, At night, in the Orchid Gardens., Tang Yulan sat on an antique European sofa, with a throw over her. She drank her tea while asking on the telephone, “Old Xu, how are things between Boyan and Jianan?”, Tang Yulan knew that Su Jianan and Lu Boyan did not have any relationship foundation before they got married in a hurry. They would definitely not be as loving as regular husband and wife., However, a relationship could be cultivated slowly. She was afraid that the two would live like housemates after marriage, so she had asked Uncle Xu to take note and to call her immediately if anything happened., Lu Boyan had long instructed Uncle Xu before, so Uncle Xu naturally only reported the good things and not the bad. He said, “Old Madam, Young Master and Young Madam are doing very well. Young Master brought Young Madam back to her home today and both of them are now resting at home.”, Tang Yulan smiled and said, “Then I can rest assured for now. Oh right, Old Xu, help me to do something…”, Uncle Xu listened to Tang Yulan’s instructions and sweated buckets of cold sweat. “Madam, if Young Master discovers this, I… I’ll be sent to Africa! Madam, I think we better not?”, “What are you afraid of? There’s still me! If Boyan finds out about it, just say that I instructed you to do it! He won’t send you to Africa. Do it with a peace of mind.”, Uncle Xu gritted his teeth, and then threw caution to the wind and said, “Alright!”, Tang Yulan only hung up in contentment then. She took another sip of tea happily and said, “There will be news to watch tomorrow. I can sleep well tonight.”, The next day., Su Jianan’s leave ended today. She had lost the freedom to have a lie in and crawled out of bed hurriedly the moment her alarm rang at 7., She left her room after washing up and changing her clothes. She did not think that she would see Lu Boyan walking towards her., The fitted white shirt and black trousers showed off his tall and straight figure. His jacket was hung casually over his arms. It was an action anyone could do, but he made it look casual and lazy, making him look even more noble and elegant, attracting attention unconsciously., How enchanting, he’s real trouble!, Su Jianan pretended not to see Lu Boyan and ran downstairs to eat breakfast., The breakfast today was in eastern style. The sliced fish porridge was delicious, and the soup dumplings were flavorful. Su Jianan enjoyed it immensely., Uncle Xu brought over two sets of newspapers. He placed one beside Lu Boyan and asked Su Jianan, Young Madam, do you want to read the newspaper?”, “No,” Su Jianan was more interested in the soup dumplings., Uncle Xu still placed the newspaper beside Su Jianan and said, “There’s gossip about Young Master and you. Do you really not wish to read it?”, Indeed, Su Jianan immediately put down her spoon and read the headlines. She was shocked., “CEO of Lu Enterprises married in secret!”, The news of her marriage with Lu Boyan had been leaked., However, the paparazzi had not dug deep. They could only ascertain that Lu Boyan had gotten married and that the bride was not his long-time rumored girlfriend, Han Ruoxi, but was someone else. As for who the bride was, the media had not yet found out., Su Jianan secretly felt paranoid. If they found out that she was the one who had married Lu Boyan… Wouldn’t she be stuck at home in the future? Han Ruoxi’s fans would kill her!, Lu Boyan, however, was calm and peaceful. He put down the newspaper as if he had not seen anything and slowly ate his breakfast., Uncle Xu asked, “Young Master, do you want to check who leaked the news? Or warn this newspaper?”, “No need.”, He knew clearly what had happened., Uncle Xu heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Alright. Please enjoy your meal. I will go and do the accounting for last month’s bills.”, Su Jianan felt a little uneasy. She asked, “Lu Boyan, what if the paparazzi find out that we got married?”, “Are you afraid?” Lu Boyan asked., “Of course I’m afraid. I’m most afraid of trouble. Furthermore, I’ll become the main target for extortion in the office in the future!”, That would be too miserable. Su Jianan would rather die than let such a tragedy happen., Lu Boyan’s lips curled as he said, “Relax, she won’t allow them to find out about you for now.”, “Eh? What does that mean?”, Lu Boyan was not interested in answering Su Jianan., Su Jianan tsked, and then, stubbornly did not ask anymore. She continued perusing the other news in the entertainment section and was surprised to find an article about Han Ruoxi below the one of Lu Boyan’s marriage., “Han Ruoxi drunk at night club. Possibly due to heartbreak!”, Han Ruoxi had been proud and confident all this while. But this time, she had been captured by the paparazzi drunk and unconscious. There were obvious tear tracks on her face and her hair was terribly messy. She looked miserable, and the entertainment reporters all guessed that she was so sad because of Lu Boyan’s marriage., Lu Boyan’s heart would ache for her, right?, Su Jianan secretly looked at Lu Boyan, but his expression was calm, as if nothing had happened., Did he not see the news report about Han Ruoxi, or was he really unfeeling?, However, Su Jianan was not very interested in finding out.

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