pink on her pale cheeks and she blinked her innocent eyes. She looked extremely like a little bunny who had been wronged. It made one… feel even more like bullying her., Lu Boyan could not help but think of the beautiful sight behind the door, and he swallowed. He stood up and walked to the closet to retrieve his shirt for her, hiding his unnaturalness., Su Jianan did not even have time to thank him before she slammed the door shut and quickly donned on Lu Boyan’s shirt., His shirt was long and wide. Su Jianan felt that it was quite safe and she pushed the door open confidently., There had never been a woman who had touched Lu Boyan’s clothing. But Lu Boyan felt, at that very moment, that he was willing to have Su Jianan dress like this for the rest of his life., Only before him!, The long and wide white shirt enveloped her slender body. She must have felt that the sleeves were bothersome and had rolled them up her arms. The top two buttons were undone, revealing her beautiful collarbone. No matter how long the shirt was, it only reached her bottom, and her long straight legs swayed in front of him. The shirt moved along with the lines of her body, challenging his willpower., There was a series of knocking and then they heard Tang Yulan’s voice. “Boyan, are you guys up?”, Su Jianan looked down at her clothes. It would be bad if Tang Yulan saw it! She quickly mouthed to Lu Boyan, “What should I do?”, Lu Boyan tugged on Su Jianan’s hands and stuffed her back into the blankets. Then, he wrapped her up tightly before opening the door., Tang Yulan smiled happily outside the door and asked, “You’re awake? What about Jianan?”, Su Jianan curled up in the blankets and shouted at the door, “Mum, morning!”, “Morning.” Tang Yulan looked into the room and smiled warmly. “Get up since you’re awake. I made breakfast and we can eat soon.”, Su Jianan nodded frantically. Tang Yulan saw that she was curled up in the blankets and was flushed and then, she looked at Lu Boyan’s slightly messy clothes. She smiled a secretive smile and turned to head downstairs., Su Jianan slowly realized that Tang Yulan must have misunderstood something. She bit the blankets. How embarrassing!, Uncle Xu was very thoughtful. He immediately sent the maid upstairs to get clothing for Su Jianan after Tang Yulan went down. Su Jianan felt that Uncle Xu was her savior. She immediately went into the changing room to change her clothes while Lu Boyan went to shower., It was already 7:30am by the time the two were prepared. Su Jianan saw that it was still early, so she closed the door and said to Lu Boyan seriously. “Just like last time, I didn’t mean to hug you. Furthermore, I didn’t know I slept with you this time.”, She frowned slightly. Something seemed wrong with her statement. Forget it, she shall say what she had to first., “I’ve said before that I’m used to hugging things close to me while I sleep. In other words, I will hug it even if it’s a rock lying beside me! Do you understand?”, Lu Boyan frowned and then tousled Su Jianan’s long hair forcefully. “You’re cuter when you’re asleep.” She would just rub herself in his chest and was very obedient., Su Jianan was confused. Did he understand or not?, She followed him out, “Lu Boyan?”, Lu Boyan held her hand and led her downstairs. Su Jianan was afraid that Tang Yulan would hear them and did not say anything. She followed behind Lu Boyan obediently, seeming like an obedient wife to Tang Yulan. Tang Yulan smiled happily., Su Jianan saw that Tang Yulan was very happy and felt her mood lifting as well. She suddenly thought of what happened yesterday and said, “Mum, I didn’t know you came over last night.” She looked at Lu Boyan resentfully and asked, “Why didn’t you wake me up?”, Lu Boyan spread jam on a slice of bread and handed it to Tang Yulan. He glanced at Su Jianan and said, “You were sleeping like a pig.”, “It’s alright.” Tang Yulan smiled. “I came to tell you guys something and see you guys on the way. It’s nothing urgent. I’m holding a charity auction in the City Garden Hotel tonight. Jianan, come with Boyan.”, Su Jianan nodded and said, “Alright.”, “One more thing.” Tang Yulan’s expression turned grave. She looked at Su Jianan, “Su Hong, Su Yuanyuan and her mother might come.”, She was afraid that Su Jianan would be unhappy, but why would the three of them have much impact on Su Jianan? She smiled brilliantly and said, “Oh, mom, do you want me to help entertain the guests?”, Tang Yulan paused and then laughed heartily. A hint of a smile appeared on the corner of Lu Boyan’s lips.

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